MACLA Newsletter no. 4 - Autumn 2001

Focus on Metheringham History Group

Metheringham History Group meet on the last Monday of the month, in Metheringham Methodist Church Hall, at 7.30 evening. 
The Group is extremely active in a wide variety of ways, of which the following are a few current examples:
Metheringham Village Walks
Our third Village Walk for this year will take place on September 23 at 2pm. This will be the last for 2001, but they will start again next March. This September’s walk will take us to the origins of Metheringham; to Drury Street, the spring and the site of the ancient moat and its fish ponds, and the site of the original Hall.We are hoping that the field walk will still take place – this depends on foot and mouth precautions. Full details will be posted around the village nearer the time.

Participation in the 2001 Metheringham Fayre and Feast

We shall be joined by members of Thomas Lord Burgh’s Retinue, a re-enactment group set in the time of the War of the Roses (1460-96). The main group will be camped outside St Wilfrid’s Church, and using the church as it would have been then. There will be plenty of action from the Group. Again, more details will be available nearer the time.

We are looking for people who would like to dress up and take part in our Feast activities in various ways. We are having a set of stocks set up and need volunteers to sit and have something (not sure what yet) thrown at them. Onlookers will pay for the privilege of throwing the missiles and the proceeds will go to the Church to say “thank you” for allowing the group of re-enactors to use the property.
If you’re interested in being in the stocks, you could get yourself sponsored (so much per minute, say) to raise money for your own organisation or chosen charity.

Singing for History!

And now to add something extra special to this year’s Feast celebrations - CABRA, the famous Lincolnshire choir, who have most generously agreed to sing in aid of Metheringham History Group’s funds.

From their extensive repertoire, twenty two members of the choir will entertain with popular songs, also combining a smattering of old English tunes in keeping with this year’s Medieval theme, under the guidance of CABRA’s Musical Director, Kathleen Berg.

CABRA choir itself was formed six years ago by six individuals who enjoyed singing for pleasure. Their meeting place was at Bill Brown’s home, CABRA House, so the choir adopted the name CABRA (a province in Dublin and also a castle).

Over the years this excellent choir has grown in number and gone from strength to strength, reaching the very high standard it has achieved today, and which the residents of Metheringham and other visitors will be able to enjoy at our 2001, October Feast.
Norah Pellatt, Chairwoman, Metheringham History Group.

The History Group will also be putting on a small exhibition in the Village Hall, where we would be pleased to see you and talk about the many things that are going on; not least of which is…..

Metheringham Post Office

Metheringham's Old Post PffficeWe are still moving forward with the Old Post Office Project, intending to use the property as a Village Heritage Centre and tea room. The project includes the use of the garden behind the building. We are currently in discussion with the Co-op, who own the Post Office, regarding a possible lease arrangement and grant applications.

The old post office building has been damaged by vandals and is looking very sad. We are now able to borrow the keys when needed, and have cleared up a mass of broken glass both inside and out. Measurements are being taken ready for plans to be drawn up for the building’s renovation, and photographs are being taken for a Listing application to be presented to English Heritage.

North Kesteven district Council have generously allocated significant staff time to help us through the many stages that lie ahead. This has been a major boost to our progress.
Our top priority now is to set up a Steering Group to work in partnership with officers from North Kesteven Distict Council. This Group will oversee the work on behalf of the local community and will have a major say in how the project develops. We only need a Group of 4 or 5 people who have an interest in what is going on and are able to put a little time, thought and effort into this rewarding work. Anyone who might be interested is invited to contact Heather Routledge on (01526) 320156. Alternatively, if you want to find out more from North Kesteven District Council, you can telephone Helen Turner at 01529 414155.  When we have our Steering Group we shall be organising an open Social Gathering for villagers to and see for themselves what is happening. This will offer a further opportunity for volunteer groups to be organised, ready for when we are given the go-ahead.

We want to thank everyone who took the time to fill in the questionnaire that went out with the last MACLA Newsletter, and those who signed the list at the Vicar’s Fete.

We are supported by MACLA, Metheringham Parish Council, and Heritage Lincs, as well as by North Kesteven District Council. But the Post Office needs all our support; everyone is good at something practical, and anyone that wants to help will be warmly welcomed to help us in any way. This is a village project for the whole village -young and old alike.

This is a unique opportunity to be part of a project that will bring pleasure for generations to come!

Literally on the day before this Newsletter goes to the printers we have heard that the owners of the Old Post Office, the Lincoln Co-operative Society, have withdrawn it from the open market, have undertaken to implement urgent repairs, and have granted the Metheringham History Group time to prepare and submit grant applications for its refurbishment. This is excellent news and makes the formation of the Steering Group even more essential.