Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes 01/2006 of Metheringham Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 2nd May 2006 at 7.15pm in the Village Hall


Councillors DrM J Allen Chairman
Mrs J Honisett Vice Chairman
Mrs R Creasey
K C Finter
P D Ford
Mrs H Morrison
Mrs R Parker
Mrs A F Webb
J C Rose District Council
Clerk Ms S N Wetherall

1. The Chairman welcomed everyone. Copies of the agenda were available for members of the public.


2.1 Police report

Police Constable Tony Pond has now returned to work on a part time basis and is based in the office; this is after a period of absence due to illness. There were 12 crimes reported in April all undetected, namely 8 damage, 3 theft and 1 deception crime.

2.2 Public Forum

2.2.1 There were no questions or statements from the public.

2.3 Reports from representatives on outside bodies

2.3.1 Nothing to report from The County Councillor.

2.3.2 The District Councillor reported that houses owned by the Council on Princess Margaret Avenue, are to be externally clad to improve insulation, and new front doors are to be installed on other properties in the village.

2.3.3 To receive reports from other outside bodies – Nothing to report.


3.1 Apologies for absence

Councillor A Waddington
Councillor G V Westall
Councillor G W Chambers
Councillor Mrs P Bradwell

3.2 To receive declarations of interest

Cllr Mrs Honisett and Cllr Mrs Morrison for item 3.6.3.

3.3 Minutes of the meeting held on 28 th March 2006 – Cllr Finter proposed and Cllr Mrs Honisett seconded the signing of the minutes.

3.4 Clerks Report - Cllr Finter reported at a previous meeting a fence had been moved on a property on Shiregate, NKDC have now requested that the owners move the fence back to its original position.

Parish Council Vacancy for a Councillor to be Co-opted, posters have been displayed in the village for 2 weeks and there are 3 people interested in the position, Mrs Sylvia Edwards, Mrs Shirley Peek and Mr Kevin Parkinson. This is to be resolved at the next meeting.

3.5 Matters Outstanding

3.5.1 White Lining in Village Car Park – This has now been arranged for Saturday 27 th May the Clerk is to arrange for posters to be displayed stating the Car Park will be closed from Friday night 26 th May until Monday morning 29 th May. ACTION: Clerk

3.5.2 Parish Dog Warden Services – A meeting is to be arranged with Cllr Mrs Honisett, the Clerk, the Chairman and the dog warden for the annual review. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Honisett

3.5.3 Grit Bins – Ongoing. ACTION: Clerk

3.5.4 Skateboard Park – Mobile Unit - The dates for the mobile equipment are now confirmed as 26 th and 27 th July, 30 th and 31 st August in the Star & Garter car park. The equipment can be used for skateboards, roller blades and BMX bikes. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Morrison

3.5.5 Fayre & Feast – The next meeting of the working group is to be held on Tuesday May 16th at 6.30pm. It is believed the stalls from NKDC will be available for the Fayre & Feast. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Parker/Working Group

3.5.6 Fen Lane/Tanvats – A meeting is to be arranged with Alan Brown, Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) Highways. It was stated by Cllr Ford that Brian Creasey is prepared to give an area of land for a turning circle. Cllr Mrs Bradwell is to be kept informed. ACTION: Chairman

3.5.7 Chance to Share and related issues – The Chairman is trying to resolve the problems associated with the Chance to Share scheme. ACTION: Chairman

3.5.8 Village Hall management issues – A meeting took place on 10 th April, a revised budget was received, the PC have agreed to pay the insurance and consideration would be given to paying for essential repairs. There is still a shortfall of £1000. The AGM is on 23 rd May 2006. There are problems with the roof, this needs to be repaired Cllr Ford is to find out when the roof was done, as it may be still be under guarantee. There are also broken lights which need to be repaired. Cllr Rose stated the treasurer from the Village Hall Management Committee should report back to the PC. ACTION: Chairman

3.5.9 Village play parks - Councillor Finter has received a 2 nd quote. EKM have a product that sprays onto the graffiti and removes it this is £4.00 + VAT per tin. It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Morrison and seconded by Cllr Mrs Honisett with all in favour that 4 tins of spray be purchased. It is still to be agreed whether to remove the fence at the Shiregate Play Park, however if this is done it was still felt a small perimeter fence would need to be erected. ACTION: Cllr Finter/ Working Group

3.5.10 New pavilion and changing rooms – A letter has been received from HBS acknowledging previous correspondence from the Chairman. Metheringham Swimming Pool Association (MSPA) are still considering the project. The next MACLA meeting is to be held on 17 th May 2006. MACLA are to write to MSPA regarding the revised drawings. ACTION: Chairman

3.5.11 Public Conveniences – Three quotes have been received for the decoration of the toilets. Johnson’s are to do the work this was proposed by Cllr Mrs Creasy and seconded by Cllr Mrs Honisett with all in favour. It was agreed to get the toilets decorated although we are still awaiting details on the hand driers. ACTION: Clerk

3.5.12 Swimming Pool Association – Mr and Mrs Sisley have resigned from their positions and Councillor Waddington is now Acting Chairman and Secretary. A Special Meeting of the Parish Council is to be arranged to discuss issues relating to Metheringham Swimming Pool Association. The date of the Swimming Pool Association AGM is still not known. ACTION: Chairman

3.5.13 Village car park gardens – Three quotes have been received as previously noted. Paul Scholey is to be given the contract this was proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Cllr Mrs Parker with all in favour ACTION: Clerk

3.5.14 Remembrance Sunday – Cllr Mrs Honisett Secretary to Parochial Church Council is to arrange a meeting. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Honisett/Chairman

3.5.15 New notice board – this is still ongoing, Cllr Mrs Parker will chase this again. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Parker

3.5.16 Gate between Squash Court, Public Conveniences and Village Hall – Cllr Mrs Parker has been with a representative from Blankney Estates to look at the gate and has suggested a lock with a security code be fitted so members using the Squash Club have access. This would also encourage members to use the car park thus reducing the number of cars parking on Fen Road. The Clerk is to arrange a meeting with the Chairman, Squash Club and Blankney Estates. ACTION: Clerk/Chairman

3.5.17 Additional Seats – Cllr Mrs Webb reported that several wooden slats need replacing – 2/3 slats on seat near Amelia’s, and one slat on seat opposite Great Barrier Reef chip shop. The clerk to arrange for someone to replace slats. ACTION: Clerk

3.5.18 Litter Bins – Clerk to review situation. ACTION: Clerk

3.5.19 Village Centre Developments – The project is to start on 25 th May 2006, they are in the process of finding space for a workshop and to display the work. Possibilities so far are Church/Church Hall and vacant properties in High Street. Peter Fender from Economic Regeneration Department and Alisdair Aldous from Arts NK will be at the Annual Village Meeting. ACTION: Chairman/Clerk

3.5.20 Consider Insurance issues relating to all PC assets – Cllr Ford is waiting for paperwork, this is ongoing. ACTION: Cllr Ford

3.5.21 Confirm arrangements for Annual Parish Meeting – Agenda to be produced to include PC Annual Report, Policing issues in Metheringham, Arts NK, and reports from village organisations. ACTION: Clerk/Chairman

At this point the meeting was adjourned for tea, coffee and biscuits.

3.6 New Business

3.6.1 Role of acting clerk has now ceased - A special vote of thanks was given to Cllr Mrs Honisett for the tremendous job she has done over the past year as Acting Clerk, and the support she has given the Chairman.

3.6.2 Request from Metheringham Bowls Club for a donation of £1000.00 – The Chairman and Cllr Ford have inspected the pathways and the slabs have moved and could cause a serious accident therefore they need to be replaced. Disabled access and a new door are also required. It was resolved a donation of up to £1000.00 would be given. This was proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Cllr Morrison with all in favour. ACTION: Cllr Ford

3.6.3 To accept a proposal to make a donation of £ 250 to St Wilfrid’s Church for the cemetery to be kept in good order – The Chairman proposed and Cllr Ford seconded and this was accepted with all in favour. ACTION: Cllr Ford

3.6.4 To discuss a proposal for the maintenance of the Spring Garden in Drury Street – Cllr Mrs Morrison volunteered to look after the spring garden. Cllr Ford proposed the motion, that we accept the offer Cllr Mrs Parker seconded with all in favour. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Morrison

3.6.5 To review and accept a risk assessment on the PC assets – Two amendments were made to the document as circulated, Cllr Mrs Webb proposed that the revised document be accepted and seconded by Cllr Mrs Honisett with all in favour.

3.6.6 To accept a proposal that the Clerk and RFO undertake the role of Secretary and Treasurer to the Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC) – The Secretary and Chairman of the VHMC are to retire. The RFO is willing to keep the books up to date. The Chairman felt the PC need to be supplied with more detailed accounts, if the PC are to be responsible for any financial problems of the VHMC or the RFO needs to be on the VHMC. The VHMC AGM is to take place at 8.00pm on 23 rd May 2006. No action will be taken by the PC until after this AGM.

3.7 Correspondence

3.7.1 To note general correspondence – duly noted.

3.7.2 To consider correspondence requiring action by the Council

a) Letter received from Christopher Hewitt re: purchase of Field Farm House, request to purchase land which is currently the play park. An e-mail has been sent acknowledging the request and kept on file at this stage. ACTION: Clerk.

b) letter from Charities Commission - Recreation Ground ACTION: Chairman

c) Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils – Newsletter and list of training events for 2006, copy distributed to Councillors, if anyone wishes to attend a course they are to notify the Clerk ACTION: Clerk

d) letter from NKDC a request has been received from the owners of 40 Drury Street, for 5 trees to be removed from their front garden. To be considered by the Planning Committee. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Honisett

3.8 Planning

Planning Applications

Ref: N/39/0250/06 – Proposal: Erection of single storey rear extension at 7 Fen Road, Metheringham. There were no comments or objections to this proposal.

Ref: N/39/0390/06 – Proposal: Erection of replacement dwelling and garage (revised scheme to 05/1143) at Drier Cottage, Nocton Heath, Metheringham. Councillor Mrs Parker declared an interest. Planning permission has been given for the original scheme, and there were no comments or objections to the revised plans.

Ref: N/39/0369/06 – Proposal: Two storey extension to restaurant and flat at 13 High Street, Metheringham. The following was written: We wish to object to the style of window on the ground floor on the front elevation. These are not in keeping with the conservation area in which this building is situated, especially when all the other windows in the property are in a more suitable style. The size and style of these windows looks out of place on what is an old property in the heart of the village.

We would have no objection if these windows were in the same style as all the rest on the building, and we have no objections to the rest of the planning application.

Planning Application Decisions

Planning permission has been granted for:

Ref: N/39/0035/06 – Construction of a bus lay-by at Metheringham County Primary School, Prince’s Street, Metheringham.
Ref: N/39/0144/06 – First floor rear extension at 33 Dunston Road, Metheringham.
Ref: N/39/0168/06 – Erection of single storey rear extension at 13 Newton Close, Metheringham.
Ref : N39/0177/06 – Erection of conservatory at Highfield House, Princess Margaret Avenue, Metheringham.

Planning permission has been refused for:

Ref: N/39/0169/06 – Creation of rear dormer extension for loft conversion at 39 Sleaford Road, Metheringham.

The Planning Committee meets next on Wednesday 10 th May 2006 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.

3.9 Financial matters

3.9.1 To consider accounts for payment

NKDC Public toilet rates 308.85
Powergen – Street lighting 923.58
ABB Ltd Street Lighting Repairs 26.26
Village Hall Hire 84.76
St Wilfrid’s - Donation 250.00
St Wilfrid’s - Hire of hall 19.50
Bowls Club - footpath 350.00
Village Caretaker 284.24
Public Toilet Caretaker 165.00
Clerk Salary + Expenses 593.96
Parish Dog Warden Services 265.42
Inland Revenue 101.40
Pavilion Cleaner 38.50
TOTAL £3411.47

Cllr Mrs Honisett proposed payment of accounts, Cllr Mrs Morrison seconded and all were in favour.

3.9.2 To receive a report from the RFO on the PC finances – duly received.

3.9.3 To review and agree Annual Financial Report 2005-2006 – A vote of thanks was made to Cllr Ford for doing an excellent job, this was one of the most comprehensive reports Councillors have received. It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Morrison that the report be accepted and seconded by Cllr Mrs Creasey with all in favour.

3.10 Any Other Business

3.10.1 Cllr Ford – Prince’s Street playing field car park - pot holes have now been repaired.

3.10.2 Cllr Ford – pavilion door broken – this will be investigated further and progressed through the JMC. ACTION: Working Group

3.10.3Cllr Mrs Creasey – Report of bushes overhanging the road at Hick’s Holt corner – Cllr Mrs Parker is to resolve at a suitable time when the birds are not nesting. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Parker

 3.11 Date and venue of next meeting – Tuesday 30 th May 2006 in the Church Hall.

The meeting closed at 10.45pm


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