Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 25th November 2003



Dr M J Allen


Mrs J Honisett

Vice Chairman

Mrs R Creasey
J L Duggins
P D Ford
R P Harrison

A M Waddington

Mrs A. F. Webb

G V Westall


M Credland

Councillor J C Rose District Council
Police PC R Parker
1. APOLOGIES: Councillors Mrs R Parker
Mrs H H B Routledge
Mrs P Bradwell County Council
G W Chambers District Council

PC R Parker gave a summary of crimes reported in the village over the last three months saying that of the 38 cases reported 23 had now been detected and investigations were being carried out on the remainder. From his question Councillor Duggins was advised by PC Parker that householders should question and insist on identification from all callers, particularly public undertakers and/or officials.
Under Item 3 In Committee it was accepted that Councillor Duggins had agreed pursue the question of locking the gates to the Play Park on Shiregate with the offer to do so from a local resident. With this amendment the Chairman signed the Minutes of the last Meeting as being a true record.

a) Children's Playground:
Councillor Duggins still pursuing the question of appointing a qualified contractor to install the new swings. Councillor Rose AGREED to seek the advice of the District Council. ACTION: Councillors Duggins and Rose
b) Station Road Bus Stop:
Following previous discussions it was reported that the Lincolnshire County Council and service bus operatives would be unlikely to support the Parish Council's suggested scheme for resiling the bus stop within the Station Yard along with a new entrance/exit for buses principally because of safety factors. However, it may be possible to move the bus stop sign further west from its present location at cost to the Parish Council, estimated at 500.00, together with perhaps a raised ramp. Following further discussion it was AGREED that the Parish Council pursue the possibility. ACTION: Clerk
c) Playing Fields:
A report had been received from Councillor Chambers confirming that the Playing Fields are covered by a Dog Fouling Bylaw. The Clerk advised that the Dog Warden had been informed accordingly and that a 50.00 penalty ticket had already been issued to an offender.
d) Village Hall and Car Park:
It was reported that the Village Hall extension was proceeding on programme.
e) Anglian Water:
Councillor Mrs Webb reported that her husband had attended a recent meeting with Anglian Water, with only four in attendance. No decisions had been reached concerning the apparent foul water drainage problems in the village. The Parish Council wished to be invited to all future meetings concerning this matter and Anglian Water to be informed accordingly. ACTION: Clerk
f) Railway Station:
Concern was expressed over the continued deterioration of the car park at the Railway Station. It was therefore AGREED to write to Central Trains again on the matter. ACTION: Clerk
g) Indemnification:
The Chairman still looking into the matter. ACTION: Chairman
h) Proposed Changing Rooms:
A planning application had now be submitted.
i) 2004 Fayre and Feast:
The Sub-committee to consider the matter in the New Year. ACTION: ScFF
j) Street Lighting:
Councillor Westall to update the village street lighting plan and look into the question of a faulty light in Manor Road and the possibility of providing an additional light in Pullman Close. ACTION: Councillor Westall.  Councillor Rose advised that the Lincolnshire County Council would be able to identify ownership of the village street lights by telephoning 01522 553163, which was duly noted.
k) Any Other Business:
The Vice Chairman reported that the Lincolnshire County Council were apparently rationalising the Public Footpath network in the parish. Following previous discussion Councillor Westall to order the seat he is providing on Shiregate in the near future. ACTION: Councillor Westall
1) Accounts and Related Issues:
Matter was being pursued. ACTION Chairman, Vice Chairman and Clerk
m) Parish Council Assets:
Matter was being pursued. ACTION: Chairman and Clerk
n) Correspondence:
Councillor Harrison reported that the grant application for a skate board park was being finalised for submission. ACTION: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Councillor Harrison and Clerk
o). Dog Warden:
The Clerk reported that 5 new and 1 replacement dog waste bins had been ordered.
p) Notice Board and Seats:
The Sub-committee presented a reported and recommendations for providing a new Notice Board and Seats. After due consideration it was AGREED to order the Notice Board from Messrs Allen Signs Ltd for the sum of 1,342.24 plus VAT. Councillor Mrs Parker to confirm with the Clerk the supplier of the new seats. ACTION: ScWM&OS and Clerk

At the request of the Village Caretaker it was AGREED to purchase a new litter picker. ACTION: Clerk
The Vice Chairman confirmed that the hedges along Station Road are to be cut back.

There were no outstanding reports.

a) Letter from North Kesteven District Council advising that a Disabled Toilet facility would have to be provided in the Public Conveniences in compliance with the Disabled Discrimination Act and enclosing two possible schemes, A and B. The Clerk had also prepared a scheme, plan C, which was more workable and possibly less expensive. After due consideration it was AGREED to pursue plan C with a view to inviting quotations as soon as possible. The Clerk advised that Planning Permission and Building Regulation approval would be required. ACTION: Clerk
b) Letter from Lincolnshire County Council advising that they are to carry out safety measures at the
Lincoln Road/Sleaford Road junction in accordance with a request by a parishioner.
c) Letter from Lincolnshire County Council acknowledging the Parish Council's grant application for the
Village Hall car park.
d) Letter from Lincolnshire County Council with a proposal to fill and level an open dike in Prince's
Street, which was accepted.
e) Letter from Lincolnshire County Council advising that their Draft Race Equality Scheme is now
available for inspection.
f) Letter from Lincolnshire County Council enclosing a copy of their Preliminary Consultation Draft
Lincolnshire Waste Local Plan.
g) Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing a copy of their Housing Strategy Review.
h) Letters of thanks and congratulations from Councillor J Rose and the Ukraine Relief Aid in connection with this year's Fayre and Feast.
i) Letter from British Telecommunications pic outlining a review they are carrying out on public payphones with a possibility of removing the existing kiosk in Fen Road. After due consideration it was AGREED to object to the proposal. ACTION: Clerk

The following applications were considered;
39/1403/03 Erection of conservatory at Shiregate for Mr and Mrs P Reynolds SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/1413/03 Erection of dwelling at Owl's Nest Tanvats for Mr J Groom SUPPORT APPLICATION

It was PROPOSED by Councillor Mrs Creasey SECONDED by Councillor Duggins that the following accounts be passed and paid:

Parish Dog Warden Salary   120.00
Public Conveniences Caretaker's salary 150.00
Village Caretaker Salary 167.70
Clerk's salary, 75% telephone a/c and expenses 450.81
Inland Revenue Tax and Nl 175.93
Metheringham Village Hall Hire of room 25.12
Zurich Municipal Insurance for Feast 105.00
Serviceteam Limited Playing Fields maintenance 96.12
Mr R Renfrew Purchase of land for Playing Fields 16600.00
Bridge McFarland Vendors Solicitors fees 948.00
FPD Savills Vendors Land Agent fees 1631.02
Metheringham Football Club Cleaning Pavilion 70.00
Darwood Builders Repairs to Public Conveniences 42.30


Councillor Rose had no matters to raise for discussion.

Following discussion it was AGREED to invite Mr G Burgess, Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, and Mr Alan Thomas, Finance Officer North Kesteven District Council, as Guest Speakers at the next Annual Parish Meeting to be held in April 2004. The Chairman to suggest a suitable date. ACTION: Chairman and Clerk

It was confirmed that Metheringham Detachment Army Cadets were again willing to provide a Snow Clearing Corps in the event of heavy snowfalls this winter, which are to be brought in operation through the Chairman and Clerk.

a) Councillor Mrs Webb was informed that the question of providing white lines at the Co-op entrance was being looked into. ACTION: Councillor Mrs Bradwell
b) It was reported that the Armistice Sunday Service had been well attended by dignitaries, uniformed organisations and parishioners. The bugler had been thanked and donated the sum of 20.00 for his services, which was endorsed.
c) From a report by Councillor Duggins the Lincolnshire County Council to be asked to request the owner of a property adjacent to the Lincoln Road/Sleaford Road junction to trim back an overgrown hedge to the footway.
d) From a report by the Vice Chairman it was AGREED that the Lincolnshire County Council be asked again to carry out improvements to the footpath along Dunston Road, which was subject to flooding. ACTION: Clerk

To be held in the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 6th January 2004.

The Meeting closed at 10.05pm