Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes 04/2006 of Metheringham Annual Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 25th July 2006 at 7.15pm in the Village Hall


Councillors Dr M J Allen Chairman
Mrs J Honisett Vice Chairman
Mrs R Creasey
K Finter
P D Ford
K Parkinson
A M Waddington
Mrs A F Webb
G W Chambers District Council
Clerk Ms S N Wetherall

1. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the Parish Council Meeting. Copies of the agenda were available for members of the public.


2.1 Police report

Unfortunately Police Constable Carl Annall, was not in attendance to give the Police Report. There have been 5 crimes reported in the parish over the last month. These relate to 3 offences of damage, 1 theft and 1 arson. PCSO Paul Flannigan has just joined the Community Beat Team and is starting to get to know the area. PC Annall has a meeting next week at INFO-Links to establish dates for a local police surgery to be held on the premises, he will notify the PC in due course. It became apparent at the meeting that crimes which have been reported to the Police in the last 2 weeks are not in the Police Report, this matter is to be pursued by the Clerk.

2.2 Public Forum

2.2.1 There were no questions or statements from the public.

2.3 Reports from representatives on outside bodies

2.3.1 Nothing to report from the County Councillor.

2.3.2 Nothing to report from the District Councillor.

2.3.3 To receive reports from other outside bodies – A report was given from the Joint Management Committee – It was stated the School have no concept of the lease held by Lincolnshire County Council. The School have raised concerns over costs of the up keep to the grounds and general maintenance. There are Health and Safety issues regarding the Changing Rooms, and the problems of dog fouling on the playing field. A meeting is being held on 27 th July 2006 with HBS and the PC to discuss outstanding issues.


3.1 Apologies for absence and reasons given

Councillor P Bradwell
Councillor Mrs H Morrison
Councillor Mrs R Parker
Councillor J C Rose
Councillor G V Westall
Reasons for absence accepted by the Council.

3.2 To receive declarations of interest

Cllr Mrs Honisett for item 3.14.

3.3 Notes of the last meeting held on 27 th June 2006, to be approved as the minutes – the signing of the minutes was proposed by Cllr Mrs Honisett and seconded by Cllr Ford with all in favour.

3.4 Clerks Report - Wet lagoon on Shiregate have contacted NKDC to find out if it belongs to them waiting reply from Dale Brain.

Reported at the last meeting concerns about the amount of bricks and rubble being placed at the site of the old kennels at the Station contacted NKDC, Dale Brain waiting reply.

Concerns were raised at the last meeting about a German Shepherd dog and should it be wearing a muzzle. I have contacted the dog warden, but have been informed it may be a police issue.

All of the following items were raised a the last meeting; bush overhanging footpath on the corner of Princess Margaret Avenue and Prince’s Street I have contacted LCC Highways and it has been removed. Overhanging bush on High Street. Footpaths on Princess Margaret Avenue and Alfred Avenue have all been reported to LCC Highways. Pot holes on Manor Lane and soil erosion on bank Manor Lane all reported to LCC highways 29-06-06.

Letter received from Mrs Wiseman re: Metheringham not being a very pleasant place to live. I have sent a letter of reply. I have now received another letter.

House 2 Shiregate which had moved their fence beyond the boundary, have now moved it but not back to its original position. I have contacted Shirley Barlow again for advice.

Repair of seats one near Amelia’s has been repaired, the other one near Great Barrier Reef Chip shop is beyond repair, it has been suggested that a new one is required, it was resolved a new seat is to be purchased the Clerk is to get 3 quotes.

Letter received from Christine Drewett – in response to an article in MACLA by Cllr Mrs Honisett about dog fouling and the use of dog bins. The letter is thanking the PC for their efforts and the number of dog waste bins around the village.

Any other business will not be on the Agenda from next month – as we are working towards a Quality Council it stipulates that all items to be discussed at the meeting need to be itemized on the agenda. If anyone has any issues which would normally be raised in AOB, please contact the Clerk as soon as you are aware of a problem and it can either be added to the Agenda or the Clerks Report.

Following on from the above any problems that are to be reported to NKDC or LCC Highways I am quite willing to continue reporting. However major projects such as a request for a new street light, must go to the working group.

3.5 Matters Outstanding

3.5.1 Parish Dog Warden Services – A meeting is to be arranged with the Clerk, and the dog warden for the annual review. ACTION: Clerk

3.5.2 Fayre & Feast – The next meeting of the working group will take place on 24 th August. Posters have been placed around the village and enquiries are being made. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Parker/Working Group

3.5.3 Fen Lane/Tanvats – Brian Creasey’s previous offer of land being given for the turning circle has now been withdrawn. Cllr Mrs Bradwell is to visit him to try and resolve the situation. The Clerk is to e-mail Cllr Mrs Bradwell for a report on the situation. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Bradwell/Chairman

3.5.4 Chance to Share and related issues – A meeting is arranged for 27 th July with HBS, Cllr Mrs Bradwell and PC. The School do not like the lease. HBS consider the lease to be a major County Council asset. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Bradwell/Chairman

3.5.5 Village Hall Management issues – A new part time manager and booking secretary have been appointed. Dot Howes has volunteered her services as Treasurer and the Clerk is to be the Secretary. The only outstanding position is for the Chairman. The Clerk is to organize a committee meeting, Dr Allen will chair the 1st meeting. ACTION: Chairman

3.5.6 Village play parks & Youths Recreation Area – Cllr Finter reported he has received 3 quotes for the painting of the fence at the Princes Street Park. It was resolved the work will be carried out by Tony Deakin at a cost of £ 275.00 This was proposed by Cllr Mrs Webb and seconded by Cllr Mrs Creasey with all in favour.

The Shiregate Play park is still attracting youths late at night, and causing a disturbance to residents. Cllr Mrs Honisett suggested a proposal to move the play equipment in to the centre of the open space with a small perimeter fence. A letter has been received from Mrs S Drake the owner of Field Farm House, stating they may be willing to purchase the land. The Clerk is to write to Mrs Drake suggesting they have the land valued, and inform them the land will have certain covenants which will state it will be for a garden only and they will not be able to build on it.

The Clerk is to also get a valuation of the land and contact NKDC – Michael Samson because of the 106 agreement. ACTION: Cllr Finter/Chairman/Clerk

3.5.7 New pavilion and changing rooms – A meeting has taken place between PC and Metheringham Swimming Pool Association. The project can now move forward, a meeting is to be arranged with the architect to finalize drawings. However we still await agreement from Lincolnshire County Council for this project to go ahead. ACTION: Chairman

3.5.8 Public Conveniences – The purchase of hand-driers is still ongoing. A meeting took place with the Public Conveniences Caretaker, Cllr Mrs Honisett and the Clerk, various improvements are to be made. ACTION: Clerk

3.5.9 Remembrance Sunday – A meeting is to be arranged with the Reverend Charles Sowden, Chairman and Cllr Mrs Honisett. The Clerk is to get 3 quotes for lights to be fitted. The Clerk is to arrange for the flag pole and seats to be painted. Cllr Westall is to confirm arrangements for a bugler. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Honisett/Cllr Westall/Clerk

3.5.10 New notice board – this is still ongoing, Cllr Mrs Parker has spoken to Allen Signs again but they have not yet been to collect the keys from any of the key holders, Cllr Mrs Honisett is to contact them. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Honisett

3.5.11 Gate between Squash Court, Public Conveniences and Village Hall – The Clerk is to arrange a meeting with the Chairman, Squash Club and Blankney Estates. ACTION: Clerk/Chairman

3.5.12 New Litter Bin Shiregate – A request has been made for a new bin to be erected on Shiregate. Clerk to review situation. ACTION: Clerk

3.5.13 Village Centre Developments – Arts NK and Peter Fender have produced a DVD with the results of the workshops that were held in the village. A follow up meeting is to be held on 19 th September 2006 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall, everyone is welcome. Cllr Ford is to produce a poster to advertise the event. ACTION: Chairman/Clerk/Ford

3.5.14 Consider Insurance issues relating to all PC assets – Cllr Ford and the Chairman are in the process of arranging a meeting with an insurance broker. ACTION: Cllr Ford/Chairman

At this point the meeting was adjourned for tea, coffee and biscuits.

3.6 New Business

3.6.1 To resolve that Councillors receiving expenses will not vote or take part in any discussion, when this is raised as an item on the agenda, on the grounds that it could be seen as a prejudicial interest, this was proposed by Cllr Ford and seconded by Cllr Mrs Creasey with all in favour.

3.6.2 To resolve a request from Nikki Williams of Mission X – Youth Club to carry out an environmental project over the August bank holiday weekend, this is to include litter picking and bulb planting it was agreed the litter picking should be carried out along the bottom of the hedgerows and the Playing field. The general thought about the bulb planting was it was the wrong time of year, but it could be done at the end of September/October.

3.7 Correspondence

3.7.1 To note general correspondence – duly noted.

3.7.2 To consider correspondence requiring action by the Council

a) Lincolnshire County Council – ‘GO FOR IT’ programme for children aged between 11 – 18 years to be held in Metheringham on 4 th August from 3pm to 8.30pm.

b) Letter received from Mrs S Drake of Field Farm House, regarding the possible removal of the play Park and their request to purchase the land. ACTION: Clerk

3.8 Planning

3.8.1 To note a report from the planning committee

Planning Applications:-

The Planning Committee meeting on Wednesday 12 th July was cancelled.

The following have been granted planning permission:

Ref: N/39/0526/06 – Continued stationing of mobile home, The Quarry, Heath Lane, Metheringham

Ref: N/39/0387/06 – Single storey rear extension at 15 Station Road, Metheringham

A second and revised application has been received from Lincolnshire County Council to provide a bus lay-by facility within the school grounds to include 8 staff parking bays, at Metheringham County Primary School, Princes Street, Metheringham. As the revised plans are exactly what we had suggested in our letter of 6 th February objecting to the first proposal, I would suggest that I write a letter in support of the application and thanking the LCC for taking our suggestions into consideration.

Before the next Planning Committee meeting decisions need to be made with reference to:

N/39/0814/06 – Proposal: Loft conversion to include creation of dormer extension at 39 Sleaford Road, Metheringham. In their original form these plans were refused, but the amended plans take into consideration the impact viewed from the road, and are much more in keeping with the symmetry of the existing building. There were no comments on this.

N/39/0817/06 – Proposal: Two storey side extension, demolish outhouses and erect single storey extension at 27 Lincoln Road, Metheringham. The application states that it is proposed that surface water runs into the foul water system. This only adds to the existing problems, and the PC object to this proposal, as all surface water should go into the land drain. I think we may also need to comment on the design of the garage, as the pitch of the roof appears very steep. However, having visited the site, the proposal would tidy up the site considerably, and I would have no problems with the rest of these plans.

3.8.2 To consider a planning application for 31b High Street, Metheringham, to erect a 3 storey, 3 bedroom house, this was discussed at length, the main concern being the height of the building would not be in keeping with the other houses on the same side of the street. Sewage problems all surface water should go into the land drain and not the sewage system. The planning application was very strongly objected to.

The Planning Committee is scheduled to meet next on Wednesday 9 th August 2006 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.

3.9 Financial matters

3.9.1 To consider accounts for payment

Payment to

Amount £

ABB Ltd Street Lighting Repairs


Village Hall Hire


Paul Scholey – Gardens VHC


Village Caretaker


Public Toilet Caretaker


Clerk Salary + Expenses


Parish Dog Warden Services


Inland Revenue


Powergen – Street Lights


Etatron – MSPA Chemicals


Service Team – Grass Cutting


Gary Allbones – Litter bins




Cllr Mrs Creasey proposed payment of accounts, Cllr Finter seconded, with 1 abstention (Cllr Mrs Honisett) and 5 were in favour.

3.9.2 To receive a report from the RFO on the PC finances – The RFO reported invoices from ABB Ltd re: damage to 2 street lights, the PC are unsure whether the lights are Parish Council responsibility. Cllr Chambers to be contacted to establish who is responsible. It was resolved if they do belong to the PC replacements should be carried out as suggested by ABB, this was proposed by Cllr Mrs Creasey and seconded by Cllr Mrs Honisett with all in favour.

3.10 Any Other Business

3.10.1 Cllr Mrs Webb – Has received several requests for a drop curb to be placed on the corner of Station Road and Manor Lane. Clerk to contact LCC Highways. ACTION: Clerk

3.10.2 Cllr Mrs Webb – Stated her husband Mr B Webb wishes to resign his services as spokesperson between the village and Anglian Water due to health reasons. This is to be added to next months agenda. ACTION: Clerk

3.10.3 Cllr Waddington – Stated TV Licences can no longer be bought from the Post Office, but in future they can be purchased from D & K News on High Street, Metheringham.

3.10.4 Cllr Waddington – Both of the Fish and Chip shops in the village have reached the finals of the best Fish and Chip Shop Competition. A letter of congratulations is to be sent by the PC.

3.10.5 Cllr Mrs Creasey – Informed the PC that trees have been cut on Lincoln Road and LCC Highways had done a good job.

3.10.6 Cllr Finter – expressed concern about the state of the grass verges around the village especially on Shiregate. It is felt the areas look untidy because LCC Highways are responsible for some of the verges and NKDC other areas, a cycle needs to be resolved. ACTION: Clerk

3.10.7 Cllr Finter – expressed concern about the hedges next to the duck pond and in the Shiregate Play Park. The Clerk is to contact NKDC. ACTION: Clerk

3.10.8 Cllr Finter – reported 2 street lights that are not working on Cavalry Court. Clerk to report. ACTION: Clerk

3.10.9 Cllr Finter – expressed concern about a tree overhanging the footway on Paddock Lane. Clerk to report to NKDC. ACTION: Clerk

3.11 Date and venue of next meeting – Tuesday 29 th August 2006 in the Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 10.30pm




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