Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 25th March 2003



B E Creasey


Mrs R Creasey

Vice Chairman

Dr M J Allen
J L Duggins
P D Ford

Mrs R Parker

Mrs J Honisett

Mrs A Webb

G V Westall


M Credland

Councillors G W Chambers District Council
APOLOGIES: Councillors R P Harrison
Mrs H H B Routledge
Mrs P Bradwell

County Council

J C Rose District Council

The Minutes of the last Meeting were signed by the Chairman as being a true record.

No matters were raised for discussion.

Playing Fields:
Following previous discussion Councillor Ford reported that quotations had been invited for providing a ramped footpath link from the Pavilion to the Playing Field.
Councillor Ford reported that Mr W Garton had been appointed as Pavilion Caretaker.
Village Hall and Car Park:
Councillor Duggins reported that the Village Hall Management Committee were awaiting the outcome of their grant application to WREN for the Village Hall extension and hoped it would be successful. From a question raised by Councillor Mrs Webb the Chairman confirmed that the Management Committee are looking into improving the appearance of the entrance doors into the new extension. Arrangements to be made for refixing several pantiles to the stone boundary wall in Middle Street.
Dog Warden:
It was reported that the Dog Warden was carrying out her duties and had issued warnings to several dog owners under the Dog Fouling Bylaws.
Following discussion it was AGREED to provide a litter bin in Church Walk to prevent general litter being deposited in the dog waste bin.
Street Lighting:
Following previous discussion it was AGREED to invite a quotation for providing an additional street light in Pullman Close.
Children's Playground:
Councillor Duggins reported that arrangements had now been made for the installation of the new swings and the laying of wet-pour safety matting.
Tree in Princess Margaret Avenue:
It was reported that Councillor Rose had arranged for the District Council to carry out surgery to an overgrown tree at the end of this year.

Letter and enclosures from North Kesteven District Council in connection with the District and Parish Council Elections on 1st May 2003.
Letter from Lincolnshire County Council confirming that, baring objections to the proposals, work will commence on the provision of a zebra crossing over the Bypass in May/June this year and that an invoice in the sum of 7,900.00 will be sent to the Parish Council on completion.
Letter from Lincolnshire County Council enclosing details on their Municipal Waste Management Strategy, which has been prepared in liaison with the Environment Agency.
Letter from Lincolnshire County Council enclosing information on their Dial A Ride scheme in partnership with North Kesteven District Council.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing information on their Leisure Services Partnership scheme.
Letter from Sleaford and District Citizens Advice Bureau advising that a new Outreach Adviser, Beverley Parry, has been appointed for Metheringham.
Letter from Council for the Protection of Rural England enclosing details of this year's Best Kept Village and Small Town Competition. After due consideration it was AGREED to enter the competition and pay the entry fee of 6.00.
Letter from Information Commissioner confirming that the Parish Council's Model Scheme on the Freedom of Information Act 2000 has been accepted.
Letter from Lincolnshire Police advising that their next Community Forum is to be held in Navenby Village Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday 3rd April 2003.
Letter from Metheringham Village Hall Management Committee seeking the name a Parish Council representative, on their committee. Councillor Duggins again AGREED to serve.

Councillor Chambers had no matters to raise for discussion.
From his question Councillor Westall was advised that the District Council are to implement a fortnightly collection of recycled refuse on 10th April 2003 and that the collection of household refuse will continue on a weekly basis.
Councillor Dr Allen was informed that the District Council may consider introducing wheelie bins to householders in Metheringham Fen in the future to replace the present system of plastic refuse sacks.
Following previous discussion it was reported that the Lincolnshire County Council had replaced recently installed bus stop signage in the village with a less obtrusive type of sign.
No further information had been received from the Lincolnshire County Council in respect of the Fen Lane/Moor Lane relief road.

It was reported that the chain-link fence recently installed by the District Council around the Play Park had been vandalised and consequently they are to replace it with galvanised security fencing. The question of locking/unlocking the gate to be discussed when the Play Park has been adopted by the Parish Council.  The police to be informed once the new fencing has been installed.
Councillor Duggins to raise the question of village policing and vandalism at the next Police Community Forum in Navenby on 3rd April 2003. On the question of anti-social behaviour disappointment was expressed over incidents which occurred in the Village Hall during and after a Youth Club dance on Friday 21st March 2003, when the Hall was left in a deplorable state. Councillor Duggins confirmed that every function should have a responsible person in charge and that users are informed accordingly.

Arrangements had now be made for the Meeting, to be held in the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Wednesday 9th April, where the Guest Speaker will be Mr C J Elkington, Clerk to the First and Third District Internal Drainage Board.
It was RESOLVED to grant Chairman's expenses for the Meeting and that the reception will be held in the Star and Garter public house.

The following applications were considered;

39/0184/03 Erection of conservatory at Paddock Lane for Mr Morris SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/0203/03 Erection of stables at Ash House Cottage, Metheringham Fen for Mr A K Fenner SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/0298/03 Extension to dwelling at Sleaford Road for Mr and Mrs P J Allen SUPPORT APPLICATION

It was PROPOSED by Councillor Duggins SECONDED by Councillor Mrs Parker that the  accounts be passed and paid. CARRIED

It was reported that Mr A Waddington, Viking Way, was assisting Councillor Mrs Routledge in connection with an application to English Heritage for listing the Old Post Office.
Further to her report Councillor Mrs Honisett was advised that parking problems at the Middle Street/High Street junction and in Drury Street should be reported to the police.
From a report by Councillor Dr Allen it was AGREED for the Vice Chairman to notify the County Council of several potholes in Fen Lane.
From a report by Councillor Mrs Webb it was AGREED that out of date notices should be removed as soon as possible from the Notice Board.

The Meeting closed at 9.05pm