Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.15pm on Tuesday 26th July 2005


Councillors Dr. M.J. Allen Chairman
Mrs. J. Honisett Vice Chairman (and Acting Clerk)
Mrs. R. Creasey
J.L. Duggins
P.D. Ford
Mrs. R. Parker
Mrs. H. Routledge
A.M. Waddington
Mrs. A.F. Webb
G.V. Westall
G.W. Chambers District Council

1. Welcome by the Chairman. Copies of the agenda were available for members of the public. Councillor Mrs. Parker apologised for being slightly late.


2.1 Police report. In the absence of any Police Officers Councillor Mrs. Routledge reported there have been five incidents in the past month, namely: an assault on the school bus; theft from a garden in Shiregate; theft from property in Meadow Close; theft and damage to property in Lime Tree Avenue; and damage at the swimming pool. Two other incidents had occurred, one being a fire on glebe lane and the other an assault at the Star & Garter public house, neither of which appeared on the police report. Those running the REAL bus will try to do something with the Youth Club. ASBO leaflets will now go out with the MACLA magazine.

2.2 Public Forum. There were no members of the public present.

3.1 Apologies for absence:
Councillor Mrs. P. Bradwell
Councillor J.C. Rose
Councillor R.P. Harrison

3.2 To receive declarations of interest: Personal interest from Councillor Mrs. Routledge under item 3.5.9; Councillors Mrs. Creasey, Ford, Mrs. Routledge and Waddington under item 3.5.11; and Councillor Waddington under item 3.5.13. Prejudicial interest from Councillor Mrs. Honisett interest in item 3.9.

3.3 Minutes of the meeting held on 28th June 2005
Under item 3.1 Councillor Waddington was unhappy his apologies were not recorded. The Chairman signed the minutes as being a true record.

3.4 Matters arising not on the agenda

3.4.1 Police meeting. Councillor Mrs. Routledge reported that members of the Lincolnshire Police force are prepared to come to an open meeting to discuss youth problems, lack of policing and anything else. They need eight weeks warning. Councillor Dr. Allen will chair the meeting, with an address by a Police Officer, and parishioners will be invited to ask questions. There appear to be few complaints to the police from the village, but these may increase before the end of the school holidays. It was agreed to go ahead with arranging a meeting, hopefully a weekday in mid October, and this could be advertised widely in the MACLA magazine.
ACTION Cllr Mrs Routledge

3.5 Matters outstanding

3.5.1 Grass cutting – Councillor Rose has followed this up.

3.5.2 Litter bins – in hand.

3.5.3 Skateboard park – the North Kesteven District Council (NKDC) mobile skateboard park will be in the Star & Garter car park on Saturday 30th July and Friday 2nd September between 10am and 4pm. This will cost £120 per day, with four days costing £300. It measures 10 metres by 20 metres, and those using it will be charged £1 a head per visit. Councillor Dr. Allen feels it is a good opportunity to learn about related noise problems, and Mrs. Dot Howes, village correspondent, will arrange for a photographer to come. It was proposed that the PC will pay the £240 for the mobile Skateboard Park to gain experience, and all were in favour.
ACTION Cllr Mrs Routledge and Waddington

3.5.4 Fayre and Feast – Councillor Mrs. Parker reported on a meeting held on 11th July. All is progressing well, and the official guest list was read out. These guests need to be greeted on behalf of the village, with a proper meeting place. All Parish Councillors should meet in the Village Hall at 6.30pm on Friday 21st October for a briefing. The tea will be in the Scarf & Goggles. The insurance has been arranged and Councillor Mrs. Routledge is liaising with Mr. Credland about collection and payment of monies. It was suggested a letter goes to all commercial premises, in the hope they will decorate their property and all the centre of the village. Mrs. Sally Wilson of MACLA is to be asked about bunting, and everyone is to be encouraged to decorate their houses.
ACTION Cllr Mrs Parker / Working Party

3.5.5 New seat, Lincoln Road – site for seat has been agreed with Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) Highways, and Mr. Peter Garrick will carry out this work shortly.

3.5.6 Fen Lane/Tanvats – no progress but still in hand. ACTION Chairman

3.5.7 Chance to Share and related issues – a meeting has been arranged with Mr. Posnett and Mr. Snaith for Wednesday 24th August. Councillor Dr. Allen will call a meeting of the Forward Planning group before then. ACTION Chairman

3.5.8 Outside light on pavilion – still outstanding. ACTION Cllr Duggins

3.5.9 Village Hall management issues – the PC has received a copy of the Trustees’ Annual Report and the Receipts and Payments Accounts. After the summer Councillor Dr. Allen plans to have another meeting with the Village Hall Committee and the Forward Planning Group.
ACTION Chairman

3.5.10 Shiregate play park – Councillors Dr. Allen and Mrs. Honisett met at NKDC District Office with Mr. Michael Samson, members from Planning and the two District Councillor. Following discussions, it was agreed that any option is a possibility, but may need agreement from other people, i.e. the developer. Any agreement would also be subject to Planning Approval and agreement by NKDC. Mr. Samson and others at the meeting consider that Metheringham PC should meet all costs, but this was not acceptable to the PC. The argument put forward was that because the PC asked for the fence to be put up the PC should pay for taking it down and also for moving the play equipment (if it is moved), but it was pointed out that the PC did not ask for the play equipment to be put in its current position. NKDC accepted responsibility when they carried out the survey of local residents and were going to remove the equipment without consulting the PC.

Options discussed were:

1. Monitor the situation with resident diaries, which would be filled in over a three month period. If there were only two or three complaints it would not justify the expense of moving the equipment.
2. Remove the fencing.
3. Install CCTV – may be possible to obtain a grant and the police needed to be contacted about this.
4. Relocate play equipment – either to centre of the open space, spaced out around the area, or to another area of Shiregate altogether.
5. Sell the land to pay for moving equipment.

The PC needs to look at all the issues, taking into consideration the costs of moving the fence to the back and sides of the area. The diaries need to go out, and any decision to be made after talking to Shiregate residents, and not by a show of hands at a public meeting.
ACTION Chairman

3.5.11 New pavilion and changing rooms – a Business Plan must be put forward, and must include tenders for work. This needs to be done before grants can be applied for. Councillor Dr. Allen proposed:

Motion 1 - that this Council will appoint Clive Wicks Associates to carry out the following:
1. To prepare full design drawings for the invitation of tenders for the new Pavilion and Changing Rooms.
2. Once funding is available too fully administer the project.
The above work to be carried out at a cost of 4% of the total construction cost.

Two notes accompany the motion, namely:
a) In the unlikely event that funding is not available, charges for stage 1 of this project will be made on the following basis: Principal - £60 per hour; Associate/Senior Technologist - £45 per hour; Technologist - £30 per hour. Funds are available to cover this work from the JMC, MACLA and the PC.
b) Tenders will be administered in accordance with PC Standing Orders.

Motion 2 – the Chairman will work with all interested parties to prepare a management structure for the administration of the new Pavilion and Changing Rooms.

Councillor Mrs. Parker was informed that the internal design could be changed but the external design should stay the same. No trees should need to be removed.

Councillor Westall proposed the PC should go ahead. Councillor Duggins seconded the motions, and there was unanimous approval.
ACTION Chairman

3.5.12 Public conveniences – work should start on Monday 1st August. ACTION Acting Clerk

3.5.13 Swimming Pool Association – financial aid from the PC will need to be held in check until other issues are sorted out, but there is a possibility of grant aid. ACTION Chairman

3.5.14 Fencing at Village Hall – Mr. John Allen is willing to do the work at a cost of £200, with the PC supplying Cuprinol and brushes. Councillor Mrs. Parker proposed that Mr. Allen be asked to do this work. Councillor Mrs. Creasey seconded the motion, and all were in favour. ACTION Cllr Mrs Parker

3.5.15 Allotments – this is ongoing. ACTION Acting Clerk

3.5.16 Access to playing field – Neil Squires has agreed to do the work, and will meet with Councillors Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Creasey to see which branches need removing. PC in agreement. ACTION Cllr Mrs Parker

3.5.17 Speed of vehicles on Lincoln Road – Councillor Mrs. Honisett has been in correspondence with Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership who will monitor situation and report back. Mr. Handley has been informed.

3.5.18 Trees in Park Crescent – work is being done in Pullman Close, and Councillor Mrs. Honisett is waiting to hear back from Mr. David Kolebuk, NKDC, concerning trees in Park Crescent. ACTION Acting Clerk

3.5.19 Replacement of eroded concrete light posts – Councillor Westall confirmed these need replacing and proposed the work be done according to the quotations submitted by ABB on 16th June at a cost of £1,521 plus VAT. All in agreement. ACTION Acting Clerk

3.5.20 Village car park gardens – Councillor Mrs. Honisett is awaiting a site meeting with Derek Cook of the Probationary Service. Neil Squires will be asked to put down mulch in the autumn. ACTION Acting Clerk

3.5.21 Pavement on north side of Lincoln Road – it was agreed that a letter should be written to LCC Highways with this request. ACTION Acting Clerk

3.5.22 30mph road signs – work has been done.

3.6 Reports from representatives on outside bodies:

3.6.1 To receive a report from the County Councillor – no report.

3.6.2 To receive a report from the District Councillor – Councillor Chambers informed the meeting that £15,000 from NKDC has been added to the Metheringham environmental improvement scheme. The £185,000 is made up of £25,000 this year and £160,000 next year. He will also supply the PC with copies of MACLA committee meetings to go on file, and to be copied if necessary.

3.6.3 From the Village Hall – see item 3.5.9

3.6.4 From the Swimming Pool – see item 3.5.13

3.7 New Business
To consider a report on a meeting relating to sewer infrastructure and planning issues – this took place at NKDC offices on 15th July between Stephen Archer, NKDC Environmental Services; Nick Harding, NKDC Planning; Ian Rule, Anglian Water; and Councillors Dr. Allen, Chambers and Mrs. Webb. Improvements to Metheringham sewer infrastructure to be made in 07/08, which is year 3 of a 5 year programme. There is a 95% certainty this will happen but a major problem could put the work back. Planning applications are considered on a case by case basis. If there is an indication that the foul water will increase planning is refused. Private treatment works could be acceptable if they satisfy strict criteria. Planning approval could also be given subject to work starting on the infrastructure. The Chanceoption appeal could become a test case. If they win it could open the “flood gates”, as there would no longer be grounds for stopping new developments.

Councillor Routledge asked what happens if, after planning permission is granted, things go wrong. This would be the responsibility of the Environment Agency, who advise Anglian Water. Reports in the press about flooding in Caroline Road have been greatly exaggerated.

3.8 Correspondence

3.8.1 To note general correspondence – duly noted
a) from LCC concerning Lincolnshire Waste Local Plan: Revised Deposit.
b) from NKDC – Declaration of Interests form, revisions.

3.8.2 To consider correspondence requiring action by the Council
c) from Mr. W.T. Saunders, Public Convenience Caretaker, giving two weeks notice. It was decided to advertise in both notice boards, and to close the public conveniences whilst work is being done (ref. Item 3.5.12). The costs of agency cleaning need to be considered, and Mr. John Allen is to be asked if he is interested. ACTION Acting Clerk
d) from LCC Draft Statement of Community Involvement in planning. ACTION Planning Committee
e) from LALC – booking form for AGM & Conference on 5th November. Councillors Dr. Allen, Mrs. Honisett and Waddington expressed interest in going. ACTION Acting Clerk
f) from NKDC – Parish Surveying. Highways working party to complete this, and copy for councillors. ACTION Working Party
g) from NKDC solicitor – Model Code of Conduct. This to be discussed at meeting on 28th July. Councillor Mrs. Parker recorded her apologies for this meeting.
h) from NKDC – Electoral Review of Wards by the Boundary Committee – Metheringham Parish Council. After discussion it was agreed that Metheringham Fen Ward needs its own representative and the PC is unanimous in wishing to retain the Fen Ward. ACTION Acting Clerk
i) from Councillor R.P. Harrison, tendering his resignation from Metheringham Parish Council. The Acting Clerk to speak to the Electoral Officer at NKDC. It was agreed to thank Councillor Harrison for his work, and wish him well in the future. ACTION Acting Clerk/Chairman
j) from NKDC concerning Linkline, asking if councillors have received their copy. Situation to be monitored and reported back.
k) arising from Village Hall Management Committee comments, it was noted there are problems with the new notice board which need rectifying. ACTION Cllr Mrs Parker

3.9 Planning
To note a report from the Planning Committee
Ref: N/39/0911/05 – Proposal: Extension to dwelling at Roman Close, Metheringham. There were no comments or objections made.

Ref: N/39/0855/05 – Proposal: Change of use plus alterations to form children’s nursery at Sleaford Road, Metheringham. At the last Parish Council meeting it was agreed for the Parish Council chairman and any available members of the Planning Committee to visit the site. After this visit it was agreed there were no objections to the application but PC asked for the following comments to be taken into consideration. Visibility needs to be increased for vehicles entering and leaving the site, and PC would suggest the existing hedge is lowered to no more than one metre. Plans of proposed usage should be discussed in detail with neighbours in view of the proposed change of use.

Planning permission has been refused for:
1) Erection of illuminated advertisement and 2 non-illuminated advance advertisement signs, Nocton Heath Truckstop and Country Kitchen, Sleaford Road, Lincoln. It was noted that these are still in position.
2) Display of directional sign at land adjacent to quarry close to junction of Metheringham, Heath Lane with Sleaford Road
3) Display of directional sign at lane adjacent to Truck Stop, north of B1202 on A15 (Lincoln Road)

The Planning Committee meets next on Wednesday 10th August 2005 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.

Two further applications need attention before the next Planning Committee meeting. These are:
Ref: N/39/0960/05 – Proposal: Erection of single storey side extension at 91 Prince’s Street, Metheringham. After some discussion it was decided the PC has no objection to this proposal.

Ref: N/39/0901/05 – Proposal: Erection of garage/carport/garden shed and new 2 metre garden walling at 33 Middle Street, Metheringham. Councillor Mrs. Honisett, having declared a prejudicial interest, left the building. After some discussion it was decided the PC has no objection to this proposal.

3.10 Financial matters
3.10.1 To consider accounts for payment
Village Caretaker’s salary 199.49
ARMS Personnel 722.00
St. Wilfrid’s Church 6.00
Inland Revenue 56.26
Acting Clerk 41.22
Bonnett Chemicals 88.08
Metheringham Village Hall 33.38
ABB Ltd 26.26
Service Team Ltd. 101.34
Parish Dog Warden Services 257.83
Public Conveniences Caretaker 170.50

All in agreement that accounts should be paid

3.10.2 To receive a report from the RFO on the Parish finances – duly received. The names of the RFO, Chairman and Vice Chairman are now on mandates held by Lloyds Bank.

3.11 Any Other Business
3.11.1 Someone has slipped on gravel on pavement outside 43 High Street. Councillor Mrs. Honisett to contact Malcolm Greenfield, LCC Highways.
3.11.2 Branches are overhanging footpath at 15-17 Lincoln Road. Malcolm Greenfield to be contacted.
3.11.3 Overhead barrier at Playing Field car park – being repaired by EKN, but need to check on how it is being done.
ACTION Above items to be progressed by Acting Clerk

3.12 Date and venue of next meeting: Tuesday 30th August 2005 at 7.15pm in the Village Hall.


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