Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 23rd September 2003



Dr M J Allen


Mrs J Honisett

Vice Chairman

Mrs R Creasey
J L Duggins
P D Ford
R P Harrison
Mrs R Parker
Mrs H H B Routledge

A M Waddington

Mrs A. F. Webb

G V Westall


M Credland

1. APOLOGIES: Councillors Mrs P Bradwell County Council
G W Chambers District Council

It was AGREED that from the last Minutes Item 5p should read September 6th, Item 4g the Chairman accepted the key and Item 14d be deleted. With these amendments the Chairman signed the Minutes of the last Meeting as a true record.
a) Resident, Park Crescent, expressed concern over the possibility of a bus shelter being located by the Lincolnshire County Council adjacent to Park Crescent and foresaw problems with youths. Matter to be discussed under Matters Arising from the Minutes.
b) The Village Caretaker questioned why employees had received their salaries late for August. Matter to be discussed in Committee.
c) Resident, Station Road, also expressed concern over the siting of the Bus Stop sign outside her property. Matter to be discussed under Matters Arising from the Minutes.

a) Childrens Playground:
Following previous discussion over locking the swings, and possible implications, it was AGREED for the Playground Sub-committee to look into the matter for a report to be presented at the next Meeting. Councillor Duggins reported that a contractor was still being sought with the necessary insurance to fix the new swings. ACTION: ScCP
b) Station Road Bus Stop:
Councillor Mrs Parker declared an interest and took no part in the discussion. After general discussion it was AGREED that a bus shelter should not be erected by the Lincolnshire County Council and that the Sub-committee looks into the question where the bus stop sign should be located. Matter to be discussed at the next Meeting. ACTION: ScH&F
c) Playing Fields:
It was AGREED for the Vice Chairman to liaise with the Dog Warden over the provision of Dog Fouling signs in the Playing Fields. ACTION: Vice Chairman
d) Village Hall and Car Park:
It was reported that a grant application will be submitted to the Lincolnshire County Council for surfacing the car park by 1st November 2003. ACTION: Clerk
Councillor Duggins reported that work on the extension was ahead of the programme. It was reported that the entrance gates damaged by a delivery lorry had now been repaired.
e) Pedestrian Crossing:
It was reported that the Belisha beacons and signage to the recently installed zebra crossing had now been reduced in height by Lincolnshire County Council.
f) Anglian Water:
A letter had been sent by Anglian Water to the District Council identifying priority areas for eradicating sewage flooding problems at Waddington and Skellingthorpe. Anglian Water to be asked whether the Parish Council can continue objecting to planning applications likely to have an effect on Metheringham Sewage Treatment Works. ACTION: Clerk
g) Traffic Problems:
It was reported that Lincoln Co-operative Society Ltd are to provide a pedestrian crossing adjacent to their premises once the access road had been resurfaced and electrical work undertaken.
h) Railway Station:
It was reported that Central Trains had again been asked to carry out repairs to the Railway Station car park. Matter to be pursued. ACTION: Clerk
i) Shiregate Play Park:
Following previous discussions it was AGREED for the Sub-committee to look into the possibility of local residents locking/unlocking the gates to the Play Park. ACTION: ScCP
Councillor Rose reported that he was pursuing the question of the lease agreement for the Play Park to be adopted by the Parish Council with North Kesteven District Council.
j) The Chairman had written to the Lincolnshire County Council confirming that the Parish Council still wished to be involved with the Parish Paths Partnership scheme.
k) The Chairman had responded to the letter received from North Kesteven District Council.
1) The Chairman still analysing the letter on indemnification. ACTION: Chairman
m) The Clerk AGREED to submit an outline planning application for the proposed changing rooms in the Playing Fields. ACTION: Clerk
o) 2003 Fayre and Feast:
It was reported that arrangements are being finalised for this year's event, which is to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Opening of RAF Metheringham. The official opening is to be performed by Mr Sandy Wilson, a veteran of No. 106 Squadron RAF based at Metheringham.
p) Street Lights:
Councillor Westall reported that the faulty street light in Middle Street had now been repaired and that arrangements were being made to trim back the trees in Manor Road affecting a street light. ACTION: Cllr Westall
q) Public Conveniences:
It was reported Mr W Saunders, Caretaker, had agreed to carry out internal decoration. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Creasey
r) Fen Road Railway Bridge:
It was reported that the overgrown hedges had now been trimmed back.
s) Any Other Business:
It was reported that a JMC meeting is to be arranged shortly. ACTION: JMC
It was reported that the matter concerning a caravan parked and occupied at the Railway Station car park had now been resolved.
It was confirmed that whilst the Minutes displayed on the MACLA web site did not include financial matters there was no reason why the copy displayed in the Library should not.
It was reported that the problem with nocturnal dog noises had apparently been resolved.
The Vice Chairman is liaising with the Dog Warden over he provision of additional dog waste bins. ACTION: Vice Chairman
Matter to be discussed in Committee.

The Chairman reported that he had written a letter of support on behalf of the Parish Council in connection with a grant application by the Swimming Association to Awards for All East Midlands, which was accepted.
a) Letter from Lincolnshire County Council enclosing a map showing the County footpath networks.
b) Letter from Lincolnshire County Council enclosing Draft School Organisation Plan 2003-2008.
c) Letter from Lincolnshire County Council enclosing P3 grant application forms. ACTION: Chairman
d) Road Closure Notification from County Council for reconstructing a culvert in Manor Road. Councillors Mrs Parker and Rose reported on a recent site meeting where an alternative was considered to keep part of the highway open during the progress of the works.
e) Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing forms for completion if any incidents of
anti-social behaviour are reported on 10th September 2003.
f) Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing their 2003/2004 Yearbook.
g) Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing a copy of their Draft Self Assessment,
h) Letter from Mrs Lindo, Millfield Road, suggesting the kerb stones at the Lincoln Road/Sleaford
Road junction be painted white to improve road safety. Letter to be sent to County Council. ACTION: Clerk
i) Letter from Mrs Swaby, Pullman Close, requesting an additional street light adjacent to her property. Since the existing street lighting meets current criteria it was considered adequate. Mrs Swaby t0 be informed accordingly. ACTION: Clerk
j) Letter from Lincolnshire Police enclosing programme of their next Local Police Forums,
k) Letter from CPRE enclosing the results of this year's Best Kept Village Competition.
1) Letter from HBS Property advising that they have requested approval from Lincolnshire County
Council for building a phased development on land forming the Chance to Share Agreement.
Further to previous discussion Councillor Rose reported that the District Council had now agreed to provide an additional street light adjacent to the old peoples bungalows in Princess Margaret Avenue. He stressed the point that in future such requests should be made through the Parish Council.

The following applications were considered:
39/1003/03 Erection of 4 dwellings Westfield Close for R Wade Construction Limited SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/1121/03 Extension to Highfield Cottages for Blankney Estates Limited. Councillor Mrs Parker declared an interest and took no part in the discussions. SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/1158/03 Extension to Walnut Cottage High Street for Mr T Rhodes SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/1171/03 Kitchen extension Scarf and Goggles for Mr N Powell SUPPORT APPLICATION

It was PROPOSED by Councillor Mrs Creasey, SECONDED by Councillor Duggins that the following accounts be passed and paid:

Parish Dog Warden   75.00
Village Caretaker 183.30
Mr. M. Credland, Clerk's salary and expenses 349.96
Inland Revenue Tax and Nl 180.33
Public Works Loan Board Loan repayment 106.41
Metheringham Village Hall 50% insurance policy 484.35
50% JMC honorarium 75.00
Bonnetts Chemicals Materials for public conveniences 117.21
LALC Good Councillor guides 4.17
Metheringham Village Hall Hire of room 25.12
North Kesteven District Council Planning application fee 110.00
ABB Limited Public street lighting 696.95
Metheringham Football Club Cleaning Pavilion 150.00

a) From her question Councillor Mrs Webb was advised that the corner of the War Memorial hedge will be removed once the new Notice Board had been provided. The Clerk AGREED to ask the manufacturer's to expedite the delivery of the Notice Board and seats. ACTION: Clerk
b) Councillor Mrs Webb was informed that the Lincolnshire County Council no longer use chemicals to eradicate weeds. County Council to be informed of complaints received over weeds on estate roads. ACTION: Clerk
c) From a report by Councillor Waddington it was AGREED for Councillor Rose to ask the District Council to trim back overhanging trees in Princess Margaret Avenue. ACTION: Cllr Rose
d) From her report Councillor Mrs Routledge was advised to report incidents of motor cycles and bicycles being driven along Church Walk to the police. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Routledge
e) From a report by Councillor Mrs Routledge it was AGREED for the Vice Chairman to discuss a problem with dog fouling odours in Church Walk with the Dog Warden. ACTION: Vice Chairman
f) Councillor Mrs Routledge suggested that a Farmers market ought to be organised for Metheringham. She was advised to place an article in the MACLA magazine to test the response. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Routledge
g) From his offer to provide a new seat for the village Councillor Westall suggested a suitable site would be adjacent to the lagoon on Shiregate. Councillor Rose to seek permission from North Kesteven District Council. ACTION: Cllr Rose
h) The Chairman expressed concern over the poor state of the highway in Metheringham Fen. Lincolnshire County Council to be asked to look into the matter. ACTION: Clerk

In the Village hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 28th October 2003.

The meeting closed at 10:20pm.

ScCP -  Children's Playground Sub-committee
ScH&FP - Highways and Footpaths Sub-committee
ScF&F - Fayre and Feast Sub-committee
ScSL - Street Lighting Sub-committee
ScJMC - Joint Management Committee