Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.15pm on Tuesday 29th March 2005

PRESENT: Councillors Dr M J Allen Chairman
    Mrs J Honisett Vice Chairman
    Mrs R Creasey  
    J L Duggins  
    P D Ford  
    R P Harrison  
    Mrs R Parker  
    Mrs H Routledge  
    A M Waddington  
    Mrs A. F. Webb  
    G V Westall  
  Councillors Mrs P Bradwell County Council
    G W Chambers District Council

1. Introduction and welcome by the Chairman. Copies of the agenda were available for members of the public.


2.1 Police Report. In the absence of any Police Officers, Councillor Mrs. Routledge read the report from P.C. Julie Kelly. In January there were 3 thefts, and 9 reports of damage; in February there was one theft from a garden shed and 8 reports of damage; to date in March there have been 3 thefts and 4 reports of damage. One young man has been accused of most of the damage, with 2 accomplices, and the parents are supporting the police. There have been 2 assaults, one between schoolboys and the other a pub brawl. The Parish Council (PC) has been urged to write to Inspector Pash (sic) or to the Chief Constable about the lack of police presence in the village. Louise White is hoping to be the Community Officer. Members are also urged to phone and complain if they know of any problems.

2.2 To the query from a member of the public about malicious damage to daffodils in Lincoln Road, he was informed this has been reported to the police.


3.1 Apologies for absence:
Clerk M. Credland

3.2 To receive declarations of interest: None

3.3. Minutes of the meeting held on 22nd February 2005
These had been approved at the special meeting on 22nd March 2005, and the Chairman signed them as being a true record.

3.4 Matters arising not on the agenda:
Ref: 3.12.1 and 3.12.4. It is felt nothing has been done in either case. It was noted that 4 lights have been broken at the library. Councillor Mrs. Bradwell agreed to look into how the alterations had been made to the library without any consultation between Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) and the PC, especially as the library is in the Conservation Area of the village.
ACTION Cllr Mrs Bradwell

3.5 Matters outstanding:

3.5.1 Lack of police presence – as the PC has not registered its concern at the lack of police presence, it must now be followed up.

3.5.2 Street lighting – this has been done as agreed. It was decided not to look for further sites, but to wait for specific queries.

3.5.3 Floodlighting at the War Memorial – Councillor Mrs. Parker reported this is still progressing.
ACTION Cllr Mrs Parker

3.5.4 Litter bins – no action had been taken, and this item is outstanding.

3.5.5 Skateboard Park – Councillor Harrison had nothing to report, as he has not been able to resurrect the skateboard committee, but he will keep trying. It has been suggested the best place for the park would be near the school fence, as this is fairly public.
ACTION Cllr Harrison

3.5.6 Fayre and Feast – plans for this are progressing.

3.5.7 New seat in Lincoln Road – still outstanding as no action has yet been taken.

3.5.8 Children’s Playground equipment – the Chairman had a site meeting with EKN, Horncastle. They will be getting back with a quote to repair the broken equipment, which includes worn seats and chains on the swings and damage by burning to the rope bridge. A decision about what to do will be taken once the quotation has been received.
ACTION Chairman

3.5.9 Fen Lane/Tanvats – because of the problem of the turning area at Tanvats the Chairman has written formally to Mr. Brian Creasey.
ACTION Chairman

3.5.10 Chance to Share and related issues – the Chairman has received a letter from HBS confirming ownership of various bits of land. They say the PC should be paying LCC 30% of monies earned by lettings, to cover heating, lighting and cleaning. HBS has been asked if there is an agreement stating this. Councillor Ford produced figures to show this money has been paid in several years, but the question remained as to why the PC had been asked to pay extra for cleaning the pavilion on several occasions. Councillor Chambers reported that from 1st April 2005 Mr. Neville Posnett will be in charge of the “Chance to Share” management, with HBS doing the technical work. As the Chairman is concerned about all the different agreements, Councillor Mrs. Bradwell suggested Mr. Posnett be invited to a meeting to discuss these issues.
ACTION Chairman

3.5.11 Dog fouling – the Chairman and Vice Chairman met with the dog warden and the contract has been renewed.

3.5.12 Outside light on pavilion – Councillor Duggins has heard nothing from his first contact, and is making other enquiries for a quotation.
ACTION Cllr Duggins

3.5.13 Public Notice board – the Parish notice board, recently removed for repairs, will be put back within the next 2 weeks, plus the new notice board at the Post Office and the Village Hall car park sign. It was confirmed the Vice Chairman and Councillor Mrs. Routledge will hold keys for the new board at the Post Office
ACTION Cllr Mrs Parker

3.5.14 Tree problems on Lincoln Road – Councillor Chambers reported that LCC officers have looked and are not taking any further action, as they feel the situation is not bad enough to do so. Councillor Mrs. Bradwell will contact LCC Highways to inform them the PC is not happy about this. She will also mention that no work has been carried out in Fen Lane.
ACTION Cllr Mrs Bradwell

3.5.15 Drury Street and gritting of bus routes – Councillor Mrs. Bradwell had been in touch with LCC Highways, who feel it would be difficult to get a gritting lorry down Drury Street because of parked cars. It was suggested a grit box could be provided by the LCC, but this might be a further target for vandalism.

3.5.16 Village Hall management issues – an informal and useful meeting had been held with the Management chairman and secretary, and another meeting needs to be held as the Chairman has received information from the Charity Commissioners.
ACTION Chairman

3.5.17 Grant for Village Hall Car Park – this has now been lost, because the clerk did not apply for it within the time frame.

3.5.18 Shiregate Play Park – Heidi Ryder, the Anti-Social Behaviour Officer, has written, suggesting the best option would be to move the play equipment into the centre of the grass area. A solution is needed as the residents have been complaining, and there is the high cost of security. The NKDC solicitor says it cannot be moved because an agreement has been signed, but he is also saying too much precept money is being spent on the security. P.C. Reville suggests the play park is locked up permanently during the winter, to save money. It was generally felt the equipment would be better sited in the open area of grass, with a low fence surrounding it. Nobody seemed sure as to who had agreed to site the play park where it is now.

It was agreed the Chairman will write to the NKDC solicitor, with a copy of the Anti-Social Behaviour Officer’s report, and ask for a meeting.
ACTION Chairman

3.5.19 Village Car Park landscaping – although Councillor Mrs. Parker has been unable to obtain a work specification from the clerk, she is getting information from other sources.
Action Cllr Mrs Parker

3.5.20 New pavilion and changing rooms – the plans for this have been approved, and the Chairman is trying to get a meeting with MACLA about funding. Councillor Waddington, on being asked why he had gone public on his disagreement with the plans, said he had a right to voice his objection in the press. However the Chairman feels he should have supported the motion of the majority, as in a democracy one must abide by such a decision. The Swimming Pool Association (SPA) had been represented at the MACLA meetings and at the site meetings, and they had been in agreement with the plans then. The Chairman wants to move this project on, and because there are approved plans in place for the disabled toilet and changing facilities, the swimming pool do not need to provide temporary facilities. The Chairman proposed to have another meeting with the SPA to help clear up matters.
ACTION Chairman

3.5.21 Village Cross – no progress on this outstanding issue. It was suggested money for this should be used instead for the pavilion.

3.5.22 Annual Parish Meeting – Heidi Ryder, NKDC, will talk about the Anti-Social Behaviour team on Tuesday 17th May, and Anglian Water will also be represented. Councillor Duggins feels the Scouts may be in a position to take out flyers.
ACTION Chairman

3.6 New business: no additional business

3.7 Sub committees: no further reports from the sub committees.

Councillor Mrs. Parker proposed the sub committees be replaced by working groups with nominated leaders and additional members when required, and all were in favour. The working groups can make recommendations, and the whole PC takes responsibility. “Task and finish” is the new catchphrase of NKDC.

3.8 Correspondence

3.8.1 To note general correspondence – duly noted
3.8.2 To consider correspondence requiring action by the Council –
a) from Anglian Water, concerning possible start date for sewerage
b) from Mrs. Jackie Wiseman concerning the siting of a dog waste bin in Alfred Avenue. The Vice Chairman will reply.
c) from Mr. Barkes, complaining about the dog warden. The Chairman has responded.

3.9 Planning:

3.9.1 To consider planning applications –
a) N/39/0292/05 Residential development (outline) Farriers Gate Development OBJECT
The Vice Chairman is to ring NKDC as the application form has various anomalies, and clarification is needed. The Environment Agency has stated it is unacceptable because of the high water table.

b) N/39/0330/05 Erection of single storey extension to the rear of Field Farm Lane SUPPORT

c) N/39/0226/05 Erection of side extension, Dunston Road

d) N/39/0117/05 Erection of porch, Lincoln Road

e) N/39/0220/05 Erection of dwelling (renewal), former telephone exchange, Princes Street SUPPORT

3.9.2 To consider a proposal for a planning committee meeting on a separate
night – the Chairman would like to have a meeting on a separate evening, open to the public and minuted, as planning applications should be given due consideration. It was suggested such a committee be given delegated powers, and the minutes of any meetings would be attached to the PC minutes. Members of this committee could spend time visiting the sites of planning applications. Councillor Duggins proposed, and Councillor Mrs. Routledge seconded, that a planning committee be formed to meet on a separate night, with delegated powers to take action. All were in agreement. It was agreed the Vice Chairman should chair such meetings, and Councillors Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Routledge, Mrs. Webb and Councillor Waddington volunteered to form committee.

3.10 Financial matters:

3.10.1 To consider accounts for payment:

Public Conveniences Caretaker’s salary 170.50
Village Caretaker’s salary 246.68
Inland Revenue Tax 69.57
ARMs Personnel 672.00
Metheringham Village Hall 69.76
Public Works Loans Account 102.07
Lincolnshire Association of local councils 329.53
ABB Limited 762.58
ABB Limited 756.35
Parish Dog Warden Services 197.16

It was agreed to withhold payment of the account from F.Steadman & Sons Ltd.
until clarification of installing certain items in the disabled toilet, and also 2 accounts from NKDC, one for Public Convenience rates, and one for insurance on the same. Councillor Chambers offered to enquire about these two.
ACTION Cllr Chambers/Clerk

3.11 Reports from representatives on outside bodies:

3.11.1 To receive a report from the County Councillor – nothing to report.
3.11.2 To receive a report from the District Councillor
a) Councillor Chambers reported that InfoLincs has reopened in the High Street, and NKDC would like to have more such places in North Kesteven.
b) It would seem Metheringham has never been represented at Training Days for Parish Clerks in the past, and it is hoped someone will be able to attend in the future.

3.12 Any other business

3.12.1 The Public Convenience caretaker reported the blockage of one of the ladies’ toilets has not been rectified. The Vice Chairman asked to arrange for this to be sorted out.
3.12.2 Councillor Ford reported that the planned Wind Farm on Nocton Fen is not now going ahead.

3.12.3 As the minutes of PC meetings are available in InfoLincs, it was agreed that notices of forthcoming PC meetings can also be displayed there. It was also agreed that copies of the minutes should be removed when 12 months old.
ACTION Cllr Mrs Routledge

3.12.4 Councillor Westall apologised for his late arrival at this meeting.

3.12.5 As one of the village residents, Mrs. Marshall, will be 105 years old on 31st March 2005, it was agreed that the Chairman will send her a letter of congratulations.
ACTION Chairman

3.13 Date and venue of next meeting: Tuesday 26th April 2005 in the Village Hall.


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