Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 27th July 2004



Dr M J Allen



Mrs J Honisett

Vice Chairman

    Mrs R Creasey  
    J L Duggins  
    P D Ford  
Mrs R Parker
    Mrs H H B Routledge  
    A M Waddington  

A. F. Webb

    G V Westall  


M Credland

    Mrs P Bradwell County Council
    G W Chambers District Council
1. APOLOGIES: Councillors

R P Harrison


    G V Westall  
    J C Rose District Council
  Police PC R Parker  

Under Item 4 (o/iii) of the previous Minutes it was accepted that the yew hedge to be looked at and not trimmed back. With this amendment the Chairman signed the Minutes of the last Meeting as a true record.

Councillor Mrs Routledge presented a report from the police showing a wall had been damaged in Fen Road and thefts recorded in Kings Road, Station Road, Meadow Close, Shiregate and Metheringham Heath. It was considered that Neighbourhood Watch schemes should be instigated by the police and that an article be included in the next edition of the MACLA Magazine. ACTION: Councillor Ford

a) Children's Playground:
Councillor Duggins reported that the new swings and safety surface had now been installed.
b) Street Lighting:
Matter was still being considered. ACTION: ScSL
c) Notice Board:
Councillor Mrs Parker reported that Lincoln Co-operative Society had now agreed for the siting of a new village notice board adjacent to their premises and consequently she had received a quotation from Messrs Alien Signs Limited to carry out the work for the sum of £860.64 plus VAT, which was AGREED. It was further AGREED for drawings to be presented and that Councillors Mrs Honisett and Mrs Routledge be key holders. ACTION: ScWMOS
d) Public Conveniences:
It was reported that the tenders for the Unisex Disabled Toilet will now be received by the next Meeting.
e) Floodlighting at the War Memorial:
Councillor Mrs Parker reported that photographs had been sent to the lighting specialists and their reports were now awaited. ACTION: ScWMOS
f) Skate Board Park:
No further report presented.
g) Spring:
Councillor Mrs Parker reported that the solicitors were still looking into the question of boundary ownership. ACTION: ScWMOS
h) War Memorial: It was AGREED for arrangements to be made for trimming back the yew boundary hedge. ACTION: ScWMOS
i) Litter Bins:

Following discussion on the provision of new litter bins, particularly along the High Street, it was AGREED to leave the matter in abeyance until after information has been received from the District Council on an Act of Parliament relating to commercial premises and the responsibilities of owners to keep their frontages tidy. ACTION: Clerk
j) Forward Planning Sub-committee:
It was reported that the proposed plans for the provision of new changing rooms, toilets, showers, etc were being progressed and that the matter is to be discussed at the next MACLA meeting on Tuesday 10th August 2004. ACTION: ScPF
k) Leylandii trees in Park Crescent:
It was reported that the District Council are looking at removing some of the trees. The Sub-committee to seek the views of surrounding residents. ACTION: ScWMOS
l) Kings Road:
It was reported that Mrs Heading, King's Road, had been advised to inform the police of incidents of speeding vehicles along Kings Road. m) Police Forum:
Councillor Mrs Routledge reported that the last Local Police and Community Forum held at Nocton Village Hall had been very positive and that the police are to arrange for a traffic warden to patrol outside the Co-op and school. Councillor Mrs Routledge to discuss the possibility of re-routing buses along Drury Street with the police with a view to reducing parking problems in this area of the village. ACTION: Councillor Mrs Routledge
n) Prince's Street:
Councillor Mrs Parker reported that the question of stone aggregate lorries travelling along Prince's Street had now been resolved.

No matters were raised for discussion.

No outstanding reports were presented.

a) Letter from North Kesteven District Council advising that the 2003 Drinking Quality Reports are now available from Anglian Water Limited.
b) Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing a street numbering schedule for the new properties in Westfield Close.
c) Letter from North Kesteven District Council with an invitation to attend a consultation meeting on crime and disorder in their offices at 7.30pm on Wednesday 25th August 2004. Councillors Mrs Routledge and Waddington AGREED to attend. ACTION: Councillors Mrs Routledge and Waddington
d) Letter from The Boundary Commission enclosing details of a review of North Kesteven District Council's electoral arrangements.
e) Letter from Lincolnshire County Council enclosing a copy of their Deposit Draft for the Lincolnshire Waste Local Plan.
f) Three letters from Mrs J Wiseman, Alfred Avenue, expressing dissatisfaction over the Parish Council's decision not to site a dog waste bin adjacent to her property. Mrs Wiseman to be informed that the contents of her letters have been duly noted. ACTION: Clerk

The following applications were considered;
39/0986/04 Extension and alterations to form children's daycare facility at Townsend Way for Mrs A Smith
Concern expressed over location in residential area, additional traffic generation, lack of parking and noise and disturbance to adjoining properties.
39/1007/04 Construction of 5 houses and garages at Lincoln Road for Mr E Dickinson
Concern expressed over impact on foul water sewerage system and access onto Lincoln Road.
39/1009/04 Construction of 10 houses and garages at Barley Close for Mr E Dickinson
Concern expressed over impact on foul water sewerage system and loss of public open space.
39/1054/04 Extensions at White House Farm The Fen for Messrs Rhodes and Webster
Concern expressed over scale and design of the proposed extensions.
39/1055/04 Extension at Highfield House, Princess Margaret Avenue for Mr M Holroyd

It was PROPOSED by Councillor Mrs Routledge SECONDED by Councillor Ford that the following accounts be passed and paid

Parish Dog Warden Services   197.16
Public Conveniences Caretaker's salary 160.50
Village Caretaker Salary 228.00
Clerk's salary and expenses 291.81
Inland Revenue Tax and Nl 189.13
Metheringham Village Hall Hire of room 27.38
Mr JE Allen Cleaning Public Conveniences 121.00
ABB Limited New Street Lights and Repairs 648.25
IPM Limited Woodchip for Children's Playground 240.00
Serviceteam Limited Playing Fields Maintenance 32.72
Newby Leisure Limited Installation of new Swings 1997.50


i) It was reported that Councillor Mrs Bradwell was still pursuing the question of providing road markings at the Lincoln Co-op Stores. ACTION: Councilor Mrs Bradwell
ii) The Chairman reported that the Lincolnshire County Council had allocated finance for carrying out highway subsidence repairs in Metheringham Fen.
iii) Councillor Chambers reported that the recent planning application for a wind assessment mast in Nocton Fen had been refused and the applicants may now appeal against the decision.

i) Councillor Ford reported that the organiser of Metheringham Youth Club had now left the area and that he will raise the question of the Club's future at the next MACLA meeting. ACTION: Councillor Ford
ii) Councillor Mrs Webb was again advised that the County Council will resite the bus stop sign in Station Road at their earliest convenience.
iii) From a report by Councillor Waddington it was AGREED to ask the Public Conveniences Caretaker to remove graffiti from the toilets.
iii) From a report from Councillor Mrs Routledge over obnoxious smells from dog fouling in Church Walk it was AGREED for the Sub-committee to look into the problem. ACTION: ScWMOS
iv) In view of the recent changes to their refuse collection service Councillor Mrs Parker questioned whether litter bins will still be emptied weekly. It was AGREED for Councillor Rose to looked into the matter. ACTION: Councillor Rose
v) In view of the summer recession it was RESOLVED that employees wages and necessary accounts be settled and paid at the end of August. ACTION: Clerk

In the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 28th September 2004.

The Meeting closed at 9.55pm



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