Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 24th June 2003



Dr M J Allen


Mrs J Honisett

Vice Chairman

Mrs R Creasey
P D Ford
R P Harrison
Mrs R Parker

Mrs H H B Routledge

A M Waddington

G V Westall


M Credland

Councillors Mrs P Bradwell County Council
J C Rose District Council
APOLOGIES: Councillors J L Duggins
Mrs A Webb
G W Chambers

District Council

The Minutes of the last Meeting were signed by the Chairman as being a true record.

Mr D Honisett, Village Caretaker, reported that two slates had been broken on the Village Hall roof. He also expressed concern over an apparent increase in traffic speeding through the village, particularly along Prince's Street between the hours of 7.00-9.00am. Matter to be reported to the Police and placed on the Agenda for the next Meeting.
It was also AGREED to discuss parking problems at the next Meeting.

Playing Fields:

Councillor Harrison reported that a suitable site was still being explored for a skate board park and that a decision will be made once the additional land had been purchased.
Councillor Waddington circulated leaflets relating to skate board parks which explained site criteria and how to design out crime. Since the Group had not yet raised any funds for the project it accepted that such action should be taken. It was AGREED that the Parish Council would take no further action at this time.
Village Hall and Car Park:
It was reported that the project to extend the Village Hall was being progressed and on target. It was AGREED a public information board giving details of the project be placed on site once the project commences.
Consideration to be given to submitting grant applications to Lincolnshire County Council, WREN and the Countryside Agency in connection with surfacing the proposed car park.
Zebra Crossing:
It was reported that work had commenced on site to provide a zebra crossing over the Bypass. Following a general discussion it was AGREED for the Forward Planning Sub-committee to consider other sites in the village for such crossings.
Anglian Water:
Councillor Mrs Parker declared an interest and took no part in the discussions.
A copy of a letter had been received from the Environment Agency sent to Anglian Water in connection with the proposed installation of a Sewerage Disposal Outfall (SDO) in Station Road. It would appear that the proposal will not be able to meet the statutory criteria for such installations and consequently the scheme may have to be abandoned. However, Anglian Water are to consider including a scheme to upgrade the sewers in their 2005-2010 capital programme, although it may be given low priority. Therefore, it was AGREED to request an update from Anglian Water and their intentions to eliminate the drainage problems in the village should the proposed SDO not go ahead.
Free Trees:
Following discussion at the last Meeting it was AGREED to accept the Lincolnshire County Council's offer of 25No. free trees. Members to give consideration on suitable locations for planting the trees.

Letter from Wilkin, Chapman, Epton and Blades enclosing a letter from North Kesteven District Council
explaining they are not yet in a position to draft the Transfer of land to the Parish Council in relation to
the Shiregate Play Park.
Letter from Blankney Parish Council requesting a dog waste bin be sited at the Parish boundary adjacent to the cemetery, which was AGREED.
Letter from Miss K Holmes, Billinghay, regarding the poor state of the Railway Station car park and an accident she suffered on 29th May 2003, when she sprained her ankle in a pot hole. After due consideration it was again AGREED to write to Central Trains requesting them to carry out resurfacing
From a report by the Vice Chairman it was also AGREED to contact Ruskington Parish Council in respect of recent similar work which has been carried out at Ruskington Railway Station.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing a questionnaire in connection with updating their
Leisure Directory, which has now been completed by MACLA.
Letter from Miss Beverley Andrews, High Street, seeking financial support from the Parish Council for a Girl Guides UK visit to Belarus this July. After due consideration it was AGREED that the Parish Council would be unable to assist her on this occasion since their policy is to only support projects which will benefit the parishioners.
Letter from Wilsford Parish Council expressing concern over the apparent deterioration of bus services on the Lincoln to Grantham route, which was duly noted.
Copy of a letter sent by Councillor Waddington to the Lincolnshire County Council in response to their Draft Bus Information Strategy and also a copy of a survey Rail Future had carried out at Metheringham Railway Station. Following lengthy discussion the Chairman advised Councillor Waddington that such reports and/or surveys should made available to the Parish Council for comment before being finalised.

Councillor Rose had no matters to raise for discussion.
From her question Councillor Mrs Bradwell was informed that no further information had been received from the County Council in connection with the Chance to Share Agreement. Therefore, it was AGREED to pursue the matter with them.

From the last Meeting the following Sub-committees were elected;
Street Lighting Sub-committee:
Councillors Duggins, Harrison and Westall.
Joint Management Committee:
Councillors Dr Allen, Ford and Harrison.

From discussion at the last Meeting it was reported by the Clerk that MACLA are to arrange a meeting with all interested parties to discuss the design and materials for a new Village Cross.

Councillor Waddington presented a report in response to requests he had received from six local residents for additional street lighting on an open space adjacent to their old peoples dwellings in Princess Margaret Avenue. He was informed by Councillor Rose that the area in question was the responsibility of the District Council and therefore he would raise the matter with them.
It was further AGREED for Members to look into any other poorly lit areas of the village for future consideration.

The following applications were considered;

39/0662/03 Installation of customer toilets at Mowgli Indian Restaurant for Mr T Miah SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/0692/03 3.5m extension to tower for 3 additional antenna at NTL Transmitting Station on The Moorlands Trading Estate for NTL Group Ltd APPLICATION QUERIED
  It is understood there is a legal restrictive covenant of 10m maximum height for such a structures on this estate.
39/0727/03 Erection of 12 dwellings (change of house types) at land offLincoln Road for
Chanceoption Developments Ltd
  In principal the Parish Council have no objection to the proposal, subject to there being sufficient capacity at the sewage treatment works.

It was PROPOSED by Councillor Mrs Honisett SECONDED by Councillor Westell that the  accounts be passed and paid. CARRIED

Councillor Harrison had received complaints from local residents that rail passengers were parking their vehicles in Pullman Close. Whilst the Parish Council are unable to resolve the problem it is hoped the situation will improve once the railway car park has been repaired and possibly extended. Councillor Mrs Routledge reported that the storm water sewer in Drury Street was blocked. Matter to be reported to Anglian Water.
Councillor Routledge reported that the hedge along Station Road was somewhat overgrown. Lincolnshire County Council to be informed.
Councillor Rose was advised that the County Council are to install yellow enhancement plates to the speed limit signs along the B1189, once they have been received from the manufacturers.
Councillor Westall confirmed that he and his wife wished to donate a seat for the village, which was gratefully accepted. Councillor Westall to choose and order the seat and consideration to be given for a suitable location.
From a request by the Vice Chairman consideration to be given to remove a small section of hedge adjacent to the War Memorial railings to accommodation the new Notice Board. The Vice Chairman advised that the Parish Council may have to incorporate a disabled toilet in the public conveniences under the Disable Discrimination Act which comes into force in 2004. Advice to be sought from the Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils.

The Meeting closed at 9.45pm