Nocton Parish Council

Nocton Parish Council 2011 - 2012

Parish Councils were founded in 1894 under the Local Government Act and provide the smallest units of civil administration in England.  The council is a corporate body... members cannot act on their own and must abide by the majority decisions.

Parish Councils are responsible for very local services such as: Footway Lighting; Litter Picking; Bus Shelters; Car Parking; Cemeteries; Allotments; Public Toilets; Playing Fields; Village Halls; War Memorials; Street Cleaning and Dog Control.

Some local councils provide more of these services than others, depending on the needs and wishes of the residents of their areas.

All Parish Councils falling within North Kesteven District area can be found here: Parish Councils in NKDC.  The Parish Council cluster areas can be viewed here: Parish Cluster Map

You may be interested in the following information on Parish and Town Councils here: Parish and Town Councils

Nocton Parish Council Committee

Clerk to the Council - Doreen Green 01526 322323 -

Please address all general enquiries relating to the Parish Council to the Parish Clerk in the first instance.

Nocton PC News:

Monthly Meetings 2012 -2013

 Meetings of the Parish Council are held in the Village Hall, Main Street commencing at 7.00 p.m. on the first Tuesday of the month - 8th May, 5th June, 3rd July, 7th August, 4th September, 2nd October, 6th November, 4th December 2012 and 8th January, 5th February and 5th March 2013.  A copy of the agenda for each meeting is displayed on the Parish Council Notice board (outside the Village Hall) 5 days before each meeting.

Parish Council Agendas and Minutes

Nocton Parish Council Documents