Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 29th July 2003



Dr M J Allen


Mrs J Honisett

Vice Chairman

Mrs R Creasey
P D Ford
R P Harrison
Mrs H H B Routledge

A M Waddington

Mrs A. F. Webb

G V Westall
Councillors Mrs P Bradwell County Council
G W Chambers District Council
1. APOLOGIES: Councillors J L Duggins
Mrs R Parker
J C Rose

District Council


M Credland


Under Correspondence, last paragraph, remove "he" and insert "Rail Future". After this amendment the Chairman signed the Minutes of the last Meeting as being a true record. Action: Clerk


a) Mr. D. Honisett, Village Caretaker, informed the Council the couple living next to the Fish & Chip shop on Princess Margaret Avenue are having problems with adults using the Play Park swings up to 10pm at night. If the Parish Council would provide a chain and padlock, they have volunteered to lock and unlock the swings. It was AGREED to purchase two locks and chains, A letter of intent needs to be provided by the couple, stating they will do this, and that the swings will be locked at dusk. Action: ScCP, Clerk
b) Mrs. Pearse is objecting to the placing of a bus stop sign outside her property on Station Road. She has contacted numerous people since February, but to no avail. Buses have always stopped just past the entrance to the station but not outside her house. Councillor Mrs. Bradwell said the Parish Council, when consulted, could have asked for it not to be placed there. It was right, however, to assume the sign would be put up at the accepted bus stop. It was AGREED that a letter be sent, pointing out the Parish Council's assumption, requesting the sign be moved further west along Station Road, and asking where its opposite number will be sited. Action: Chairman, Clerk


a) Playing Fields: Councillor Ford AGREED to get quotes for work on the access to the Pavilion, as this needs to be done before winter. Dog fouling: suggested contact be made with Steven Archer,
Environmental Health department. It was AGREED that the Clerk should contact Wilsford Parish Council who had obtained free signs from North Kesteven District Council, when they had similar problem and needed to ban all dogs from the Playing Field. As the Parish Dog Warden is doing such a good job, it was AGREED the Vice Chairman ask her to contribute an article for the MACLA magazine. Action: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Cllr Ford, Clerk
b) Village Hall and Car Park: notices have been put up in the Village Hall car park informing the public that work will be starting next week, with fences being erected around about one third of the car park, and building work starting the following week. Work will be going on at the time of the Feast. Thanks were expressed to the Clerk in obtaining a reduction in the building regulation fee. The Parish Council are getting more quotes for the car park work, and applying for grants. Action: Clerk
c) Zebra Crossing: Highways Department have confirmed poles and warning signs are too high, and they deal with it. Beacons are obscured by trees. Action: ScH&FP
d) Anglian Water: SDO will not go ahead, and further work would not be done for the next 5 to 10 years. Other alternatives had been mentioned, but the Council, having turned down the original scheme proposed, does not have information as to what is proposed, how much it will cost, and when it will be in the budget. Action: Clerk

e) Traffic problems: Three police officers monitored speed in Prince's Street for one week, at the instigation of the School. A one-way system could cause problems to those who live in the village. Parents should be encouraged to walk children to school, as their cars cause the problem they are trying to avoid. A request was made for a white line to be painted on the road across the entrance to Co-op car park. Councillor Mrs. Bradwell AGREED to do this. Councillor Ford felt the yellow signs behind 30mph signs are not big enough. It was felt that more Police pressure should be applied to the Highways Department concerning speed limits. Action: Cllr Mrs Bradwell
f) Railway station: Central Trains, not Network Rail, is responsible for the car park at the station. Ruskington Parish Clerk implied their station car park has not been improved. It was AGREED to continue pursuing this matter. Action: Chairman, Clerk

g) Shiregate play park: The Vice Chairman reported that Mr. Saunders no longer wished to lock and unlock the Shiregate play park. She and Mrs. Webb had been doing this, and the Chairman agreed to hold the key. It is hoped a group of interested parents/residents will take this on, and Councillor Rose is hoping to supply a list of those in favour of keeping the play park equipment in the North Kesteven District Council survey. Councillor Mrs. Creasey may have the second key to the padlock. It was suggested the Children's Playground sub-committee should be responsible for this. It was AGREED that a key holder is needed, this person being paid at the rate of one hour per day, and a notice will be put up to this effect. The Vice Chairman is to contact the interested person on Shiregate in the hope of resolving this. Action: Chairman, Vice Chairman, ScCP

a) Letter from Anglian Water, with copies of correspondence with Mr. B. Webb.
b) Letter from Lincolnshire County Council referring to their Award of Merit competition. The enclosed poster will be displayed in Parish notice board, and nominations are welcome from Parish Councils. Action: Clerk
c) Letter from Lincolnshire County Council concerning their Best Value Performance & Budget Plan 2003 - 2006. Comments on this are welcomed, and the full plan is available on request. Action: Members
d) Letter from Lincolnshire County Council School Services informing Parish Councils of Minor Authority Representation on School Governing Bodies.
e) Letter from Lincolnshire County Council about the Parish Paths Partnership scheme. It was AGREED to continue being involved with this. Action: Clerk
f) Letter from North Kesteven District Council informing of CCTV presentation.
g) Agenda, Minutes and Reports of Standards Committee, North Kesteven District Council, sent to Parish Council for Information purposes only.
h) Letter from North Kesteven District Council with information concerning Parish Councillors claiming expenses. It was AGREED to maintain the status quo.
i) Letter from Lincolnshire Police with times of next visit to Metheringham of Mobile Police Station. It was AGREED to display this in Parish notice board, and for the Clerk to request they bring their mobile speed limit machine. Action: Clerk
j) Deleted
k) Letter from Best Kept Village competition organisers, stating Metheringham is through to the second round of the 2003 competition.
I) Letter from HSBC stating the withdrawal from 1st October 2003 of its mobile bank service.
m) Letter from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister concerning new Ethical Framework Regulations.
n) Letter from the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs with information on the recently published Rural Services Standard 2003.
o) Letter about Indemnification. Chairman to take. Action: Chairman
p) Invitation from Great Hale Village Hall to the AGM of the Community Council of Lincolnshire on Friday 19th September. Action: Members
q) Letter from the Standards Board for England with copies of guidance booklet "How do I register and declare interests, and register gifts and hospitality?"
r) Guide to Disability.
s) Letter from MACLA chairman requesting Parish Council to apply for outline planning permission for a changing room facility on the playing fields off Prince's Street. It was AGREED to ask the Clerk to do this. Action: Clerk

In response to Councillor Waddington's report at the last meeting, the six tenants have been visited. The Housing Department have passed this to the Property Services.
All is going well and the Clerk is hoping to call a meeting in the near future. In response to Councillor Waddington's question, all relevant authorities are informed of the road closure. Action: Clerk, ScF&F

A meeting on Friday 1st August has been organised by Sally Wilson, and the fund has received $50 from America "for the plight of the cross".

Light in Middle Street is not working, and light in Manor Road is permanently on because trees are obscuring it. Trees have been trimmed up Church Walk, so light can reach further. Action: ScSL

North Kesteven District Council will conduct audit concerning disabled access. It was AGREED to ask Mr. Saunders to purchase paint to decorate the toilets, for which he will be reimbursed. Action: Clerk

The Consultation document has come out, and the scheme is planned, costed out, and ready to go. If there are no objections it is expected work could start by April or May 2004, otherwise it could be delayed by up to 12 months. There will be modifications to the road bridge, making it one vehicle width, with traffic lights, and pedestrians and cyclists will also be accommodated. After further discussion it was AGREED that Option 2 be accepted, with a comment on the road width. It was also AGREED that opposition to the weight restriction be withdrawn. It was AGREED to ask for the Highways department to give a presentation at the Annual Parish Meeting next year. Action: Clerk

a) Information from North Kesteven District Council Economic Development Unit confirming the Conveyance to English Industrial Estates on the 6th July 1983 did not contain any restrictive covenant limiting the height of any buildings on the land,
b) Tree Preservation Order N15 concerning work on trees. Observation date 23rd July.
c) 39/0815/03 Erection of six houses with garages (outline). Concern expressed about access onto both Lincoln Road and Alfred Avenue, both being on bends. Concern also about sewage. Action: Clerk
d) 39/0899/03 Erection of conservatory at 7 Granary Close. Support application. Action: Clerk
e) 39/0950/03 Erection of conservatory at 20 Shiregate. Support application. Action: Clerk
f) 39/0941/03 Erection of dwelling and garage, building plot 2, Field Farm House. Support application. Action: Clerk
g) 39/0668/03 Erection of bungalow at Field Farm House. Amended plans noted.
h) 389/0797/03 Two dwellings at Farriers Gate. Amended plans noted.
i) 39/0658/03 Outline planning permission granted for erection of bungalow at rear of 22 Alfred Avenue.
j) 39/0600/03 Planning permission granted for demolition of outhouse and extension to 1 Middle Street.
k) 39/0662/03 Planning permission granted for formation of customer toilets at Mowgli Indian Restaurant, 13 High Street.
I) 39/0473/03 Planning permission granted for erection of chalet dwelling at Rickels Square, Tanvats.

It was PROPOSED by Councillor Mrs. Creasey and SECONDED by Councillor Westall that the following outstanding accounts be passed and paid:

Mr. D. Honisett, Village Caretaker   226.20
Mr. W. Saunders, Public Conveniences 155.00
Miss S. Gleave, Parish Dog Warden 115.00
Mr. M. Credland, Clerk's salary and expenses 288.03
Inland Revenue Tax and Nl 192.43
Mrs. Y. Taylor, for cleaning Pavilion 60.00
Metheringham Village Hall for hire of room 25.12
Serviceteam Limited, playing field maintenance 160.20
Powergen Energy pic for Public Lighting 826.27
ABB Limited, street light repair 24.43
LIVES First Responders donation (replacement cheque) 100.00
Powergen, War Memorial floodlighting 15.35


a) Councillor Ford reported plaster falling off wall, and entrance to changing rooms being in a disgraceful condition. The JMC sub-committee members AGREED to have a look.
b) Councillor Mrs. Webb reported a caravan parked in the Station car park, with a person living in it. NKDC Housing Department know about this. It was AGREED that Nigel Sardeson (LCC) and Nina Camm (NKDC) be contacted about the hedge on Station Road.
c) Councillor Mrs. Routledge has volunteered to liaise with the Police. There is a need to advertise the Police Forum meeting in Washingborough in October. The Meadow Close road sign has been
taken to the depot on Sleaford Road for repairs.
d) On hearing that copies of June's minutes had been supplied to the Library and Info-Lincs, Councillor Ford questioned the legality of supplying minutes which contained financial information. Councillor Chambers AGREED to look into this.
e) The Vice Chairman reported the hedge on the approach to Fen Bridge needs cutting. Jarvis need to be informed. Mrs. Stella Bromley of St. Wilfrid's Close has complained of nocturnal dog noise. Councillor Mrs. Routledge offered to visit and to inform her that she needs to report it to the Environmental Health authority if the problem persists. The Vice Chairman AGREED to liaise with the Parish Dog Warden concerning the siting of dog waste bins. A rubbish bin in the play area at Shiregate is needed.

Tuesday 23rd September 2003 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. If the Hall is not available the meeting will be held in the Pavilion, and Councillors will be informed.
The meeting closed at 10,40pm.

ScCP -  Children's Playground Sub-committee
ScH&FP - Highways and Footpaths Sub-committee
ScF&F - Fayre and Feast Sub-committee
ScSL - Street Lighting Sub-committee
ScJMC - Joint Management Committee