Tanvats & Sots Hole

two Lincolnshire hamlets

Tanvats Chapel

Tanvats Chapel


Tanvats School 1947

Tanvats is a small rural hamlet nestling at the side of Metheringham Delph (Delph: A drain behind a dyke or embankment on the landward side. [Old English "Delfan": to dig.]) on the Fen between Metheringham Village and the River Witham. It consists of a few farms and houses. Originally a thriving agricultural community, the advent of agricultural mechanisation drove many people away.

A Methodist chapel was built in 1887 and closed as numbers dwindled and has since been demolished. In 1937 the village also had a grocer's shop and a Church of England school which was also used for church services on Sundays. This was closed in 1948. A new school was built midway between Tanvats and Sots Hole and was opened in 1950. The school closed in 1985 and was converted into a private dwelling. The Oatsheaf at Sots Hole closed in 1963 and is now also a private dwelling.

There was a wooden footbridge over the delph giving access to and from Blankney Fen which added much to the community life of Tanvats. In 1937 the bridge was replaced by a steel and wire rope bridge which was in use until 1975 when an infill bridge replaced it.

Tanvats & Sots Hole, Lincolnshire

The road to Tanvats was across fields from Sots Hole on the Metheringham Fen Road. This dirt road was very difficult to use in winter months and was upgraded in 1946.

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