Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.15pm on Tuesday 25th October 2005

PRESENT: Councillors Dr. M.J. Allen Chairman
Mrs. J. Honisett Vice Chairman (and Acting Clerk)
Mrs. R. Creasey
P.D. Ford
Mrs. H. Morrison
Mrs. R. Parker
Mrs. A.F. Webb
J.C. Rose District Council

1. Welcome by the Chairman. Copies of the agenda were available for members of the public.


2.1 Police report. In the absence of any Police Officers Councillor Mrs. Morrison reported there had been 21 incidents between 21st September and 24th October. These included damage to and theft from 6 vehicles in Hall Yard and 7 in Caroline Road; money stolen from property in Pullman Close; racial abuse and attempted damage to window at Pizza shop; person driving whilst disqualified in Kings Road; bicycle stolen from garden shed in Kings Road; damage to tree near Cavalry Court; damage to building in High Street; dog faeces thrown at wall of property in Roman Close; and attempt to break car window in Apple Tree Close.

2.2 Public Forum.
2.2.1 Mr. John Allen asked for new padlock for gent’s public toilet.
2.2.2 Mr. Blackburn of Park Crescent would like to know when the trees near him are to be dealt with. He had been informed it would be August/September, then September/October, and would like to see the work done before next spring. There have been comments in the Press about the trees. The Acting Clerk will enquire of Mr. Kolebuk and inform Mr. Blackburn.
2.2.3 Mr. Dobbs asked if the dog waste bin in Westfield Close could be moved. Councillor Mrs. Honisett had ascertained the bins are emptied every Thursday and this could also be done on a Monday at unspecified extra cost. It was agreed for the Highways & Footpaths working group to monitor the situation.


3.1 Apologies for absence
Councillor Mrs. P. Bradwell
Councillor G.W. Chambers
Councillor A. M. Waddington
A letter of resignation had been received from Councillor J. Duggins. It was agreed the Chairman would write to thank him for his many years of service, and to arrange for some token of gratitude to be made to him.
3.2 To receive declarations of interest – none

3.3 Minutes of the meeting held on 27th September 2005.
Councillor Mrs. Creasey asked under item 3.5.15 for “beyond” to replace “on” Fen Bridge, and Councillor Mrs. Morris asked under item 3.14.2 for “are to be” to replace “had been”. After these two amendments the Chairman signed the minutes as being a correct record.

3.4 Matters arising not on the agenda – none

3.5 Matters outstanding
3.5.1 First aid/seat belts on buses – Councillor Mrs. Honisett has written to Dr. Cheryl Berry but has not yet received a reply.
3.5.2 Police Meeting – the Chairman feels a formal meeting would need a specific agenda, so the type of meeting needs to be decided. The police are aware that the Parish Council (PC) is concerned at the lack of policing in the village, and they would like someone in place here. The Chief Constable had intimated in a letter written in May that there would be someone soon in the village, but it is now October and no-one is here.
3.5.3 Skateboard Park – there has been one offer of a committee member from the village, plus one from a parent of a skateboarder. Tracy Parr, youth worker, would like to help with this.
3.5.4 Fayre and Feast – the Chairman expressed thanks to Michael Credland, his team of helpers and all the stewards. There will be a separate meeting of the Fayre and Feast Working Group first, and then the Chairman would like to have a meeting in the back room of the Star and Garter, with refreshments, to thank all who helped on the day. To keep the Fayre and Feast going the Parish Council must show interest. Councillor Mrs. Morrison passed on the thanks of Michael Credland to all who helped, and it was felt a letter should be sent to PCSO Gareth Walters for his support. Congratulations were also expressed to Councillor Ford for producing a balance sheet for the Fayre and Feast so promptly.
3.5.5 Fen Lane/Tanvats – Mr. Brian Creasey is still interested in getting a turning circle, and the Chairman is trying to arrange a meeting with Stuart Christie, Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) Highways about this and other outstanding issues.
3.5.6 Chance to Share and related issues – the Chairman has received a response from Mr. Neville Posnett, and would like a meeting of the Forward Planning Working Group to discuss this letter and agree a response. This relates to the lease the LCC has on the Playing Field.
3.5.7 Outside light on pavilion – Councillor Duggins had hoped this would go ahead, and Councillor Mrs. Creasey will speak to the deputy head teacher about it.
3.5.8 Village Hall management issues – these are to be discussed with the Forward Planning Working Group, who will then meet with the Village Hall Management Committee. If necessary the PC will be consulted if money is needed in the budget for next year.
3.5.9 Shiregate play park – the diaries have been delivered personally to the houses backing onto the play park, and will be collected at the beginning of November.
3.5.10 New pavilion and changing rooms – the Chairman has had a meeting on 18th October with the architect who will produce working drawings of the pavilion. The site survey will be computerised, so the building can be moved around, and this will be cost around £900. It was proposed and agreed that up to £1,000 be spent on this survey.
3.5.11 Public conveniences – it was decided the Chairman and Acting clerk will interview the new applicant, and will appoint her if acceptable. After receiving and reading a letter from Councillor Waddington complaining about graffiti in the toilets, the Chairman feels there is a need for a line manager to be in charge of running the toilets. Councillor Mrs. Webb proposed Councillor Waddington for this post. Councillor Mrs. Creasey seconded this and all were in favour.
3.5.12 Swimming Pool Association – the Chairman will get Mr. Massingham to carry out the work on the changing room roof.
3.5.13 Village car park garden – Councillor Mrs. Morrison offered to weed the garden. The Chairman would like to know if it is possible to put down a membrane, and Councillor Mrs. Parker is to ask Paul Scholey about this and about putting down mulch. Councillor Mrs. Parker also reported the War Memorial garden has been tidied up and litter removed from this area.
3.5.14 Overhead barrier at playing field car park – this has been mended, and keys for the padlock are lodged at the school and with Mr. Brian Blackband, Mrs. Mickleburgh, and Councillor Ford.
3.5.15 Barbed wire on playing field fence – the Chairman wrote to Mr. Renfrew, but he has not replied to the Chairman but to the Football Club. Councillor Mrs. Creasey proposed that a letter should be sent to Mr. Renfrew saying the PC will remove the barbed wire and the Football Club will plant two trees in that corner.
3.5.16 Remembrance Sunday – the Chairman will find out about the wreaths, and Councillor Mrs. Morrison will approach Deacon Mary Neal about the service in the Methodist Church, at the War Memorial and the short service in the cemetery. The Youth Club do not wish to read the Roll of Honour. It was proposed by Councillor Ford and seconded by Councillor Mrs. Creasey that Mr. Michael Credland be asked to read it. Voting was 5 in favour with 2 abstentions. The Acting Clerk reported that PCSO Gareth Walters will be in attendance at the War Memorial and she is to check with Councillor Westall that the bugler has been arranged.
3.5.17 No cycling signs on footpath near church – two new ‘no cycling’ signs have been ordered and should be up by the end of November.
3.5.18 New noticeboard – as water is falling onto posters when the doors are opened after rain, Councillor Mrs. Parker agreed to contact Allen Signs to rectify this.
3.5.19 Outstanding correspondence – the Acting Clerk reported on letters written to a) LCC about the cessation of the Saturday Supplementary Service, and b) Mark Taylor about litter bins. On this last point discussion took place on the merits or otherwise of replacing the litter bins with wheelie bins, on the grounds of Health and Safety, but Councillor Mrs. Creasey feels the situation should be monitored, and the Acting Clerk is to write back to Mr. Taylor with the comments of the PC.

3.6 Reports from representatives on outside bodies:
3.6.1 To receive a report from the County Councillor – in her absence the Acting Clerk reported on a telephone conversation in which Councillor Mrs. Bradwell said she is hoping to find out what is happening about either the proposed new road or strengthening the railway bridge.
3.6.2 To receive a report from the District Councillor – four matters were brought to the attention of the PC. Eight Council houses at Tanvats are to be re-roofed, to be done in this financial year. A person has been discovered putting food in wheelie bins and, when brought to task, started putting it into the village litter bins. Because of the overcrowding of the 08.02 and the 16.56 trains, causing passengers to be standing and the conductor unable to move through the train issuing tickets, a letter has been written to Central Trains asking if extra carriages could be put on these two trains in particular. Parish Councillors will be aware of the fraud which has been perpetrated against North Kesteven District Council (NKDC) and the person concerned has been declared bankrupt, but NKDC are confident they will get their money back.
3.6.3 To receive reports from representatives on other outside bodies – the chairman of the Village Hall Management Committee had questioned the PC representative as to why he had not heard from the PC about the insurance and the gate.

3.7 New business:
3.7.1 To consider a gate between the Squash Court, the Public Conveniences and the Village Hall – after some discussion it was agreed that the Chairman will meet up with Councillor Mrs. Morrison to discuss what is needed.
3.7.2 To receive a report on the Bowls Club pavilion – the Chairman and Councillor Ford met with members of the Bowls Club who would like financial support for repairs to the roof and floor of the pavilion. It is a good green which attracts people from around the county, but the pavilion roof is leaking and the floor is rotting. Two containers had been got to convert into changing rooms and disabled toilet facilities but this had not been done. The Chairman asked them to get quotes from builders for the roof. There is a chance the PC could get grants for the toilets and changing room, and Susan Ross will be approached to see what funding is available for a new pavilion. There is also the matter of removing an asbestos fence, and it was agreed to get three quotes for this work.

3.8 Correspondence:
3.8.1 To note general correspondence – duly noted.
3.8.2 To consider correspondence requiring action by the Council
a) from NKDC with copies of Linkline asking if the paper had been delivered in the parish. The Acting Clerk is to respond that around 50% of the parish seem to have received them.
b) from LCC Highways & Planning, containing information on the Lincolnshire Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund. Councillor Mrs. Parker requested the letter to study the contents more closely.
c) from NKDC concerning Affordable Housing. After some discussion it was agreed that the PC does not wish to see the existing threshold lowered, and the form will be returned, duly completed.
d) from Mr. Brian Webb with a request for white lines denoting parking spaces in the Village car park. This will be reviewed at a future meeting.

3.9 Planning:
To note a report from the planning committee
Planning permission has been granted for:
1) Erection of single storey rear extension, 5 Viking Close, Metheringham
2) Change of use from flower shop to café with retail sales goods, 26 Fen Road, Metheringham
3) Erection of replacement dwelling, Drier Cottage, Nocton Heath, Metheringham
4) Erection of conservatory at 23 Lime Tree Avenue, Metheringham
Advertisement consent has been granted to display 1 advertising sign and 2 smaller direction signs, 45 Sleaford Road, Metheringham
An application needs attention before the next Planning Committee meeting. This is:
Ref: N/39/1298/05 – Proposal: Extension to raise roof height to create first floor at 2 Caroline Road, Metheringham. After discussion it was felt the proposed extension is inappropriate and unacceptable by reason of the scale and the resultant adverse visual impact on the existing dwelling and those around it. It does not reinforce the local identity, which is a bungalow estate, and therefore adversely affects the character and appearance of its surroundings.
The Planning Committee meets next, subject to there being plans to discuss, on Wednesday 9th November 2005 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.

3.10 Financial matters:
3.10.1 To consider accounts for payment
Royal British Legion £37.00
NKDC £26.63
NKDC £13.30
ABB Ltd £1,787.18
ABB Ltd £26.26
Metheringham Village Hall Committee £33.38
Metheringham Football Club £128.50
H. Morrison £47.94
Service Team £33.78
Kirkhouse Production £967.26
Julie Hill £30.30
John Allen £154.00
Acting Clerk £52.93
Powergen Energy £823.98
Village Caretaker £188.76
Inland Revenue £53.24
Dog Warden Services £257.83
R. Dawson £75.00
T. Stubbings £25.00
Lincoln Sea Cadets £150.00
Earth Bound Misfits £200.00
Pauline Reader Dancers £350.00
Derrick Pearson £120.00
Starlite Twirlers £100.00
N. Morgan (Touch and Go) £200.00
Lincoln Hospital Radio £120.00
S. Aldersey £50.00
D. Robinson £75.00
A. Williams £50.00
W. Johnson £100.00
R. Elrick £25.00
J.D. Atherton £25.00
W. Taylor £25.00
R. Garfoot £51.00

Councillor Mrs. Creasey proposed and Councillor Mrs. Morrison seconded that the accounts should be paid, and all were in favour. It was agreed that Councillor Duggins’ name should be removed from the bank mandate and Councillor Mrs. Webb’s name added.

3.10.2 A comprehensive financial statement had been prepared by the RFO, and the Precept need to be discussed. The RFO gave a brief explanation of the amount under Section 137, in which the PC can spend £3.50 per head on the Electoral Roll, to enhance and improve facilities.

3.11 Any Other Business
3.11.1 On opening the ‘box’ held at the bank (two brown envelopes) some Deeds were found but not all of them. These may be lodged with the PC solicitor.
3.11.2 Councillor Mrs. Parker agreed to write letters of thanks to those involved with the Fayre and Feast.
3.11.3 Councillor Ford reported there is no hot water in the pavilion since the temporary extension has been put up. Councillor Mrs. Creasey suggested he contact Mr. Neil Kendall, one of the school governors.
3.11.4 The hedge on Station Road needs to be trimmed back. The Acting clerk is to contact NKDC.
3.11.5 Dog fouling in the Drury Street area is bad again and on the glebe land south of the church. It was suggested the Parish Dog Warden Services should contact the Diocesan Office to ascertain whether people can be fined for letting their dogs foul this field.
3.11.6 The shortness of the grass cutting on the north side of the church was noted, but the churchwardens need to contact NKDC direct.
3.11.7 Councillor Mrs. Morrison had a letter from a child living at High Street, stating he and his friend would like the High Street to be closed permanently to traffic. The Chairman agreed to respond.
3.11.8 Blankney Estates and LCC are carrying out inspections of trees by roads to ascertain which are unsafe, and to deal with them accordingly.
3.11.9 Mrs. Felton, Drury Street, had complained of ivy on wall by the spring. It has been established that this ivy originates from a garden in Londesborough Estate.
3.11.10 Mrs. Alsford of Flinders Close would like a seat at the junction of Kings Road and Dunston Road.

3.12 Date and venue of next meeting
Tuesday 29th November 2005 in the Village Hall at 7.15pm.

The meeting closed at 10.23pm



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