Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.15pm on Tuesday 29th October 2002



B E Creasey


Mrs R Creasey

Vice Chairman

Dr M J Allen
J L Duggins

P D Ford

Mrs J Honisett

Mrs H H B Routledge

Mrs A Webb


M Credland


J C Rose

District Council



R P Harrison

Mrs R Parker

G V Westall District Council
Mrs P Bradwell County Council
G W Chambers

The Minutes of the last Meeting were signed by the Chairman as being a true record.

Mrs Ison, Field Farm Lane, questioned the reason why the Parish Council are to be given 20,000.00 by Chanceoption Homes and whether a location had been found for a skate board park. She was informed that the money from Chanceoption Homes was under a Section 106 Agreement with North Kesteven District Council as part of the planning approval for developing Townsend's Yard and that it could be spent by the Parish Council for recreational purposes. To date no decisions had been made. On the matter of the skate board Park Mrs Ison was advised that the Sub-committee were still looking into finding a suitable site.
Anglian Water:

It was confirmed that a site meeting had been arranged with Anglian Water in Barff Road Potterhanworth at 2.00pm on Friday 15th November 2002 to view a Combined Sewer Overflow similar to the one proposed at Metheringham. Opportunity will also be given to looking at another scheme at Waddington.
Children's Playground:
Councillor Duggins is still pursuing the question of installing the new swings in the Playground together with safety matting.
Playing Fields:
Councillor Ford reported that minimal damage had been caused by the travelling showmen in the Star and Garter Paddock during this year's Village Feast. Following discussion over a low area of ground adjacent to the gateway it was AGREED for Councillor Ford to arrange for 10 tonnes of 20mm down aggregate to be spread and levelled. Councillor Ford also reported that the boundary hedges will be trimmed back next August and that although the post had been well advertised a new Pavilion caretaker was still required.
Village Hall and Car Park:
Although the contractor was carrying out the works to the boundary wall and new fencing it was considered progress was slow. Therefore, it was AGREED to ask the contractor to expedite the work.
Freedom of Information Act 2000:
Councillor Dr Allen, having looked into the documentation received from the Information Commissioner, reported that the Parish Council have a commitment to prepare a scheme by December 2002 for implementation in February 2003 in connection with the Freedom of Information Act. Therefore, it was AGREED for Councillor Dr Allen and the Clerk to prepare a report for the next Meeting.
Racial Equality:
Councillor Dr Allen, having looked into the documentation received from the Commission for Racial Equality, reported that the Parish Council may have to adopt a policy in the future, although it would appear no time scale has been set. Following discussion Councillor Rose to seek further information from North Kesteven District Council and Councillor Duggins to let Councillor Dr Allen have a copy of the LCC's format used by the school. Councillor Dr Allen and Clerk to present a report at the next Meeting.
Notice Board and Seats:
It was AGREED to place an order for a new Notice Board, which is to be openable from the back and sited at the north-west corner of the War Memorial garden and the hedge to be cut back at the corner.
The Sub-committee to select a new seat for Lincoln Road and present a report at the next Meeting.
Letter and invitation from North Kesteven District Council to attend the next Area Advisory Forum in Sleaford at 7.30pm on Monday 10th March 2003 and submit relevant questions for the agenda. It was AGREED for Councillor Duggins to attend and that consideration be given to a question(s) before 1st February 2003.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing a copy of their Community Strategy consultation draft, which Councillor Mrs Honisett AGREED to look at for comment by mid December 2002.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing a copy of an application to fell a willow tree at The Manor, which is subject to a Tree Preservation Order.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council advising that the first deposit draft of the new North Kesteven Local Plan will sent out for consultation in early November 2002, after which a six weeks consultation period will be allowed.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council in connection with a Government proposal to introduce a range of pilot exercises for voting at elections, such as total postal voting, electronic voting, text messaging and telephone. Councillor Rose advised that the District Council are to consider the matter at full Council on Thursday 31 st October 2002, where he will be in attendance.
Letter from Sleaford and District Citizens Advice Bureau advising that funding from the Nationwide Trust had now concluded and they were seeking alternative financial support. It was AGREED to give the Bureau the Parish Council's moral support.
Invitation from Lafford High School Billinghay to attend their prize giving ceremony in November 2002. Councillors Mrs Creasey and Duggins AGREED to attend.
Letter from Council for the Protection of Rural England enclosing the judges comments on this year's Best Kept Village Competition. Although not amongst the winners Metheringham accrued 144 points out of a maximum 150 and received encouraging comments from the adjudicators.
Quotation from ABB Limited for replacing a broken street light adjacent to 4 Kings Road for the total sum of 415.00 plus VAT, which was accepted.
Letter from Lincolnshire Police Authority enclosing details on possible changes to the Police Funding Formula for 2003/2004.
Councillor Rose reported that the District Council had carried out a survey on Shiregate in connection with the Children's Play Park, which had been experiencing vandalism problems since the equipment was installed Of 160 households surveyed, 105 responses had been received of which 57 were in favour of the equipment being removed and 48 in favour of its retention. The District Council are to consider the matter at their meeting on Thursday 26th November 2002, where a report and recommendation for removing the equipment will be presented. Councillor Rose sought the Parish Council's views on the
matter. After due discussion a majority of Members were in favour of retaining the equipment, particularly since the Play Park had been installed under a Section 106 Agreement with the developer, and that other methods of protecting the equipment could be introduced, such as fencing and lighting. North Kesteven District Council to be informed accordingly.
Councillor Rose also advised that the new doctor's surgery in the clinic now had 300 patients and that residents from Scopwick and Blankney would be accepted. The surgery had potential to take a maximum of 1800 patients.
Councillor Rose confirmed that new vehicle hardstandings will be constructed adjacent to the Council houses at Sots Hole this financial year and that he would try and establish when work will start on site.
The Chairman expressed thanks to the Sub-committee for organising this year's event, which had been extremely successful. Following further discussion it was AGREED to organise a similar event next year, which is to be held in the village on Saturday 18th October, and that the theme should commemorate the 60th anniversary of the opening of RAF Metheringham during the Second World War. It was AGREED for the Fayre and Feast Sub-committee to meet in the near future.
Arrangements had now been completed for this year's Armistice Service, which is to be held in St Wilfrid's church at 10.00am on Sunday 10th November. Members to meet in the Church Hall at 9.45pm.
After due discussion it was AGREED for the Chairman to approach the Environment Agency with a view to providing a Guest Speaker to the next Annual Parish Meeting, to be held in April 2003, to discuss the River Witham Flood Plain.

The following applications were considered:

39/26/1125/02 Display of advertisement boards (re-submission) at Fourwinds, Nocton Heath Garage for Mr and Mrs Mather SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/1059/02 Erection of conservatory at Ashdale Close for Mr A Everard SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/1148/02 Change of use of industrial units to include storage and distribution at 23/24 The Moorlands Trading Estate for Lincdales SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/1058/02 Erection of dwelling at Field House for Mrs E Clee APPLICATION QUERIED
  The Parish Council consider the proposal is contrary to the Local Plan insofar that it is tandem development, the site is of insufficient size to accommodate a dwelling, would create unacceptable levels of noise and disturbance to adjacent properties and overlooking problems.

It was PROPOSED by Councillor Duggins SECONDED by Councillor Mrs Honisett that the accounts be passed and paid. CARRIED

Councillor Ford reported that the Youth Club were still awaiting security checks on youth leaders to enable them to open.
Councillor Ford expressed concern that urgent repairs had not yet been carried out to the level crossing in Moor Lane. The Vice Chairman advised that the work was programmed to be carried within the next six months.
Councillor Ford requested that the Forward Planning Sub-committee attend the next MACLA meeting in the Star and Garter public house at 7.00pm on Wednesday 6th November 2002, which was AGREED.
Councillor Dr Allen expressed concern over the poor state of the grass verge adjacent to the Council houses at Sots Hole and felt the proposed hardstandings would not resolve the problem. It was AGREED to review the situation after the hardstandings had been constructed and possibly arrange a site meeting with Lincolnshire County Council.
Councillor Mrs Honisett reported that the stone wall adjacent to the Library needed urgent repairs. It was AGREED to contact the relevant authorities again over the matter.
From a report by Councillor Mrs Honisett it was AGREED for the Vice Chairman to pursue the question of a faulty street light in Church Walk.
From a report by Councillor Mrs Honisett, and a letter from the Village Hall Management Committee, over the siting of a refuse bin for the Village Caretaker it was AGREED for Councillor Duggins to contact the Star and Garter public house with a view to placing the bin on their property.
Councillor Mrs Routledge expressed concern over the amount of dog fouling around the church and church field. She was advised that North Kesteven District Council will prosecute the dog owners responsible but they would require witness statements and possibly photographs.
From a report by Councillor Rose it was AGREED to request the Lincolnshire County Council to installed highlighted speed limits signs leading into the village along the B1189.
From a report by Councillor Mrs Webb it was AGREED to ask Anglian Water to replace a meter box cover adjacent to 8 and 10 Caroline Road.
Councillor Mrs Webb reported that the hedge along Station Road was overgrown and required trimming back. The Vice Chairman AGREED to report the matter to Lincolnshire County Council.
The Vice Chairman expressed thanks for the help given by the Village Caretaker at this year's Fayre and Feast.
The Vice Chairman reported that the hedge over Fen Lane railway bridge had now been cut back.
The Meeting closed at 9.50pm