MACLA Newsletter no.2 - Feb 2001

Metheringham History Group Update

Thanks to the last Newsletter (October 2000) the History Group has welcomed new members and a great deal of interest from the Villagers of Metheringham.

On Sunday 11 March, starting at 2pm in the library car park, there will be an interesting guided walk around Metheringham, looking at the old buildings and other fascinating features of our “Old Village”.

This walk is part of a large project that the History Group are undertaking with the help of “Lincolnshire Heritage” to compile a register of all the old buildings left in the village. This will be as thoroughly researched as possible, and the History Group need your help. Please get in touch if you are interested in helping with this project, or if you have any information which might be useful.

Later in the year the Group hopes to hold a “Field Walk”, and would be particularly interested to hear from any responsible person who has access to a metal detector and who would be prepared to take it on the walk.

The History Group meet on the last Monday of the month at the Methodist Church Hall in Metheringham at 7.30pm. As well as doing their own projects, they also get interesting speakers.

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