Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes 06/2006 of Metheringham Annual Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 26th September 2006 at 7.15pm in the Village Hall


Councillors Dr M J Allen Chairman
Mrs J Honisett Vice Chairman
K Finter
P D Ford
Mrs R Parker
K Parkinson
A M Waddington
Mrs A F Webb
G V Westall
Mrs P Bradwell County Council
G W Chambers District Council
Clerk Ms S N Wetherall

1. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the Parish Council Meeting. Copies of the agenda were available for members of the public (3 were present).


2.1 Police report

The Clerk gave the Police Report, there have been 10 crimes reported in the parish over the last month. These relate to 4 offences of damage to motor vehicles, 2 theft, 1 burglary and 3 assaults. PC Annall and PCSO Flannigan then arrived at the meeting. PC Annall introduced PCSO Paul Flannigan to the Parish Council. The Chairman stated the PC are extremely concerned about the times at which the police are in the village. There seems to be more police presence during the day, but the main requirement is for policing in the evenings and at weekends. A separate meeting is to be arranged with the Police. Cllr Parkinson voiced his concerns about the total lack of Police presence in the village over the past 2 years. PC Annall assured the Parish Council that things were changing and an improvement would be seen. PC Annall and his team are receiving training shortly on the mobile CCTV unit.

2.2 Public Forum

2.2.1 Mr Glossop complained about a bush on the corner of Cherry Tree Way and Lincoln Road which is obstructing the view of the road. The Clerk is to report to LCC Highways.

2.3 Reports from representatives on outside bodies

2.3.1 Nothing to report from the County Councillor.

2.3.2 Nothing to report from the District Councillor.

2.3.3 To receive reports from other outside bodies – Nothing to report.


3.1 Apologies for absence and reasons given

Councillor Mrs R Creasey
Councillor Mrs H Morrison
Councillor J C Rose

3.2 To receive declarations of interest

Cllr Mrs Honisett for item 3.9.1

3.3 Notes of the last meeting held on 29 th August 2006, to be approved as the minutes – the signing of the minutes was proposed by Cllr Mrs Webb and seconded by Cllr Mrs Honisett with all in favour.

3.4 Clerks Report – Shiregate Play Park - Hedge and trees require cutting and general tidying of area, Clerk has contacted Paul Scholey a quote of £310 has been received, 2 more quotes are required.

Weeds need removing in Village Car Park contacted Paul Scholey quotation obtained for £225 to clear and £20 per year for spraying.

E-mail received from Inspector Phil Vickers – Police Sector Inspector responsible for the north half of North Kesteven, introducing himself to PC.

New notice board rain problem – Allen Signs have now been and replaced the broken seal on the door and altered the lock. We will wait for it to rain to establish if the problem has been resolved.

Letter received from LCC Highways regarding the temporary road closure of Fen Road from 2nd October to 24th February.

Letter received from LCC Highways regarding the temporary road closure of Blankney Level Crossing from 18.00 hours Saturday 30 th September until 16.30 hours Sunday 1 st October.

A meeting is to be arranged with the Community Council of Lincolnshire to discuss the possibility of a Parish Plan being produced, any Councillors who want to be at this first meeting are to inform the Clerk.

The Clerk is to produce a list of companies willing to tender for the various jobs that arise, so that in future we can send them the details and receive a quotation.

To speed up the meeting process, from next month the Clerks report will be circulated with the agenda, giving Councillors the opportunity to read the report before the meeting. Any item can then be discussed if there is a need to.

Concerns over the safety of the pedestrian crossing on Lincoln Road – cars do not stop. The Clerk has spoken to Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, an engineer is to investigate.

3.5 Matters Outstanding

3.5.1 Fayre & Feast – The plans are going well, a list of stewards has been produced. The Feast will open at 2pm at the Village Cross. A meeting will take place on Friday 20th October at 7pm in the Village Hall to finalise plans. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Parker/Working Group

3.5.2 Fen Lane/Tanvats – Cllr Mrs Bradwell has written a letter to Brian Creasey. It is hoped in time he will agree to the land being given for the turning circle. It was agreed to take this item off the agenda next month. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Bradwell/Chairman

3.5.3 Chance to Share and related issues – The Chairman has sent a letter to HBS. Cllr Mrs Bradwell stated they will not be able to progress the matter any further until they have legal agreement, however they do want to progress this issue and in principal have no objections to the PC plans. A rather heated discussion followed. The Chairman expressed his concerns that the matter had been ongoing for 3 years, and it is the Parish that is suffering because the facilities currently available are inadequate for a village of this size. Over this period of time there have been numerous meetings, but each time it’s with different people and different answers are given. It is believed the County Council are being obstructive. Cllr Finter asked Cllr Mrs Bradwell when she thought the DFES would respond but she did not know, however they are chasing the matter and will continue to do so until a response is received. Cllr Ford asked when the school was going to be made secure. Cllr Mrs Bradwell stated there was a problem but it cannot be resolved until an answer had been received from the DFES. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Bradwell/Chairman

3.5.4 Village Hall Management issues – The new part time manager and booking officer are settling well into their new positions. Dot Howes has been appointed as Treasurer, the Clerk is Acting Secretary and Dr Allen is Acting Chairman, volunteers are still required for these positions. All of the above were confirmed by the Management Committee at a meeting on Thursday 21st September 2006. ACTION: Chairman/Clerk

3.5.5 Village play parks & Youths Recreation Area – The painting of the fence at the Princes Street Play Park has been completed. 3 quotes have been received for the repairs to the slide area, but it was decided a site meeting is to be arranged with EKM Limited, Cllr Finter and the Chairman. ACTION: Cllr Finter/Chairman

3.5.6 New pavilion and changing rooms – This is ongoing, until the issues are resolved with the Chance to Share land this project is being put on hold yet again. ACTION: Chairman

3.5.7 Public Conveniences – Hand driers - 3 Quotes have been received T Fox - £376, G Hart £442 and Sparks Electrical - £429 it was proposed by Cllr Mrs Honisett that Sparks Electrical would carry out the work and seconded by the Chairman with all in favour. Cleaning of the Floor – 4 companies were approached to give quotes, only 1 quoted Swallow Cleaning Contractors - £185.91, Cllr Ford proposed the motion and Cllr Webb seconded with all in favour. ACTION: Clerk

3.5.8 Remembrance Sunday – A meeting is to be arranged with the Reverend Charles Sowden, Chairman and Cllr Mrs Honisett. New light at war memorial - 3 quotes have been received – Graham Pembury - £2,330, Sparks Electrical - £760 and T Fox - £818, it was resolved T Fox would carry out the work this was proposed by Cllr Ford and seconded by Cllr Webb with all in favour. Painting of 2 Seats and Flag Pole – 3 quotes have been received – G Allbones - £195, T Deakin - £305 and R A Johnson - £95, it was resolved G Allbones would carry out the work this was proposed by Cllr Ford seconded by the Chairman and all were in favour. It was agreed a new flag would be purchased. The Clerk is to liaise with Cllr Creasey to arrange wreaths and poppies. The Clerk is to contact PC Annall to ensure the road is closed for the service at the Memorial. It was suggested the Fire Brigade personnel could be the stewards. The Clerk has contacted PC Annall requesting the loan of a PA system. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Honisett/Cllr Westall/Clerk

3.5.9 Gate between Squash Court, Public Conveniences and Village Hall – Cllr Finter has liaised with the Squash Club a meeting has taken place, Cllr Finter is to follow this up. It was agreed the area between the Village Hall and Squash Club needs to be made secure 3 quotes are required. ACTION: Cllr Finter

3.5.10 New Litter Bins Shiregate/Playing Field – The Clerk has obtained 3 quotes for new litter bins to be erected at Shiregate Play Park and the Playing Field, but it was decided the Clerk would need to contact NKDC to enquire about the emptying of the large bin. ACTION: Clerk

3.5.11 Village Centre Developments – A follow up meeting was held on 19 th September 2006, unfortunately there were only 14 parishioners at the meeting. Peter Fender gave a presentation of the results from the workshops. Cllr Chambers believes parishioners will be extremely upset if the cross is removed. The PC also feels strongly that the cross should remain in the village. Cllr Mrs Honisett suggested a paved area outside the Star & Garter. ACTION: Chairman/Ford

3.5.12 Consider Insurance issues relating to all PC assets – At the meeting in August it was resolved in item 3.6.5 to pay the Swimming Pool Association Insurance Premium of £800. This was only an estimated figure therefore this resolution is to be rescinded and a new resolution made to pay the exact amount of £883.01 this was proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Cllr Ford with all in favour. ACTION: Cllr Ford/Chairman

At this point the meeting was adjourned for tea, coffee and biscuits.

3.6 New Business

3.6.1 To resolve how the Spring Garden in Drury Street is to be maintained – It was resolved Cllr Mrs Morrison and a team from NKDC are to maintain the spring, this was proposed by Cllr Mrs Parker and seconded by the Chairman with all in favour. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Morrison

3.6.2 To consider using a specialist company to develop systems to ensure compliance with all aspects of employment and health and safety – The Chairman distributed correspondence relating to the above from a consultancy company, all Councillors are to read the paperwork and it will be discussed at the next meeting. ACTION: Councillors

3.6.3 To agree payment of £493.46 for the cleaning of the changing rooms – The JMC need to arrange a meeting with the School. There is no hot water in the changing rooms. Cllr Mrs Parker suggested that the Chairman contact the Acting Head to try and resolve the problem. The changing rooms have been thoroughly cleaned by the Football Club, it was therefore decided not to pursue the quote from Swallow Cleaning Contractors. ACTION: Chairman

3.6.4 To resolve a new seat is purchased, for the corner of Princess Margaret Avenue and Prince’s Street – 3 quotations have been obtained – Ollerton - £496, Bailey International - £415.49, Wybone - £460, it was resolved to purchase the seat from Ollerton Cllr Ford Proposed, Cllr Mrs Honisett seconded and all were in favour. ACTION: Clerk

3.7 Correspondence

3.7.1 To note general correspondence – duly noted.

3.7.2 To consider correspondence requiring action by the Council

a) Letter from ArtsNK – Notes and route plan of the Spires & Steeple Walk “Gateway to North Kesteven” request for input from the PC. ACTION: Clerk

b) LCC- Lincolnshire Rights of Way Improvement Plan (Consultation Draft) – Clerk is to print a copy and pass to the Planning Committee for consultation and feedback to be sent to LCC. ACTION: Planning Committee

3.8 Planning

3.8.1 To note a report from the planning committee

Planning Applications:-

The Planning Committee meeting on Wednesday 13 th September was cancelled, as at that time there were no applications to consider.

The following have been granted planning permission:

Ref: N/39/0693/06 – Erection of single storey extension to create annexe and conservatory, 3 High Street, Metheringham

Ref: N/39/0630/06 – Two storey extension, 1 Chapel Yard, Metheringham.

Ref: N/39/0992/06 – Loft conversion to include installation of roof lights, the Old Orchard, Shiregate, Metheringham.

Ref: N/39/0817/06 – Two storey side extension; demolish outhouses and erect single storey extension, 27 Lincoln Road, Metheringham. The Applicant is advised to obtain the necessary consents from the relevant authorities relating to the discharge of surface water and foul sewage to ensure that surface water does not discharge into the foul sewage system.

Ref: N39/0739/06 – Erection of 3 storey dwelling at 31b High Street, Metheringham.

Ref: N/39/084/06 – Bus lay-by facility and 8 staff parking bays at Metheringham County Primary School, Prince’s Street, Metheringham.

Before the next Planning Committee meeting decisions need to be made on 3 sets of planning applications. Two are listed on the agenda and the third is:

N/39/1050/06 – Proposal: Extend children’s nursery to form baby room at 45 Sleaford Road, Metheringham. There were no comments or objections to this proposal.

3.8.2 N/39/1067/06 – Proposal: Erection of single storey front and two storey rear extension at 24 Paddock Lane, Metheringham. It was agreed to object to this application on the grounds that it would be out of keeping with the surrounding properties as the proposed extensions make the floor area very large. We are also objecting about the proposal to connect surface water to the main sewer. Because of the ongoing problems in Metheringham, this should not be allowed, and the surface water should be connected to the land drain.

3.8.3 N/39/1029/06 – Proposal: Erection of rear extension, raising of roof to form loft conversion and detached triple garage at 12 Dunston Road, Metheringham. It was agreed to comment on the proposed height of the roof line, making this higher than the surrounding bungalows, and again to object to the proposal to connect surface water to the main sewer for the same reasons as above in 3.8.2.

The Planning Committee is scheduled to meet next on Wednesday 11 th October 2006 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.

3.9 Financial matters

3.9.1 To consider accounts for payment

Payment to

Amount £

ABB Ltd Street Lighting Repairs


Anglian Water – Water rates P/C


Anglian Water – Sports field


Village Hall Hire


T Deakin


Village Caretaker


Public Toilet Caretaker


Clerk Salary + Expenses


Parish Dog Warden Services


Inland Revenue


Leisure Connections – Hire skateboard park


Pavilion Cleaner


M Credland – Adjustment to Severance Pay


St Wilfrid’s – Hire of Hall


RFO – Expenses


Service Team – Grass Cutting




Cllr Parkinson proposed payment of accounts, Cllr Finter seconded, with 1 abstention (Cllr Mrs Honisett) and 6 were in favour.

3.9.2 To receive a report from the RFO on the PC finances – The RFO reported he had spoken with Mr Credland, the previous Clerk, he believes he should receive a gratuity payment, Cllr Ford explained, Mr Credland would need to produce the relevant paperwork, stating he is entitled to this.

3.10 Date and venue of next meeting – Tuesday 31 st October 2006 in the Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 10.27pm


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