Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.15pm on Tuesday 25th September 2001

Present: Councillors: B E Creasey Chairman
Mrs R Creasey Vice Chairman
Dr MJ Allen
J L Duggins
P D Ford
R P Harrison
Mrs J Honisett
Mrs R Parker
G V Westall
Clerk M Credland
Councillors G W Chambers
Police Pc R Parker
Apologies Councillors Mrs P Bradwell County Council; J C Rose District Council

In respect of the victims of the New York terrorist bombings on Tuesday 11th September 2001 the Council observed one minute silence.

The Minutes of the last Meeting were signed by the Chairman as being a true record.

The Village Caretaker reported that a hedge along the footpath leading from Saxon Close to Caroline Road required trimming. Councillor Chamber AGREED to look into the matter.

The Clerk advised the Village Caretaker that a new waste bin had been ordered for the Children's Playground.

A resident in Alfred Avenue was informed that the District Council had been asked to place a Dog Fouling Bylaw notice in Alfred Avenue.

Pc R Parker reported that of late the problems around the Children's Playpark on Shiregate had now quietened down, possibly helped by a new sign restricting the use of the equipment to children below the age of 11 years. The police were still monitoring the situation.

He also reported that he had spoken to two youngsters over incidents of spray painting around the village, for which he was thanked.


Public Conveniences:
Councillor Duggins gave a Sub-committee report in connection with the handing over responsibility of the Fen Road public conveniences to the Parish Council. Whilst concern was expressed that some repairs/ maintenance originally agreed was still outstanding it now understood that the District Council now expected the Parish Council to carry out the work. Following further discussion it was AGREED that the Lease Agreement should be signed and returned, albeit reluctantly, and that the District Council be informed of the Parish Council's consternation.

Children's Playground:
Councillor Duggins reported that the new Children's Playground equipment had now been installed and following an incident of vandalism a new shackle had now been ordered. He also reported that a local resident had taken video footage of youths misbehaving, which would be passed over to the police.

Councillor Duggins also reported that Mr M Holroyd of Princess Margaret Avenue had kindly supplied water and electricity for the contractors and had also helped with security. After due consideration it was AGREED to thank Mr Holroyd and reimburse him the sum of 50.00, It was AGREED to place a sign in the Children's Playground restricting the use of the equipment to children under 11 years of age

The Playground Sub-committee to make periodic inspections of the new equipment and that maintenance check be carried out after twelve months.

Following a report from Pc Parker on an initiative by Hampshire County Council it was AGREED to look into the possibility of providing a pod shelter in the Playground, obtainable from Messrs Adshell Limited free of charge although a supply of electricity will be required. Heighington Parish Council was also looking into the possibility.

A letter had been received from Lincolnshire County Council acknowledging the Parish Council's application for grant aid towards the cost of installing the new Playground equipment and extension to the car park.

Mr N Gray, Field House Farmhouse, also reported that the problems on the Shiregate playpark had now subsided considerably over the last two months.

Playing Fields:
Councillor Ford reported that because of the recent inclement weather and late harvesting the contractors had been delayed in trimming the boundary hedges. However, he was hopeful the work would be carried out in the near future.

A letter had been received from Powergen advising that the undergrounding of the overhead electricity lines along the western boundary of the Playing Field was now being undertaken.

A letter had been received from Metheringham Football Club expressing concern that the seating in the Pavilion changing rooms had recently been removed because of their poor state. The Chairman advised that he had spoken to the School Head over the matter and that the County Council had been informed accordingly.

Councillor Duggins reported that a scheme had been prepared for carrying out new works in the changing rooms, including new seating and disabled facilities, and that quotations were being invited, which he assumed would be paid for by the Joint Management Committee. He was informed that under the 1971 Chance to Share Agreement the responsibility for such works solely rested with the Lincolnshire County Council. Therefore, it was AGREED Councillor Duggins to raise the matter with them.

Old Post Office:
Further to previous discussion the Clerk reported on a meeting he had attended with Metheringham History Group, North Kesteven District Council, Heritage Lincolnshire and Lincoln Co-operative Society Limited over the possibility of acquiring the Old Post Office for the community. In principle the Lincoln Co-op supported the proposal and were willing to enter into a minimum 25 years and 364 days lease agreement for the building at an initial rent of 600.00 per annum with reviews every five years. They were also prepared to assist with fund raising by setting up a dividend card system for shoppers. Although other conditions would form part of the lease agreement, they were considered fair and reasonable. In principle the Parish Council supported the scheme, subject to finance being made available through finding agencies such as the National Lottery, which was currently being explored. On this matter it was considered that MACLA should make such an application, although Councillor Harrison felt they were only an umbrella group and consequently organisations should apply individually. Councillor Chambers advocated that the District Council had set-up MACLA for the very purpose of applying for grant aid community projects and was perplexed over the apparent reluctance of MACLA to accept this responsibility. Councillor Harrison AGREED to raise the matter at their next meeting.

North Area Advisory Forum:
Councillor Duggins gave a report on the recent District Council Area Advisory Forum he had attended and mentioned several issues which had been raised, such as village street cleaning which is carried out every three months. In connection with the question raised by the Parish Council's on private security policing he had been informed that Lindum Construction Limited were offering CCTV schemes free of charge in areas under the ownership of local authorities. Therefore, it was AGREED to look into the possibility of providing such a system for vulnerable areas in Metheringham.

Other Matters:
Councillor Chambers reported that the overgrown hedge adjacent to the Fen Road railway bridge was the responsibility of Chestnut Homes Limited and that Councillor Rose had been informed the District Council will repair the damaged parking area in Alfred Avenue this autumn.

Following questions raised at the Village Hall open day it was AGREED to seek the advice of the District Council over responsibility for tidying up Jitter outside the Lincoln Co-operative Society store.

Mrs Honisett was also informed that arrangements were still to be made for installing a Parish Council suggestion box in the Infolinks Centre.

Letter from Lincolnshire County Council enclosing details of a grant scheme for providing bus shelters, although responsibility for future maintenance and repairs would be with parish councils. More information to be requested.

Letter from Lincolnshire County Council requesting details of parish council meetings for placing on a database, which the Clerk AGREED to furnish.

Letter from Lincolnshire County Council offering 25 free trees and hedging plants to parishes, which was accepted.

Letter from North Kesteven District Council introducing their new Music Development Officer, who is planning a programme of music events throughout the district.

Letter from North Kesteven District Council with an invitation to attend the formal launch of their web site on all aspects of the Council's services at their offices at 12noon on Friday 28th September 2001, No Members were available to attend.

Copy of a letter received by Councillor Chambers in connection with a request made by Mr Handley, Lincoln Road, for additional traffic calming measures. Mr Handley to be informed that the Parish Council was satisfied with the existing provisions.

Letter from Lincolnshire Police inviting the Parish Council to attend the launch of their new Mobile Police Office at Baytree Garden Centre, Weston on Tuesday 30th October 2001. Anyone interested in attending to notify the Clerk.

Letter from Community Council of Lincoln shire advising that although Metheringham had succeeded to the second round of this year's competition they had not been included in the list of winners.

Invitation from the Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils to attend their Annual General Meeting at Horncastle College at 10.30 am on Saturday 27th October 2001. Anyone interested to notify the Clerk.

Copy of the transfer of Justices Licence for the White Hart public house.

From a reminder by Councillor Chambers the Clerk AGREED to request the District Council to reimburse the street cleansing costs for the last financial year.

Item discussed under the Old Post Office.

The Vice Chairman reported that some 50 sites had now been taken and that a programme of entertainment was being planned in connection with the Medieval theme.

Concern was expressed that although an article had appeared in the MACLA newsletter stating the CABRA choir would be performing at this year's event no official approach had been made to the Sub-committee. Councillor Harrison advised that the article had been included in the newsletter in good faith. Metheringham Historv Group to advise the choir to notify the Sub-committee of their intentions.

Notification had been received from North Kesteven District Council advising that an Election is to be held in the village on Thursday 1st November 2001 for the two vacancies on the Parish Council. Since the Parish Council would have to finance the Election, estimated at some 1,200.00, it was AGREED after due consideration not to issue polling cards, which would be an additional 400.00. The District Council to be informed accordingly.

This year's Armistice Service is to be held in the Wesleyan Chapel at 10.00 am on Sunday 11 November, Councillors to meet in the schoolroom at 9.45am.

It was AGREED to purchase wreaths for the War Memorial and two Great War servicemen buried in the cemetery.

The Village Caretaker to place the floodlighting at the War Memorial the week prior to the Service and display the Union flag on Armistice Sunday.

No applications had been received for consideration.

It was PROPOSED by Councillor Duggins SECONDED by Councillor Mrs R Creasey that the accounts be passed and paid. CARRIED

From a report by Councillor Ford the Chairman AGREED to pursue the question of providing advanced school warning signs with County Councillor Mrs Bradwell.

From a suggestion by Councillor Ford the Clerk AGREED to look into the possibility of including the Parish Council Minutes on the MACLA website.

From a report by Councillor Rose it was AGREED to request the District Council to provide Dog Fouling Bylaw notices in Westfield Close.

Councillor Mrs Parker questioned whether any further information had been received concerning proposals to construct a new road from the Moorlands Trading Estate to Fen Road to avoid the railway bridge. The Chairman to pursue the matter with County Councillor Mrs Bradwell.

From a report by Councillor Mrs Honisett the Chairman AGREED to contact County Councillor Mrs Bradwell over the poor state of the level crossing. Letter to be also sent to Railtrack plc.

Councillor Duggins reported that the parish notice board was in poor condition. Matter to be looked into.

He also reported that the directional sign adjacent to the Library still required securing. County Council to be informed.

It was reported that no further action had been taken by the Forward Planning Sub-committee in connection with extending the car parking bays adjacent to the shops on Caroline Road.

From a request by the Vice Chairman the Chairman to ask County Councillor Mrs Bradwell to look into the possibility of introducing a one-way traffic system in the village.

Following a report by the Chairman that the County Council were unable, because of an overspent situation, to carry out resurfacing works in Fen Lane it was AGREED the matter be pursued with them.

The Meeting closed at 9.35pm