Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of Metheringham Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 28th March 2006 at 7.15pm in the Village Hall

PRESENT: Councillors Dr M J Allen Chairman
Mrs J Honisett Vice Chairman
K C Finter
P D Ford
Mrs H Morrison
Mrs R Parker
A M Waddington
Mrs A F Webb
G V Westall
Mrs P Bradwell County Councillor
G W Chambers District Council

1. The Chairman welcomed everyone. Copies of the agenda were available for members of the public.


2.1 Police report

Apologies from Police Constable Tony Pond, who is recovering from illness and may not be as active as previously. Eleven crimes reported, all undetected, namely 6 damage, 2 burglaries, 2 thefts and 1 public order. Councillor Mrs Morrison has report from last Police meeting she went to. Councillor Finter had his car damaged, but is not sure if it was in Cavalry Court or somewhere else. Crimes are being reported but details are being lost. Stones and other missiles have been thrown at Village Hall, damaging the roof and some guttering. The swimming pool has also been targeted. Access was gained by removal of a small section of fence, and the spring-loaded tension rings, which keep the cover in place, have been removed down one side. Councillor Ford reported there has been no response as yet with the Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Councillor Mrs Parker feels the Parish Council (PC) should keep on writing letters, and it was agreed the clerk is to write to the Chief Constable about the number of undetected crimes. Martin village’s problems appear to be kept under control, and other villages seem to be getting a different and better service. ACTION: Clerk

2.2 Public Forum

2.2.1 There were no questions or statements from the public.

2.3 Reports from representatives on outside bodies

2.3.1 Nothing to report from The County Councillor.

2.3.2 The District Councillor reported that there have been
10,026 transactions at INFO-Links up to the end of January.

2.3.3 To receive reports from other outside bodies – Nothing to report.


3.1 Apologies for absence

Councillor Mrs R Creasey
Councillor J C Rose
Ms S N Wetherall Clerk

3.2 To receive declarations of interest

Councillor Waddington for item 3.5.10 and 3.5.12 and Councillor Finter for item 3.5.9

3.3 Minutes of the meeting held on 28th February 2006 – Amendments to the notes, namely: 2.3.2 – omit “the number of PCSO in the parish” and insert “community policing in the area.”; 3.6.1 – omit ”Cann” and insert “Camm”; 3.6.7 – omit “Due to the closure of Sleaford Market it was suggested that the stalls be hired/obtained for future use by PC” and insert “regarding hire of stalls” after “situation”; 3.6.11 – omit “Horton” and insert “Morton”. Chairman proposed signing of the minutes takes place after the break. As it is hoped to get the notes out earlier, if there are any mistakes please let the clerk know. If these seem reasonable they will be corrected, otherwise they will be discussed at the next meeting. Cllr Westall proposed the signing of the amended minutes, Cllr Finter seconded and all were in favour.

3.4 Clerks report - It was raised at the last meeting that a local business directory should be set up to promote the village centre shops, after checking the MACLA website a directory is already in place. MACLA/PC must therefore advertise the fact and ensure it is up to date.

Cllr Finter reported a garden fence had been moved on a property on Shiregate, I have contacted NKDC, Shirley Barlow has been to look at the fence in question, but has not been able to speak with the owners. She has checked with the legal department and no official request has been made. She has therefore written to the owners on 27/03/06.

Cllr Mrs Honisett received a complaint about some bushes overhanging the footpath on the corner of Princess Margaret Avenue and Prince’s Street, this has been reported to County Council – Malcolm Greenfield, Ref 171084.

I attended a Doorstep Crime Seminar last week at Grantham, this was run by LCC Trading Standards. It highlighted the problems of bogus callers, deception selling and distraction burglaries, they mainly target the elderly and vulnerable. I need to talk to PC Pond to establish if there is a problem within the village. However one of the issues is that the majority of these cases go undetected as the victims feel embarrassed and don’t want to loose their independence, so never actually report the crime. LCC are going to run workshops to combat this serious problem, MPC will need to decide if they want to be involved.

3.5 Matters Outstanding

3.5.1 White Lining in Car Park – Councillor Westall proposed acceptance of the quotation from Jointline Ltd, Councillor Finter seconded it, and all were in favour. The Chairman is to meet with the clerk and contractor on site, as the width of the bays needs to be checked. ACTION: Clerk
3.5.2 Parish Dog Warden Services – Councillor Mrs Honisett has written a piece for MACLA magazine, which should go in the next issue. She is to arrange a meeting with the clerk, the Chairman and the dog warden for the annual review. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Honisett
3.5.3 Grit Bins – Ongoing. ACTION: Clerk
3.5.4 Skateboard Park – Councillor Mrs Morrison reported everything has gone quiet with the youths who want the skateboard park. She has not been informed about the dates for hiring the mobile equipment, and Councillor Chambers offered to help with finding the contact person. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Morrison
3.5.5 Fayre & Feast – Councillor Mrs Parker reported on the recent meeting of the working group. The theme will be “the Swinging Sixties” and it is hoped this will be able to involve everyone in the village. The start will be at 2pm, for which an opener relevant to the sixties is needed, and there will not be a parade along the High Street. Invited guests will meet in the Star & Garter, where refreshments will be served at 4pm. If it is not possible to hire Sleaford market stalls people will be asked to bring their own. Stewards and help is badly needed from anybody. Councillor Bradwell’s husband does the Health & Safety checks for Woodhall Spa Christmas market, and she will get the packs of forms. Please let the working group have any ideas. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Parker/Working Group
3.5.6 Fen Lane/Tanvats – Alan Brown, Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) Highways, has still to meet with Brian Creasey. A letter has been sent to all residents in the fen about the closure of the railway bridge for repairs at the beginning of September. ACTION: Chairman
3.5.7 Chance to Share and related issues – The Chairman is trying to resolve the problems associated with the Chance to Share scheme. As the existing playing field has a security problem, the PC suggested the LCC should lease the Star & Garter field instead, which can be made secure. HBS Property has registered the lease of the field with the Land Registry. Before Christmas 2005 a meeting was held with Neville Posnett, and another with him on January 10th 2006, when it appeared the problems were being solved, and a draft Deed of Variation would be written. At a meeting held on March 20th 2006 at short notice, the situation had changed, and the PC were again asked what was wanted, even though this had been sent in writing to HBS. It has now been agreed to withdraw the offer of the Star & Garter field. Councillor Mrs Bradwell stated lottery funding would not be available for building the pavilion on the leased land. However, this whole business needs to be sorted out, and the Chairman proposed that the PC should write to the LCC stating its intention to build the pavilion and changing rooms, and to ask for their formal agreement. Councillor Mrs Morrison seconded this proposal, and voting was seven in favour, none against, and one abstention. Councillor Chambers suggested Councillor Mrs Bradwell be kept informed, and this was agreed. ACTION: Chairman
3.5.8 Village Hall management issues – Rates for hiring the Village Hall have been raised. The hall needs to be self-supporting, but the PC has offered to pay their insurance and would like a detailed budget before the meeting on April 10th and to agree an agenda. ACTION: Chairman
3.5.9 Village play parks - Councillor Finter has inspected both play parks, and reports there is graffiti on equipment at both. The Chairman suggested Councillor Finter should speak to EKM about sorting out the graffiti. At Prince’s Street park part of the fence needs to be painted, and parts of the wooden fence at the back of Shiregate play park are dilapidated. With regards to the removal of the fence around the Shiregate play park North Kesteven District Council (NKDC) will need to be consulted, and Councillor Chambers will approach Michael Samson, NKDC solicitor, about this. Councillor Finter will obtain two further quotations for removing the fence, and it was suggested that he asks surrounding property owners how they feel about taking down the fence. ACTION: Cllr Finter/ Working Group
3.5.10 New pavilion and changing rooms – Work is going on with the Business Plan, and the Chairman is meeting with the architect to discuss changes to the layout. ACTION: Chairman
3.5.11 Public Conveniences – this is ongoing. ACTION: Cllr Westall
3.5.12 Swimming Pool Association – No progress to report as no meeting took place. The Chairman proposed that Councillor Waddington take the PC concerns to the Swimming Pool Association. He would like an urgent report from them as to who is on their executive committee, and confirmation of the opening of the pool for the coming season. This was seconded by Councillor Finter, and the voting was seven in favour, none against and no recorded abstentions. Councillor Waddington would not say who is on the committee, until after a meeting on Saturday 1st April. Councillor Mrs Parker asked for the date of this year’s Swimming Pool Association AGM. ACTION: Chairman
3.5.13 Village car park gardens – original quote from Paul Scholey of £207 + £50 per year maintenance, a further 2 quotes have been received from Maltby’s £520 and C R Pierson £110 + yearly maintenance of £300. Maltby’s seemed to have some very good ideas as to what could be done with the area. ACTION: Clerk
3.5.14 Remembrance Sunday – this is ongoing. ACTION: Chairman
3.5.15 New notice board – this is still ongoing, Cllr Mrs Parker will chase this up because, after it has rained, water falls onto posters when the right hand door is opened. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Parker
3.5.16 Gate between Squash Court, Public Conveniences and Village Hall – Ongoing. ACTION: Chairman
3.5.17 Additional Seats – Cllr Mrs Webb reported that several wooden slats need replacing – 2/3 slats on seat near Amelia’s, and one slat on seat opposite Great Barrier Reef chip shop. The clerk to arrange for someone to replace slats. ACTION: Clerk
3.5.18 Litter Bins – Clerk to review situation. ACTION: Clerk
3.5.19 Village Centre Developments – Agreed they would have a display at Annual Parish Meeting however Chris Lewis Jones, artist, will not be able to do anything until April. Peter Fender has written to Alan Brown, LCC Highways, about changing road profile. ACTION: Chairman/Clerk
3.5.20 Consider Insurance issues relating to all PC assets – Ongoing. ACTION: Cllr Ford
3.5.21 Pot holes Prince’s Street playing field car park – Cllr Westall hopes to resolve this situation soon. ACTION: Cllr Westall

At this point the meeting was adjourned for tea, coffee and biscuits!

3.6 New Business

3.6.1 To consider arrangements for Annual Parish Meeting - The Chairman has written to ask for Chief Superintendent Hill, as she can talk specifically about village issues, but she has not confirmed the date. Nick Jones may speak about the development of the village centre. Councillor Mrs Morrison confirmed 26 village organisations wish to come, and the Chairman would like to know what they are doing. The clerk is to arrange the refreshments with John Andrews, which will be at the end of the meeting. The Chairman will produce posters, and a report needs to be prepared to hand out. This should include statements from the Chairman, the RFO and the clerk. ACTION: Chairman/Clerk
3.6.2 To consider proposal for a local telephone number for the PC/Clerk - 0845 number will cost £4.99 per month, after free connection. It is flexible and secure, and the initial contract is for three months. This would be connected to an answer phone. The Chairman proposed, seconded by Councillor Webb, and all were favour. ACTION: Clerk
3.6.3 To review details for PC/Clerk postal address and internet/e-mail - The postal address will be: MPC, PO Box 1055, Metheringham, LINCOLN, LN4 3WW and email address: A web page will give contact details. The clerk will collect the mail from the PO Box situated at Metheringham Post Office. ACTION: Clerk

3.7 Correspondence

3.7.1 To note general correspondence – duly noted.

3.7.2 To consider correspondence requiring action by the Council

a) Metheringham cemetery, letter received from St Wilfrid’s requesting a donation of £250.00 towards cost of the cemetery being kept in good order. This is to be discussed at the next meeting.
b) Calor village of the year – Best kept village and small town competition – do not wish to take part.
c) North Kesteven local strategic partnership, community partnership event 3rd April @ 10.00am @ Whisby Natural World delegates required?
d) LCC – Parish Paths Partnership agreement – do MPC want to rejoin this? - David Honisett has been given the paperwork to action.
e) from Victim Support Lincolnshire a request for MPC to make a donation – it was decided no donation, would be given on this occasion.
f) from NKDC Electoral Services about Parish Council vacancy. It was proposed by Councillor Webb, seconded by Councillor Mrs Parker that the due process as outlined in the letter should be gone through. Eight in favour, one against, and no abstentions. ACTION: Clerk
g) from WI President, concerning members not wishing to continue looking after the spring garden. The clerk is to write back noting their wishes, and thanking them for the tremendous effort involved in looking after the spring garden. Councillor Waddington suggested the person looking after the car park garden could also do the spring, and this is to go on next meeting’s agenda. ACTION: Clerk
h) from 24 Saxon Close – the clerk is to write back saying the PC is aware of the problem and is doing everything possible to address the issue. ACTION: Clerk
i) from Metheringham Village Hall Management Committee seeking a representative from PC – Councillor Mrs Morrison agreed to continue.
j) from Metheringham Bowls Club with a request for a donation – this is to go on next month’s agenda.

3.8 Planning

To note a report from the planning committee:–
Ref: N/39/0144/06 – Proposal: First floor rear extension at 33 Dunston Road, Metheringham. The following comment was made: “Whilst we have no objections to this application, we would like to comment on the fact that there is to be an en-suite toilet, which could add to the foul water problems in Metheringham. The proposed first floor extension will highlight the fact that this house does not fit in with the surrounding properties, which are all single storey.”
Ref: N/39/0168/06 – Proposal: Erection of single storey rear extension at 13 Newton Close, Metheringham. The following comment was made: “Whilst we have no objections to this application, we would like to comment on the fact that there is to be a new toilet and shower room, which could add to the foul water problems in Metheringham.”
Ref: N/39/0169/06 – Proposal: Creation of rear dormer extension for loft conversion at 39 Sleaford Road, Metheringham. The following comment was made: “Whilst we have no objections to this application, we would like to comment on the fact that there is to be a new toilet and shower room, which could add to the foul water problems in Metheringham. The proposed roof space extension creates an imbalance in the symmetry of the building, causing it to look strangely lopsided from the front.”
Ref: N/39/0177/06 – Proposal: Erection of conservatory at Highfield House, Princess Margaret Avenue, Metheringham. There were no comments or objections to this proposal.

Ref: N/39/1597/05 – Planning permission has been given for the erection of single storey extension at 19 Londesborough Way, Metheringham.
Ref: N/39/1552/05 – Planning permission has been refused for the erection of a bungalow and garage at Plot 2, Field Farm, Metheringham.
The Planning Appeal by Mr. T. Rhodes, White House Farm, Metheringham Fen Lane has been dismissed.
We need to make a decision this evening on two further applications.
Ref: CA/0344 – Proposal: Demolition of shop unit at 31b High Street, Metheringham. Decision – no comments or objections.
Ref: N/39/0304/06 – Proposal: Erection of rear conservatory at 2 Chestnut Close, Metheringham. Decision – no comments or objections.
The Planning Committee meets next on Wednesday 12th April 2006 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.

3.9 Financial matters

3.9.1 To consider accounts for payment

Lloyds Bank charges 25.00
ABB Ltd Street Lighting Repairs 908.51
Village Hall Hire 42.38
Anglian Water 105.94
NKDC Dog Bin Emptying 510.00
St Wilfrids 6.50
H Morrison 16.00
Village Caretaker 172.80
Public Toilet Caretaker 132.00
Clerk Salary + Expenses 619.45
Parish Dog Warden Services 265.42
NKDC Ins. Toilets 41.01
RFO Expenses 16.12
Inland Revenue 86.40
Pavilion Cleaner 51.00

Councillor Westall proposed payment of accounts, Councillor Mrs Morrison seconded and all were in favour.

3.9.2 To receive a report from the RFO on the PC finances – supporting statement to be looked at for next meeting.

3.10 Any Other Business

3.10.1 Councillor Ford – need to review village caretaker’s salary. This is in hand. ACTION: Chairman/Clerk
3.10.2 Councillor Ford – pavilion caretaker has resigned and moved. JMC clerk has got someone on temporary basis, and the Chairman would like Councillor Ford to call a meeting of the JMC. ACTION: Cllr Ford
3.10.3 Councillor Ford – Prince’s Street car park barrier damaged.
3.10.4 Councillor Webb has booked Village Hall for PC meetings for next 12 months, except 30th May.
3.10.5 Councillor Mrs Morrison brought up the subject of the allotments, and Councillor Mrs Honisett will continue to progress this.
3.10.6 Councillor Finter reported that weed killer sprayed around village has left unsightly orange grass.
3.10.7 Councillor Mrs Honisett reported that Mr Blackburne, Park Crescent, is unhappy about shredded tree particles, as these are attracting youths to throw them around. The clerk is to contact NKDC. ACTION: Clerk
3.10.8 The Chairman reported that Info-Links is looking at the possibility for PC to have an access point, one day a week and one Saturday per month. He is waiting for feedback. ACTION: Chairman
3.10.9 The Clerk suggested the PC needs a Mission/Vision Statement.
3.10.10 The Clerk would like to have a PC logo. The primary school children could be asked for suggestions for exhibition at the Annual Parish Meeting.
3.10.11 If any working group wants to spend money, you must inform the clerk, so it can go on the agenda.

3.11 Date and venue of next meeting - Because both the Chairman and the Vice Chairman will be absent on 25th April, the date of the next meeting is changed to Tuesday 2nd May 2006 in the Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 11.05pm


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