Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 6th January 2004



Dr M J Allen


Mrs J Honisett

Vice Chairman

Mrs R Creasey
J L Duggins
P D Ford
Mrs H H B Routledge

A M Waddington

A. F. Webb


M Credland

Councillor G W Chambers District Council
Police PC R Parker
1. APOLOGIES: Councillors Mrs R Creasey
    R P Harrison  
    Mrs R Parker  
G V Westall
Mrs P Bradwell County Council
J C Rose District Council

PC Parker reported that 28 crimes had been recorded in the village during October, November and December 2003, including 12 thefts from motor vehicles (3 detected), 6 cases of criminal damage, 3 burglaries and 5 assaults. Councillor Ford suggested that a police report should be included in the MACLA magazine, which PC Parker AGREED to arrange. ACTION: PC Parker
The Vice Chairman was advised that all incidents of vandalism, similar to recent occurrences in the churchyard, should be reported to the Lincolnshire Police on telephone number 01522 888822.

At the request of Councillor Mrs Webb it was AGREED to add a note under Item 8 stating that employees wages would be paid by the last Tuesday in December 2003. From Councillor Waddington it was AGREED to change the wording 'disabled ramp' to 'raised ramp'. With these amendments the Chairman signed the Minutes of the last Meeting as being a true record.

a) Children's Playground:
Councillor Duggins reported that from advice taken by Councillor Rose he had contacted 3 contractors in connection with installing the new swings and was now awaiting costings. ACTION: Councillor Duggins
b) Station Road Bus Stop:
Lincolnshire County Council had been asked to resite the bus stop as previously suggested. ACTION: Clerk
c) Village Hall and Car Park:
Councillor Duggins reported that the new extension had now been completed except for the signage. It was AGREED to proceed with the resurfacing of the car park whether or not the grant application was successful. Therefore, quotations to be invited for the work to be carried out. ACTION: Clerk
d) Anglian Water:
From a report by Councillor Mrs Webb it would appear that Anglian Water had not received a letter sent by the Parish Council in December 2003. The Clerk to look into the question. ACTION: Clerk
e) Railway Station:
Since no further response had been received over the poor state of the car park it was AGREED to pursue the matter. ACTION: Clerk
f) Indemnification:
The Chairman reported that no further action was required on the matter.
g) 2004 Fayre and Feast:
The Sub-committee to arrange a meeting in the near future to consider this year's event, including a suitable theme. ACTION: ScFF
h) Street Lighting:
Following discussion it was AGREED for the Street Lighting Sub-committee to look at the street lighting levels in Pullman Close and present a report and recommendations. ACTION: ScSL
i) Skate Board Park:
It was reported that a grant application has been submitted.
j) Notice Board and Seats:
Clerk to obtain delivery date for notice board. Awaiting catalogue from Cllr Mrs Parker regarding seats prior to ordering
k) Litter Picker:
A new litter picker had been purchased for the Village Caretaker.
l) Correspondence:
Plans were now being prepared by the Clerk for providing a disabled toilet facility in the public conveniences. A problem with blocked drains was being investigated. ACTION: Clerk
m) 2004 Annual Parish Meeting:
The Chairman is making arrangements for representatives of North Kesteven District Council, Lincolnshire County Council and Lincolnshire Police to attend the Meeting to discuss Community Charges and how they are expended. ACTION: Chairman
n) Any Other Business:
It was reported that the County Council have been asked to look into the poor condition of the footway along Dunston Road.
o) Dog Warden:
Following previous discussions the Chairman and Vice Chairman were still pursuing the matter. ACTION: Chairman and Vice Chairman
p) Children's Playground (Security):
Councillor Duggins reported that no further action was required on the matter.
q) Joint Management Committee:
The question of providing a ramp was being pursued. ACTION: ScJMC

No questions were raised for discussion.

There were no outstanding reports.

a) Letter from Lincolnshire County Council enclosing a copy of the School Organisation Plan for 2003-
b) Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing details of the Pre Inquiry Changes to the Draft Deposit of their emerging Local Plan.
c) Letter from North Kesteven District Council advising that dog waste bin emptying charges are likely to be increased from 50.00 to 80.00 per bin and inviting comment. After due consideration it was felt the increase should be in line with inflation and where parishes have more than one bin then a reducing scale of charges should be introduced. The District Council to be informed accordingly. ACTION: Clerk
d) Letter from Sleaford and District Citizens Advice Bureau advising that the outreach facilities may be forced to close unless alternative funding can be found to replace the current sponsors, who are to withdraw, and seeking assistance from the Parish Council. Further information to be requested from CAB and District Council for further discussion. ACTION: Clerk
e) Letter from Metheringham Primary School requesting permission to erect a new security fence adjacent to the Playing Fields and including a section of land under Parish Council ownership. It was AGREED in principal to the request provided that the existing accesses to the Pavilion and Swimming Pool are maintained. The Chairman to discuss the matter at the next JMC meeting. ACTION: Chairman and ScJMC
d) Letter from Lincolnshire Police acknowledging receipt of the grant application for the skate board park.
e) Letter from Lincolnshire Police advising that the next Local Police and Community Forum for North Kesteven was to be held in Ruskington Village Hall at 7.30pm on Wednesday 21st January 2004.

The following applications were considered;
39/1005/03 Extension to dwelling Walnut Cottage, High Street for Mr T J Rhodes SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/1577/03 Erection of Changing Rooms (Outline) Prince's Street for Parish Council
Councillor Waddington had written to the District Council on his own behalf with an objection to the location of the proposal, which he considered conflicted with the Swimming Association's future plans. Matter to be discussed in Committee. SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/1578/03 Erection of garage at Prince's Street for Mr J Taylor SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/1582/03 Erection of dwelling to rear of Lincoln Road for Mr P Harrison OBJECTION TO APPLICATION It is considered the application is tandem development.

Following a telephone call from the school over the dirty condition the Pavilion had been left in recently following a football match the Chairman had agreed to pay the school caretaker 25.00 for cleaning out which, after discussion, was endorsed. It was further AGREED that the JMC Sub-committee look into the question of cleaning the Pavilion. ACTION: ScJMC
It was PROPOSED by Councillor Duggins, SECONDED by Councillor Ford that the following accounts be passed and paid

Parish Dog Warden Salary   161.00
Public Conveniences Caretaker's salary 155.00
Village Caretaker Salary & expenses 229.65
Clerk's salary and expenses 332.14
Inland Revenue Tax and Nl 176.48
Metheringham Village Hall Hire of room 25.12
Mrs Y Taylor Cleaning Pavilion 25.00
Bennetts Chemicals Materials for public conveniences 117.21
Leech's Dairy Farm Ltd Cutting Playing Fields hedges 173.90
Wybone Limited New dog waste bins 560.02
ABB Limited Street lighting 721.38
Powergen Energy Street lighting 826.27


Councillor Chambers advised that the District Council were still holding 19,932.00 in connection with the Section 106 Agreement for the Chanceoption Homes Ltd development in Townsend's Yard to be used for sporting facilities. It was AGREED to consider the matter once the additional playing fields had been purchased.

A letter had been received from Wilkin Chapman Epton Blades confirming that the additional playing field land had now been purchased from Mr Renfrew of Ivy House, Metheringham. As part of the sale conditions it was AGREED to erect a 2m high galvanised steel palisade fence along the eastern boundary of the Parish Council's land abutting Ivy House. ACTION: Clerk
It was AGREED for Councillor Ford to arrange for the removal of the mature cypressus leylandii trees from the site. ACTION: Councillor Ford
It was further AGREED for the Playing Fields Sub-committee to formulate future plans for the additional land. ACTION: ScPF

a) From a report by Councillor Ford it was AGREED to look into responsibility for repairing a damaged bench in Hall Yard. ACTION: Clerk
b) From a report by Councillor Duggins it was AGREED to write to Lincolnshire County Council regarding the dumping of rubbish at the former quarry on Sleaford Road and the creation of a layby.

To be held in the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 27th January 2004.

The Meeting closed at 10.05pm