MACLA Newsletter no. 3 - May 2001

History Club Update

MACLA Fun Quiz

More than 50 people joined the History Group on their successful walk around the centre of Metheringham on the 11th March.

The event proved to be so popular that a second walk is now planned for Sunday 24th June, starting at 2pm.  Once again, everyone is invited to assemble in front of Metheringham Library.

The June walk will feature Metheringham's religous archtecture heritage.  although it isn't easy to be precise, the tour should take 90 minutes or so.  It will end at the Methodist Chapel Hall, where light  refreshments will be served.

Those who joined us in March were told of our efforts to secure a more appropriate furture for the former Post Office cottage in Metheringham High street.  with the help of a number of local organisations we are now in negotiation with the building's owners.

More in the next issue!



What is the name of the horse that won the 1867 Derby?

What was the 1867 Derby winner’s connection to the Metheringham area?

When is the Swimming Club’s “It’s A Knockout” competition this year?

How many teams do Metheringham FC run?

Who wrote the poem “High Flight”?

When was the great fire of Metheringham?

When does this year’s Fayre and Feast take place?

Which village in France is Dunston twinned with?

Who lost his head in 1940 on Dunston Heath?>

Which website will give you answers to all the above?

(Sorry, no prizes! - Ed.)