Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 28th October 2003



Dr M J Allen


Mrs J Honisett

Vice Chairman

Mrs R Creasey
J L Duggins
P D Ford
R P Harrison
Mrs R Parker
Mrs H H B Routledge

A M Waddington

Mrs A. F. Webb

G V Westall


M Credland

Councillor G W Chambers District Council
1. APOLOGIES: Councillors J C Rose District Council
Police PC R Parker

It was noted that under Item 9 planning application 39/1003/03 should read Westfield Close and not West Close. With this amendment the Chairman signed the Minutes of the last Meeting as being a true record.

a) Children's Playground:
Councillor Duggins still looking into appointing a contractor to install the new swings. Councillor Duggins reported that replacement parts were required for the apparatus. Therefore, it was AGREED to await Wicksteed's annual report in the event of other parts being required. ACTION: ScCP
b) Station Road Bus Stop:
Following previous discussion the Sub-committee presented a report advocating that the bus stop should be relocated within the Station Yard. After due consideration it was AGREED to arrange a site meeting with all interested parties to put the suggestion forward. ACTION: Clerk
c) Playing Fields:
The Chairman reported that the Dog Warden was still awaiting confirmation from the District Council over whether the Playing Fields was covered by their Dog Fouling Bylaw. Matter to be pursued by Councillor Chambers. It was further AGREED to leave a decision regarding the provision of notices in the Playing Field until after such confirmation is received. ACTION: Councillor Chambers
A damaged dog waste bin in Caroline Road to be repaired or replaced. ACTION: Clerk
d) Village Hall and Car Park:
The Clerk confirmed that a grant application for surfacing the car park had been submitted. It was AGREED for the Clerk to liaise with the Contractor regarding the proposed levels of the car park in relation to the new disabled access to the Village Hall extension. ACTION: Clerk
e) Anglian Water:
Following previous discussions it was understood that Anglian Water have arranged a meeting in November 2003 to discuss foul water drainage problems in the village. Since it was felt that the Parish Council should be invited to the meeting Anglian Water to be questioned as to why they have not. ACTION: Clerk
f) Railway Station:
It was reported that the question of carrying out repairs to the Station car park was still being pursued.
g) Shiregate Play Park:
Following previous discussions over locking/unlocking the gates it was AGREED to consider the matter
in Committee.
h) Indemnification:
The Chairman still analysing the issues. ACTION: Chairman
i) Proposed Changing Rooms:
The Clerk confirmed that a planning application was being prepared for submission to the District Council. ACTION: Clerk
 j) 2003 Fayre and Feast:
It was reported that the event had been a tremendous success with many thousands of visitors attending. Letters of thanks had been received from guests and villagers, which were read out. Councillor Mrs Creasey expressed thanks to the Clerk for his efforts in organising the day. After due consideration it was RESOLVED to organise a similar event next year. ACTION: ScFF
k) Street Lighting:
Councillor Westall still pursuing the matter of trimming back the trees in Manor Road affecting a street light. ACTION: Councillor Westall
1) Public Conveniences:
It was reported that the ladies public conveniences had now been repaired and redecorated. Following a recent occurrence of a blocked drain and leaking pipe Councillor Westall questioned whether authorisation could be given to carrying out such repairs without referral to full Council. It was AGREED that the Chairman and/or Clerk could sanction such eventualities.
m) Any Other Business:
Councillor Ford reported that a JMC meeting had been held last week and several maintenance issues were to be discussed with the Chairman before taking further action. ACTION: JMC and Chairman
The Vice Chairman is liaising with the Dog Warden over the provision of additional dog waste bins.
ACTION: Vice Chairman
The Chairman reported that the Parish Paths Partnership scheme was being pursued. ACTION: Chairman
The Clerk reported that a request to paint kerb stones white at the Lincoln Road/Sleaford Road junction had been forwarded to Lincolnshire County Council.
It was reported that the overgrown trees in Princess Margaret Avenue were the responsibility of the County Council, who had now agreed to attend to. The question of dog fouling odours in Church Walk had now been resolved.
Councillor Mrs Routledge reported that the suggestion for a Farmers Market in Metheringham was being advertised in the next issue of the MACLA magazine.
It was confirmed that the seat donated by Councillor Westall can be placed adjacent to the lagoon on Shiregate. ACTION: Councillor Westall
It was confirmed that the Lincolnshire County Council have been asked to carry out road repairs in the Fen.
o) Accounts and Related Issues:
It was reported that a revised system for paying accounts was being looked into.ACTION: Chairman. Vice Chairman and Clerk
p) Parish Council Assets:
It was reported that the Parish Council assets was being looked into. ACTION: Chairman and Clerk
q) Metheringham Delph:
The Chairman reported that he had contacted all interested parties stating that the Parish Council wished to be involved in any further discussions concerning the future of Metheringham Delph.
r) From a reported by Councillor Mrs Routledge it was AGREED to omit personal names from the list of accounts in the Minutes. ACTION: Clerk

From his complaint Mr W Glossop, Prince's Street, was advised that the Dog Warden had been instructed to carry out frequent patrols in Ashdale Close to deter dog fouling. It was acknowledged that generally an improvement could be seen throughout the village with regard to dog fouling following the appointment of the Dog Warden.
Mrs Munday, Village Hall Secretary, expressed thanks to the Parish Council for giving the Village Hall Management Committee opportunity to raise funds at this year's Fayre and Feast.

There were no outstanding reports.

a) Letter from the Lincolnshire Playing Fields Association advising that their Annual General Meeting is
to be held at North Kesteven District Council offices at 7.30pm on Thursday 27th November 2003.
b) Letter from Lincolnshire County Council giving information on their proposed Fire and Rescue
Integrated Risk Management Plan to be published in November 2003.
c) Letter from North Kesteven Community Safety Partnership enclosing their draft Domestic Violence
Policy which is to be formally adopted on 14th November 2003.
d) Letter from Lincolnshire Police Authority in connection with their community initiative grant scheme.
It was AGREED to apply for funding towards a skate board park and youth shelter. ACTION: Councillor Harrison
e) Letter from Lincolnshire Community Council enclosing the results of this year's Best Kept Village and
Small Town Competition. Although Metheringham reached the second round they were not amongst the

The following applications were considered;
39/1167/03 Extension to form living accommodation at The Grange for Mr and Mrs G Hewitt SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/1394/03 Erection of single storey dwelling atLincoln Road for Mr M T Genever SUPPORT APPLICATION

It was PROPOSED by Councillor Westall SECONDED by Councillor Mrs Creasey that the following accounts be passed and paid


Parish Dog Warden Salary   105.00
Public Conveniences Caretaker's salary 150.00
Village Caretaker Salary 156.00
Clerk's salary, 75% telephone a/c and expenses 459.76
Inland Revenue Tax and Nl 176.63
Lincolnshire County Council Contribution for zebra crossing and signs 8100.00
Greenvale Tree Services Work at War Memorial 175.00
Serviceteam Ltd Playing Fields maintenance 32.04
Grayfox Swimming Pools Ltd Chemicals for pool 174.16
ABB Limited Street light repairs 24.43
Powergen Public Conveniences 291.95
North Kesteven District Council Parish Council Elections 52.17


Arts, Sounds and Leisure Ltd Group at Feast 300.00
Beeston and District Pipe Band at Feast 500.00
W Johnson Entertainer at Feast 100.00
Syncopated Sound Co Ltd Electrical cables for Feast 43.96
Lincoln Hospital Radio PA System at Feast 100.00
Public Conveniences Caretaker's salary  155.00
Public Conveniences Caretaker's salary and decorating 222.97
Parish Dog Warden's salary 115.00
Village Caretaker's salary 288.66
Clerk's salary and expenses 351.19
Inland Revenue Tax and NI 210.03
Powergen Energy plc Public street lighting 826.27
Selmec New electrical equipment at War Memorial 504.08
Serviceteam Ltd Playing Field maintenance 113.82
Metheringham Village Hall Hire of room 25.12
ABB Limited Street light repairs 56.98
Anglian Water Public Conveniences 104.37
Powergen War Memorial light 14.86
Dee Wray Entertainer at Feast 100.00
Mr R Harness Steam organ at Feast 50.00
Mr D Robinson Steam organ at Feast 60.00
Mr T Stubbings Town Crier at Feast 25.00
Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal Wreaths for Armistice 40.00
Walcott Skip Hire 2 No. skips for Feast 100.00
J A Andrew and Sons VIP reception at Feast 80.00
Councillor Mrs Honisett Drinks and food for Feast 33.00
Councillor Mrs Webb Flowers and cake for Feast 14.00
Metheringham Football Club Cleaning Pavilion 60.00


Arrangements had now been finalised for this year's Armistice Service, to be held in the Chapel at 10.00am on Sunday 9th November followed by the laying of wreaths at the War Memorial at 11.00am.

From a report by the Dog Warden it was AGREED to provide additional dog waste bins adjacent to the Cemetery, Methodist Chapel and Green Lane at end of Newton Close. Existing bin near Sergeant Close to be repositioned at top of Green Lane. Following further discussion it was AGREED to order 5 new dog waste bins for placing in locations to be decided. ACTION: Vice Chairman and Clerk

Following difficulties in supplying a new Notice Board and Seats it was AGREED for the Sub-committee to reconsider the matter and look at an alternative supplier. ACTION: ScWM&OS

a) Councillor Waddington expressed his congratulations to Metheringham Starlite Twirlers on their
recent success in the National Championships, which was endorsed.
b) At the suggestion of the Vice Chairman it was AGREED to include an item in the Spring issue of the
MACLA magazine concerning the 2004 Best Kept Village Competition to encourage more support.
d) The Vice Chairman and Councillor Waddington reported on a recent Police Forum where matters
including speeding vehicles and parking outside the school entrance were discussed. The next Police
Forum is to be held at Ruskington in January 2004.
e) Councillor Duggins reported that the Lincolnshire Safety Partnership are looking into the problems of
vehicles parking outside the school entrance gates.

To be held in the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 25th November 2003.

The Meeting closed at 9.40pm