Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 25th January 2005

PRESENT: Councillors Dr M J Allen Chairman
    Mrs J Honisett Vice Chairman
    Mrs R Creasey  
    J L Duggins  
    P D Ford  
    R P Harrison  
    A M Waddington  
    Mrs A. F. Webb  
G V Westall
  Councillors Mrs P Bradwell County Council
    G W Chambers District Council
  Police WPC Nixon  
1. APOLOGIES: Councillors Mrs R Parker  
    Mrs H H B Routledge  
    J C Rose District Council
  Clerk M Credland  

Under Accounts Councillor Westall questioned double payments, but was informed these were for two months. Under Correspondence 7f), insert after the word with "the Chairman, Clerk and" etc; under 7m) remove "Parish Council" and insert "Chairman, Clerk" etc. Under Any Other Business 13h) insert after the word with "the Chairman, the Clerk and" etc. After the amendments the Chairman signed the Minutes of the last Meeting as being a true record.

No Police report had been submitted, and no Police Officers were present.


a) ref.4a) Street Lighting:
Councillor Westall inspected the dark area on Lincoln Road between Millfield and Sleaford Road , and has received a quote of £ 150 for a lamp and £ 177 to supply electricity, plus VAT, for one light on existing pole. Lincolnshire County Council Highways department have quoted over £ 1,000 for lights in Pullman Close. It was AGREED to go ahead with the new lights in Lincoln Road, and suggested that Lincolnshire County Council be asked to look at the problem of village street lighting along the B1189, especially in the area of the cross roads. Councillor Westall had also received a quote from ABB to mend a damaged streetlight, and it was AGREED these repairs should be carried out. ACTION : ScSL/Clerk

b) ref.4b) Floodlighting at the War Memorial:
Still ongoing. ACTION ScWMOS

c) ref.4c) Litter Bins:
The Vice Chairman reported the litter bin outside the Methodist Church gets full of dog waste bags. It was AGREED to put up a dog waste bin in this vicinity. ACTION : Clerk

d) ref.4f): Chance to Share land:
Still ongoing with JMC.

e) ref.4g): Skate Board Park:
Councillor Harrison has list of committee names, and will contact them to carry on. ACTION : Cllr Harrison

f) ref.4h): Metheringham Fayre and Feast:
The sub-committee need to have a meeting. ACTION : ScFF

g) ref.4i): Station Road hedge:
The Vice Chairman has rung North Kesteven District Council three times, with promises it will be done. Councillor Chambers will make enquiries. ACTION : CM Chambers

h) ref.4j): New Seat in Lincoln Road :
No suitable site could be found in the area requested, as residents were not happy to have a seat outside their property. Councillor Mrs. Webb was not happy with the situation, as the original request had come from some-one who lives on Sleaford Road . It was AGREED for the seat now to be placed in the Shiregate Play Park . Lincolnshire County Council are aware of the metal spike adjacent to 44 Lincoln Road . ACTION : Clerk

i) ref.4k): Fen Road Railway Bridge :
The Vice Chairman is to ask Network Rail to cut the hedge on the east side of the bridge. ACTION : Cllr Mrs Honisett

j) ref.4m): Children's Playground:
A company qualified and insured to do the repair work needs to be found as soon as possible, as one of the pieces of equipment has been broken since last September. Councillor Duggins will look for such a company and Discuss with the Chairman. It was AGREED the work should be done. ACTION : Cllr Duggins/Chairman

k) ref.4q): Zebra Crossing:
Outstanding action is needed. ACTION : Chairman

l) ref.7f): Correspondence:
The Chairman is arranging to meet Mrs. Smith and others on site. There is no turning circle at Tanvats, and Lincolnshire County Council Highways department need to be asked to explain the sign saying "No HGVs". Fen Road still in a dreadful state. ACTION : Cllr Mrs Bradwell/Chairman

m) ref.13a): Any Other Business:
An urgent meeting of the JMC is needed to sort out this problem. ACTION : ScJMC

n) ref.13d): Any Other Business:
Problem of dog fouling around the village was discussed, and the Chairman is proposing to have meetings with all employees/contractors of the Parish Council for performance appraisal. The Council needs to decide if it wants to pay a dog warden to patrol the streets, or for them to provide their clean up service. ACTION : Chairman

o) ref.13f): Any Other Business:
Councillor Duggins is still awaiting a quote for an outside light. ACTION : Cllr Duggins

p) ref.13i): Any Other Business:
Councillor Mrs. Webb reported that after her interview on Radio Lincolnshire and the newspaper article, many villagers had contacted her with similar problems. It was suggested an article be put in the MACLA magazine, highlighting this ongoing problem. Councillor Chambers suggested Ian Rule of Anglian Water be contacted, and it was AGREED to arrange an open meeting be held in the village to air the problems. ACTION : Chairman

q) ref.131): Any Other Business:
The site has been looked at and the size of notice board noted. ACTION : ScWMOS


a) Mr. W.F. Ingram and several other residents of Lincoln Road complained about trees on the area of grass towards the west end of the road. Roots are pushing up pavements and getting into gardens, and the trees contribute to the dark area. Councillor Chambers has been trying to get these problems rectified but to no avail. It was suggested the Parish Council write to Lincolnshire County Council Highways department about this problem, and have a site meeting. ACTION : Cllr Mrs Bradwell/Chairman

b) Mrs.S.Peak complained there is no information about anything the Parish Council are doing. The Chairman agreed this is a problem, but explained the minutes are available in the library for anyone to read, and the public are invited to every Parish Council meeting where they can speak during Open Forum. ACTION : Clerk

c) Miss J. Spooner asked why Drury Street was not gritted during icy weather when it is on a bus route, and highlighted the problems of on-street parking for those who try to keep their vehicles off the road. Councillor Mrs. Bradwell would make enquiries of Lincolnshire County Council Highways department about the gritting of bus routes. ACTION : Cllr Mrs Bradwell


a) Forward Planning Committee: A request from the Village Hall Management Committee for financial help had been discussed. They also wish to revise their Constitution, and the Forward Planning Committee will arrange an informal meeting with the Chairman, Secretary and treasurer. It was AGREED to seek legal advice about any changes to the Deed of Gift. Financial assistance would be decided after the whole situation has been discussed, and this is ongoing. Various deeds have come to hand concerning the Playing Field and who owns what. The Chairman has had a meeting with HBS. The new pavilion and changing rooms will make the Chance to Share scheme null and void. ACTION : ScFP

a) Letter from T.G. Lowry complaining of sewage flooding onto premises, and requesting no further private or commercial development be allowed until the problem is sorted. The Chairman to respond. ACTION : Chairman
b) Letter from Miss J. Spooner reference problems in Drury Street . The Chairman has replied that these are being looked into.
c) Letter from North Kesteven District Council with leaflet setting out outline terms for the new framework for Local Plan preparation. The Parish Council is invited to put forward any ideas. ACTION : Members
d) Letter from North Kesteven District Council inviting two members to a meeting of the South Area Advisory Forum on Monday 7 th March at Sleaford Council Offices ACTION : Members
e) Copy of letter sent by Councillor Rose to Central Trains, asking, amongst other questions, why the 0903 train has been cancelled.
f) Letter from North Kesteven Community Safety Partnership inviting delegates to the Community Safety Conference on Saturday 14 th May to launch the Community Safety Strategy for 2005. Councillor Waddington expressed an interest in attending. ACTION : Cllr Waddington
g) Letter from HSE informing the Parish Council that work has been done on the station car park. In the opinion of members the problem of pot holes and uneven ground has not been solved. ACTION : Clerk
h) Invitation from Branston Community College to the Gala Evening Performance of "The Wiz" on Wednesday 9 th February. Councillor Westall expressed an interest. ACTION : Cllr Westall
i) Letter from ABB concerning street light opposite 16 Lincoln Road . Matter already discussed and agreed.
j) Letter from Lincolnshire Police advising of the visit of the Mobile Police Station on Wednesday 23 rd March 2005 between 10am and 4pm.
k) Grounds Maintenance Quotation received from Serviceteam, with reference to grass cutting for the 2005 season. ACTION : ScJMC
l) Letter from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister about the Freedom of Information Act 2000, which the Forward Planning Committee will discuss. ACTION : ScFP
m) Letter from Lincolnshire Playing Fields Association requesting a donation. It was AGREED that on confirmation that a donation has been made in previous years, this year's donation will be at the same level.ACTION : Clerk
n) Letter from North Kesteven Community Safety Partnership, requesting the completion of a questionnaire on various aspects of the village. ACTION : Clerk
o) Letter from North Kesteven District Council concerning procedures to follow when vacancies occur on Parish Councils.ACTION : Clerk
p) Letter from Douglas Hogg, MP, concerning the proposed School Safety Zone. The Chairman had expressed concern that the 20mph zone would only be advisory, and had hoped it would be mandatory. This would involve higher expense, and the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership is hoping to get the scheme installed before the end of the financial year.
q) Invitation from the Swimming Pool Association to their AGM on 9 th February in the Star & Garter.
r) Letter from the Football Club, requesting help in finding a Pavilion cleaner. The Chairman will get quotes from contract cleaners. Members were informed the cleaner would be asked to work two hours on a Monday morning, wage to be negotiable. ACTION : Chairman


The Chairman apologised to those who felt the figures given at the last meeting had not been presented properly. Under "Potential Project Expenditure" it was agreed to take out "Upgrading Pedestrian Crossing" and " Caroline Road parking". After much discussion it was AGREED unanimously to ask for an increase of 10% in the Precept. ACTION : Clerk


The following applications were considered:

N/39/1785/04 Outline Residential development on land off Lincoln Road and Farriers Gate for Chanceoption Developments Ltd. for 9 dwellings OBJECT on grounds of sewerage problems

N/39/0041/05 Erection of chalet bungalow and garage at the rear of Alfred Avenue for Lee Wilson OBJECT on grounds of sewerage problems

N/39/0047/05 Erection of new pavilion and changing rooms, Prince's Street SUPPORT APPLICATION


It was PROPOSED by Councillor Duggins and SECONDED by Councillor Westall that the following accounts be passed and paid

Public Conveniences Caretaker's salary 192.50
Village Caretaker Salary 184.50
Clerk's 320.60
Inland Revenue Tax and Nl 180.63
ARMs Personnel Patrolling Shiregate Play Park 564.00
Bonnetts Maintenance Chemicals 157.52
Bottom of Lane for servicing mower 117.60
Zurich Insurance Company 157.50
ABB Limited 784.48
Powergen Energy ltd 1,556.52
Parish dog warden services 197.16



a) County Council: Councillor Mrs. Bradwell proposed to set up a meeting on February 17 th with Lincolnshire County Council Highways department.

b) District Council: Councillor Chambers regrets the grant for the Village Hall car park had not been claimed, and it is likely to have been lost. Lincolnshire County Council had asked for more information which was not forthcoming. The Chairman will make enquiries. ACTION : Clerk/Chairman

a) Councillor Ford expressed concern about the costs of securing the Shiregate Play park. The Chairman is setting up a meeting to try and persuade North Kesteven District Council to move the equipment to the open area, as the interests of those living around the existing park need to be considered. ACTION : Chairman/Clerk

b) Councillor Waddington produced a photograph of the seat under the tree on the corner of Prince's Street and Princess Margaret Avenue .ACTION : Chairman

c) Councillor Waddington drew attention to a mobile snack-bar working out of the Playing Field car park on a Sunday morning. He was informed this was with the agreement of the Football Club. The Chairman commented that the Football Club do an excellent job, and the situation will be monitored in case it becomes a problem.

d) The Vice Chairman had a request from the Public Convenience caretaker for the new disabled toilet to be inspected before any invoice for the work is paid. Councillor Westall agreed to do this. ACTION : Clllr Westall

e) The Vice Chairman brought a request from the Parochial Church Council that the police be asked to stop traffic around the War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday during the 2 minute silence. The Chairman agreed this needs to be done. ACTION : Clerk


In the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 22nd February 2005 .

The meeting closed at 9.56pm



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