Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.15pm on Tuesday 26th March 2002



B E Creasey


Dr M J Allen

P D Ford

Mrs J Honisett

Mrs H Routledge

Mrs A F Webb

G V Westall


G W Chambers

District Council


M Credland



Mrs R Creasey

Vice Chairman

J L Duggins
R P Harrison
Mrs R Parker

Mrs P Bradwell

County Council

J C Rose

District Council


Pc R Parker

From the last Minutes it was ACCEPTED that County Councillor Mrs P Bradwell was in attendance, that under Car Park and Children's Playground the Minute should read Councillor Ford and not Mrs Ford and that under Open Forum the wording 'the residents concerned the police were targeting the wrong age group' be added to the matter of the Shiregate play park. With these amendments the Chairman signed the Minutes of the last Meeting as being a true record.

Mrs Sally Wilson, who had also written to the Parish Council on behalf of MACLA, was invited to outline plans for the Queen's Golden Jubilee. Her committee had considered that a permanent beacon should be placed on the Village Cross, which would not only be part of a national chain of beacons to be lit by HM Queen but could also be used at future events, such as the Annual Village Feast. After due discussion it was AGREED for MACLA to explore the possibility and present a report to the Parish Council for further discussion.

Representatives from Shiregate were present at the Meeting and expressed their concerns that a pedestrian crossing should be provided over the Bypass. Consequently, they presented petition with 300 plus signatories, which is to be sent to the Lincolnshire County Council. The Chairman reported that the County Council are to carry out another traffic survey along this part of the village and that the Parish Council will endeavour to support the residents in their quest. From a request by Mr Beck, Shiregate, it was AGREED for Councillor Chambers to look into the possibility of providing a dog waste bin on Shiregate open space and fencing around the lagoon.

Metheringham Bowls Club:
A letter had been received from Metheringham Bowls Club questioning the decision at the last Meeting over their annual rent, which they considered under the original Deed of Gift should be rescinded or reduced. The Parish Council's solicitors to be asked to look into the question.

Car Park and Children's Playground:
Following the unsuccessful grant application to the Lincolnshire County Council towards the cost of providing new playground equipment and extending the Prince's Street car park the Clerk reported that their Grant Officer, Mr N Posnett, had offered to attend a Parish Council Meeting to offer advice on future grant applications. This was AGREED with a view to Mr Posnett attending the June Meeting. Councillor Ford reported that an incendiary device had been found next to the storage container and consequently the matter had been reported to the Lincolnshire Police.

Parish Notice Board:
Following previous discussions the Clerk reported that Listed Building Consent will be required for relocating a new Notice Board in the War Memorial gardens.
Councillor Dr Allen considered the Notice Board should be placed on a different site, possibly adjacent to the Lincoln Co-operative Store. After due discussion it was AGREED for the Forward Planning Subcommittee to look into the question for a report to be presented at the next Meeting. Councillor Mrs Routledge reported that the Reverend D Payne had expressed interest in utilising the old Notice Board outside St Wilfrid's church should it become surplus, which was AGREED in principle.

Playing Fields:
Councillor Ford reported that the gate locks between Hall Yard and the Star and Garter Paddock had been deliberately broken, an ongoing problem, and had now been replaced by Metheringham Football Club.
Following discussion at the last Meeting it was confirmed by Councillor Chambers that the District Council would provide dog fouling notices in the Playing Field. Therefore, it was AGREED to forward a plan prepared by Councillor Ford to the District Council for such notices to be displayed.
From a report by Councillor Chambers it was AGREED that the swings removed from the Shiregate play park should be resited in the Children's Playground. Arrangements to be made with the District Council.
It was RESOLVED to renew the Licence Agreement for use by Metheringham Football Club for a further twelve months, commencing 1st April 2002.
It was confirmed that the electricity poles parallel to the western boundary were now being removed by Powergen.

Youth Club:
Councillor Westall reported on a recent District Council seminar he had attended, which had been extremely informative particularly on youth shelters, methods of funding and the Crime and Disorder Act. Advice on administration is to be given to the newly formed Youth Club and the Lincolnshire County Council are to appoint a paid worker, initially for a probationary period of six months. It was confirmed that the Youth Club utilise the Church Hall and the Parish Council's donation of 50.00 will be put towards the rental. It was AGREED for Councillor Westall to liaise with the Youth Club and to discuss the matter again at the next Meeting.

The Clerk reported that the Parish Council's solicitors had been asked to look into the draft Letting Agreements.

Village Hall Car Park:
The Chairman presented budget costings for carrying out improvements to the car park, which had been estimated at approximately 10,000.00. The work included laying tarmac (6,795.00) new fencing along the western boundary (400.00), repairing the stone walls (2000.00)and planting (200.00). The Forward Planning Sub-committee to present a further report at the next Meeting. Councillor Mrs Webb was advised that the car park will be available for anyone to use.

Letter of thanks from the Guides Association for the donation given by the Parish Council for their recent Blake Shield National Award ceremony in London, where Professor David Bellamy had presented them with their awards.
Letter from Councillor Harrison tendering his apologies for not being able to attend the Meeting.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council in connection with bids for Objective 2 funding for environmental improvements. Forward Planning Sub-committee to give consideration.
Letter from County Councillor Mrs P Bradwell tendering her apologies for not being able to attend the Meeting. Councillor Mrs Bradwell also advised that WREN award grants for playground equipment and that she had notified Railtrack over the poor condition of the level crossing and fencing on Fen Road railway bridge.
Letters from Lincolnshire Police and Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership advising that fixed penalty tickets have only been issued for causing unnecessary obstruction at the bus stop.
Letter from Anthony dark and Co enclosing a copy of application for restaurant licence at the 'Mowgli', 13 High Street.
Copy of letter sent by Mr C G Boyd, 1 Blacksmiths Court, to the Lincoln Co-operative Society in respect of a shopping trolley abandoned adjacent to his property.
Letter from Mr G Ponsford, Middle Street, expressing concern of children causing disturbance around the Clinic/Library. The police have been informed accordingly.
Letter from Council for the Protection of Rural England with an invitation to enter this year's Best Kept Village Competition. It was AGREED to enter the Competition and pay the entry fee of 6.00.

Councillor Chambers reported that the new landlord of the Lincolnshire Poacher had requested the District Council to remove the recycling bins from the forecourt. Therefore, the District Council were seeking assistance from the Parish Council to find an alternative site. Matter to be discussed at the next Meeting.

No further matters were raised for discussion.

Councillor Mrs Routledge reported that she had received requests for the public conveniences to be opened on Sundays. After due consideration it was AGREED for the Chairman to discuss the possibility with the Vice Chairman.

Councillors Mrs Honisett and Mrs Routledge reported on a recent District Council Meeting they had attended, where constructive ideas were put forward for improving village facilities, public transport, etc. The District Council to consider the suggestions and report back.

Following previous discussions it was AGREED to move Chairman's expenses for the Meeting and for the Chairman to arrange for the reception to be held in Metheringham Squash Rackets Club.

The following applications were considered;


 Erection of conservatory at  Londesborough Way for Mr T A Deakin SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/0224/02 Erection of garage and store at Middle Street for Mr K M Laskey APPLICATION QUERIED
  Concern expressed over siting, materials and out of character with area.

It was PROPOSED by Councillor Ford SECONDED by Councillor Mrs Honisett that the accounts be passed and paid CARRIED

Councillor Ford expressed concern over the Lincolnshire County Council apparently tipping waste in the woodland opposite the District Council Depot on Sleaford Road. Councillor Chambers AGREED to look into the matter.
Councillor Mrs Routledge had received complaints over dogs barking and loud music emanating in Drury Street. The complainant to be advised to contact the District Council's Environmental Health Department.
From a report by Councillor Mrs Routledge it was AGREED to ask the District Council to look into the question of protecting two bay and one holly tree at the rear of the old Post Office.
Councillor Mrs Webb reported that although the County Council had cleaned some of the traffic signs in the village others had been overlooked. County Council to be notified accordingly.
Councillor Mrs Routledge reported that she will prepare a report on the Spring for the next Meeting.
From a report by Councillor Dr Alien over the poor state of the highway in Fen Lane the Chairman AGREED to look into the matter.
Councillor Dr Allen was advised by Councillor Chambers that the District Council are to provide parking bays at the Council houses at Sots Hole in the 2003 financial year.
From a report by Councillor Ford the Chairman AGREED to look into the question of horses using the Lovers Walk footpath.
From a report by Councillor Westall it was AGREED to ask the Lincolnshire County Council to look at a new driveway being constructed over the grass verge adjacent to 95 Lincoln Road.
Councillor Mrs Routledge reported that a footway adjacent to 30 Ashdale Close had been fenced-off leading to the Green Lane. The District Council to be asked to look into the matter.

The Meeting closed at 9.40pm