Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.15pm on Tuesday 26th October 2004

PRESENT: Councillors Dr M J Allen Chairman
    Mrs J Honisett Vice Chairman
    Mrs R Creasey  
    J L Duggins  
    P D Ford  
    R P Harrison  
    Mrs H H B Routledge  
    A M Waddington  
Mrs A. F. Webb
Clerk M Credland
    Mrs P Bradwell County Council
    G W Chambers District Council
  Police WPC Nixon  
1. APOLOGIES: Councillors Mrs R Parker  
    G V Westall  
    J C Rose District Council

Under Item 4 (1) it was accepted that Councillor Waddington had reported the demise of the Youth Club and under Item 4 (g) the matter was being dealt with by the Highways and Footpaths Sub-committee. With these amendments the Minutes of the last Meeting were signed by the Chairman as being a true record.

WPC Nixon had no matters to raise and will present a report at the next Meeting.
Councillors Mrs Routledge reported recent incidents of vandalism and rowdyism from youths in Drury Street. The Vice Chairman reported damage in the cemetery and the theft of the Village Caretaker's barrow, road sweeping brush and shovel. Similar incidents were also reported by other Members. WPC Nixon advised that all incidents should be reported to the Police who have powers to act.
On the question of the problems at the Shiregate Play Park WPC Nixon to discuss the matter with PC Parker for a report to be given at the next Meeting. ACTION: Police

a) Street Lighting:
No report presented. ACTION: ScSL
b) Floodlighting at the War Memorial:
No report presented. ACTION: ScWMOS
c) Spring
Councillor Mrs Routledge advised that the problems at the Spring had apparently been resolved.
d) Litter Bins:
Following previous discussions it was AGREED, subject to permission from the statutory authorities, to provide additional litter bins at Shiregate Play Park, Station Road bus stop and lower end of High Street and to provide a larger bin in the Children's Playground. The provision of a litter bin near the Methodist Chapel to be reviewed. ACTION: ScFP and Clerk
e) Railway Station car park:
Following a report of an accumulation of builders rubbish at the Railway Station and the general poor state of the car park it was AGREED to contact the Health and Safety Executive in an attempt to expedite improvements. ACTION: Clerk
f) Leylandii Trees in Park Crescent:
No report presented. ACTION; SeWMOS
g) Dog Fouling in Church Walk:
The Vice Chairman and Councillor Mrs Routledge had reported the problem to the Parish Dog Warden Services and were hopeful the situation will now improve.
h) Chance to Share land:
The Chairman was still looking into the question raised at the last Meeting concerning public access to the land recently fenced-off by the School. ACTION: Chairman
i) Skate Board Park:
It was AGREED for Councillor Harrison to discuss the possibility of siting a skate board park on the newly landscaped area of the Playing Fields with the youngsters concerned and that Councillors also look at this suggested location. ACTION: Councillor Harrison and All Members
j) Metheringham Fayre and Feast:
Although the weather had been atrocious for most of the day, with continuous downpours, the event had still attracted a respectable number of visitors to the village. After further discussion it was AGREED for the Parish Council to organise a similar event next year, the date being Saturday 22nd October. It was further AGREED for all Members to attend a debriefing meeting at the Star and Garter public house 7.00pm on Wednesday 3rd November 2004 and also to consider a suitable theme for 2005. ACTION: All Members
k) Station Road Hedge:
It was reported that the sides of the hedge had now been trimmed with further work to be carried out by North Kesteven District Council. It was AGREED to ask the District Council to repair a damaged section of Lincolnshire post and rail fence. ACTION: Clerk
1) New Seat in Lincoln Road:
It was AGREED for the Sub-committee to choose a suitable location for the proposed new seat and also look into a potentially dangerous steel spike adjacent to 44 Lincoln Road. ACTION: ScHF
m) Road kerbs at Drury Street/High Street junction:
Following her report at the last Meeting Councillor Mrs Routledge was advised that the road kerbs at this junction are actually dropped kerbs for prams/wheelchairs.
n) Fen Road railway bridge:
The Vice Chairman had contacted Network Rail in connection with the overgrown embankments.

No matters were raised for discussion.

a) Highways and Footpaths:
Following a survey by Councillor Waddington it was reported that parking was still a problem outside the school entrance. Whilst some drivers were utilising the car park others were creating problems by parking in Orchard Close. Matter to be discussed again under Correspondence.
b) Playing Fields:
From a request by Councillor Ford it was AGREED to purchase a quantity of sand for dispersing over an area of the Playing Fields damaged by the fairground at this year's Village Feast. ACTION: ScPF
c) Children's Playground:
Following a letter from Wicksteed Leisure Limited regarding the Disabled Discrimination Act it was AGREED for the Sub-committee to discuss the implications for the Prince's Street and Shiregate children's playgrounds. The Sub-committee to also arrange for any necessary repairs to be carried out. ACTION: ScCP

Letter from Lincolnshire County Council in connection with the proposed Metheringham Fen Access Road advising that because of engineering difficulties resulting in additional significant costs a decision has been taken to look again at alternatives including the original option to upgrade the existing bridge. Letter from Lincolnshire County Council enclosing a Temporary Road Closure Notice for Lincoln Road on Sunday 14th or Sunday 21st November 2004 for maintenance works.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing a revised street numbering schedule for Farriers Gate Development. It was AGREED to request that a more formal numbering system be adopted rather than using suffixes, such as 32a, 32b and 32c Townsend Way, particularly since this is a new estate development. ACTION: Clerk
Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing details on Registration of Interests for Freemasonry.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing a copy of their Draft Licensing Policy. Letter from Councillor Chambers thanking the Parish Council for the hospitality at this year's Fayre and Feast.
Letters from Mr Main, Orchard Close, and Douglas Hogg MP in connection with parking outside the school entrance and the introduction of a Community School Safety Zone. Whilst supporting the scheme in principal Mr Main expressed concerns over such a scheme in Prince's Street, particularly over its impact on surrounding properties including a veterinary practice, street lighting, enforcement and emergency services. After due discussion the Chairman to look into the matter further. ACTION: Chairman
Letter from St Wilfrid's Parochial Church Council seeking financial assistance from the Parish Council towards the cost of providing new fencing along the southern boundary of the cemetery. They have recently provided new fencing along the west and part south side of the cemetery. Councillor Mrs Honisett declared an interest and took no part in the discussion. After due consideration it was AGREED to donate 50% of the cost of the new fencing, but not exceeding £1000.00 and subject to details and design being presented. ACTION: Vice Chairman

This year's Service is to be held in St Wilfrid's church at 10.00am on Sunday 14th November and performed by Deacon Mary Neal because of the recent departure of Reverend David Payne from the village. The Service will be followed by the laying of wreaths at the War Memorial, commencing at 10.45am, the two minutes silence and Last Post at 11.00am and laying of wreaths at the two Great War soldiers graves in the cemetery. The Vice Chairman advised that no seats were to be reserved for the Parish Council in church this year, traditionally in the front two rows of pews. The Village Caretaker to arrange for floodlighting the War Memorial and displaying the Union flag. ACTION: Village Caretaker

Following previous discussions it was reported that a security firm were still being employed to patrol and lock/unlock the gate to the park and discussions underway with the District Council. After lengthy discussion it was AGREED for the Sub-committee to consider options for resiting the park for a report to be presented at the next Meeting. The Chairman to arrange for a section of damaged security fencing to be repaired. ACTION: ScCP Chairman

Plans had now been prepared in conjunction with Metheringham Football Club, Metheringham Swimming Pool Association and MACLA for the purposes of submitting a planning application for a new Sports Pavilion and Changing Rooms in the Playing Fields. The Chairman was currently in liaison with Lincolnshire County Council over the future of the Chance to Share Agreement and stressed that all interested parties should work together to achieve the much needed facilities which could be used by the whole village. After further discussion, where Councillor Waddington objected to the proposal, it was AGREED by majority vote (8 For 1 Against) to submit the scheme for planning permission. ACTION: Chairman and Clerk

Following previous discussions a copy of a draft document prepared by artsNK had been and circulated. After due discussion concern was expressed that the budget costings appeared to be anomalous and that parishioners would not be fully involved or consulted. Therefore, it was AGREED to contact artsNK on these concerns, discuss the project with other groups in the village and place an article in the next issue of the MACLA magazine. Matter to be discussed at the next Meeting. ACTION: All Members and Clerk

The Following applications were considered:
39/1293/04 Extensions to factory unit at Fen Road for Eros Laboratories Limited SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/1334/04 New conservatory at Lincoln Road for Mr B James SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/137704 Change of use from part commercial to residential at High Street for Mr Pembery SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/142104 Conversion of stores to 3 cottages at High Street for Messrs ASM and J D Flavell SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/1463/04 New chalet bungalow and garage at Alfred Avenue for Mr L Wilson SUPPORT APPLICATION

It was PROPOSED by Councillor Duggins
SECONDED by Councillor Harrison that the following accounts be passed and paid

Public Conveniences Caretaker's salary 170.50
Village Caretaker Salary 227.37
Clerk's salary and expenses 314.91
Inland Revenue Tax and Nl 192.76
Metheringham Village Hall Hire of Room 27.38
Metheringham Football Club Cleaning Pavilion 100.00
Bonnetts Maintenance Chemicals materials for Public Conveniences 55.65
Metheringham DIY Centre Grass Seed for Playing Fields 25.00
Royal British Legion Poopy Appeal Wreaths For Armistice 40.00
ARMs Personnel Patrolling Shiregate Play Park 720.00
Anglian Water Sewerage and water rates 122.46
Serviceteam Limited Playing Fields Maintenance 65.44
Mr C Ford Ex Gratia payment for work in Playing Field 100.00
Mr B FBlackband Ex Gratia payment for work in Playing Field 100.00
Mr T Stubbings Town Crier at Feast 25.00
Earth Bound Misfits Entertainers at Feast 200.00
Mr W Johnson Entertaine at Feast 100.00
Mr S Hunter Entertainment at Feast 150.00
Kesteven Morris Dancers at Feast 160.00
Arts, Sounds and Leisure Entertainment at Feast 400.00
Mr A Cole Entertainment at Feast 200.00
Mr K Parker Entertainment at Feast 150.00
Starlite Twirlers Entertainment at Feast 100.00
Mr D Robinson Street Organ at Feast 50.00
Mr A Williams Dutch Organ at Feast 50.00
Lincoln Hospital RadioPA system at FEast 120.00
Walcott Skip Hire 2 No refuse skips at Feast 130.00
Scarf & Goggles VIP reception at Feast 183.40
Parish Dog Warden Services 91.00


No matters were raised for discussion.

Councillor Ford suggested that the belisha beacons to the zebra crossing should be finished with illuminous paint. Lincolnshire County Council to be asked to look into the possibility. ACTION: Clerk
Councillor Waddington was advised that the District Council had already agreed to carry out surgical work to a tree in Princess Margaret Avenue
From a request by Councillor Ford itwas AGREED for the Village Hall Management Committee to look at the external lighting at the Village Hall. ACTION: VHMC

In the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 30th November 2004.

The Meeting closed at 10.20pm



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