Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 27th January 2004



Dr M J Allen


Mrs J Honisett

Vice Chairman

Mrs R Creasey
J L Duggins
P D Ford
    R P Harrison  
Mrs H H B Routledge

A Waddington

Mrs A. F. Webb

    G V Westall  
    Mrs P Bradwell County Council
  J C Rose District Council
Police Sergeant Fluck
    PC Pond  
1. APOLOGIES: Councillors Mrs R Parker
    G W Chambers District Council


M Credland

PC R Parker  

It was accepted that Items 4d and 4c omitted through a typing error be included. With this amendment the Chairman signed the Minutes of the last Meeting as being a true record.

Sergeant Fluck and PC Pond from Bracebridge Heath reported that 2 cars had been damaged over the last month, with one person arrested and an ongoing investigation. The crime figures for Metheringham are not too bad in comparison with other villages.

a) Children's Playground:
Councillor Duggins had received a quotation of 130/m2 from Messrs Smith Construction (Sleaford) Ltd for providing safety surfaces, which was considered expensive. Therefore, Councillor Duggins to pursue the matter. ACTION: Councillor Duggins
b) Station Road Bus Stop:
Awaiting action from Lincolnshire County Council.
c) Village Hall and Car Park:
Awaiting quotations for resurfacing car park.
d) Anglian Water:
Mr B Webb, Manor Close, had called a meeting at NKDC Offices (present: Anglian Water, Environment Agency,& NKDC Planning Dept) at which various matters had been aired. It was apparent that Anglian Water are unlikely to take any action in the foreseeable future. Although no formal complaints had been made since Anglian Water had installed a non-return valve it was considered problems were not being directed to the Agency. Consequently, all complaints should be reported to Anglian Water and a copy sent to the Parish Council. It was accepted that the sewerage system was not in good order and therefore important for all incidents of malfunctioning be reported. Because of the recent dry weather the problems have not been as serious as during heavy rainfall. Anglian Water are not particularly worried over planning applications for individual properties, which only produce minimal effluent, but would express concern over large scale developments. The Environment Agency are also concerned over the state of the drainage problems in Metheringham, but can do very little unless there are flooding or serious problems.
It was suggested that an article in placed in MACLA magazine giving contact telephone numbers for reporting such incidents.
The thanks of the Parish Council to Mr Webb were formally noted for arranging the meeting. A further meeting to be convened in twelve months time to keep the matter under review.
Councillor Rose had been advised by the Director of Planning that Anglian Water will not support the District Council on appeals or give them technical advice. Planning applications for individual properties will not be refused on foul water drainage issues.
e) Railway Station:
It was reported that the York office of Network Rail are looking into the matter.
f) 2004 Fayre and Feast:
Councillor Duggins to be informed of the date of the event for the purpose of booking the Village Hall. ACTION: Clerk
g) Street Lighting:
Awaiting quotation for 2 No. new street lights in Pullman Close. ACTION: ScSL
h) Notice Board and Seats:
It was reported that the Notice Board is to be installed week commencing 9th February 2004 and the new seats have been ordered.
i) Public Conveniences:
Since problems were still occurring with a blocked drain it was AGREED for Darwood Builders to provide a quotation for installing a wall mounted urinal. ACTION: Clerk
j) 2004 Annual Parish Meeting:
The Chairman to arrange a date for this year's Meeting, possibly 16th/21st pr 30th April when the Village Hall is available. ACTION: Chairman
k) Dog Warden:
A replacement dog waste bin has now been provided in Caroline Road. The Vice Chairman read out a report from the Dog Warden saying that improvements were being seen in Ashdale Close, Drury Street, Kings Road area, Shiregate and the Playing Fields. Church Walk was still an ongoing problem, particularly over weekends, and a warning had been issued to an offender. The Vice Chairman to question whether the Dog Warden's mobile telephone number can be publicised.
l) Joint Management Committee:
A JMC Meeting arranged for Thursday 29th January 2004 to discuss outstanding issues. ACTIQN: ScJMC
m) Correspondence:
i) Councillor Rose considered the District Council will only increase the cost of dog waste bin emptying from 50 to 55 per bin and not to 80. He also reported that 4.5tonnes of dog faeces had been collected by last September, enough to fill 150 wheelie bins.
ii) Still awaiting response from Citizens Advice Bureau on amount of subsidy required and how often Metheringham residents use the facility. It was considered that the Parish Council, who have donated 100.00 previously, will be unable to fund the outreach facility in the future. Councillor Mrs Bradwell advised that the Countryside Agency provide grants to charities for village projects. Further information required from the Bureau to be able to progress the matter.
iii) It was reported that the School Headmaster wished to go ahead for funding for providing a new security fence. Matter to be discussed at the next JMC Meeting. ACTION: ScJMC
n) Pavilion:
Following discussion at the last Meeting the question of cleaning the Pavilion to be discussed a the next JMC Meeting. ACTION: ScJMC
o) Playing Fields:
Awaiting vendors solicitors to agree the position of the new fence along the eastern boundary of the recently acquired land. The post and rail fencing along the northern boundary required replacing and a quotation had been received from Messrs B Knight and Son (Langworth) for the sum of 804.49 plus VAT, which was accepted. The existing leylandii hedge along the northern boundary to be trimmed back by Mr R Renfrew, Ivy House, and Metheringham Football Club have agreed to remove other leylandii trees on site. Playing Fields Sub-committee to arrange for cutting the grass and tidying up the hedges and formulate future plans for the land. ACTION: ScPF
p) Any Other Business:
i) A letter had been sent to North Kesteven District Council requesting them to repair the damaged seat in Hall Yard.
ii) A letter had been sent to Lincolnshire County Council over the dumping of rubbish on Sleaford Road.

Mr S Munday, Village Hall Chairman, reported that the new extension was nearing completion and almost on budget. To settle the final account Mr Munday asked if the Parish Council could provide the balance of the grant contribution and the interest free loan, which was AGREED. It was also hoped that the car park could be surfaced by May in time for the official opening to which the Parish Council are invited. This was AGREED. ACTION: Chairman and Clerk
Mr Munday also raised the matter of the Fen Road relief road and had received a letter from Lincolnshire County Council saying they are pursuing Option 4 and that they had not received a formal response from the Parish Council. He understood the Parish Council favoured Option 2 and consequently supplied the Chairman with a copy of the County Council's letter and enclosures. Councillor Rose felt it was not too late for the Parish Council to send in a response with their observations. ACTION: Clerk

There were no outstanding reports. It was reported that MACLA were willing to advertise the Annual Parish Meeting in their magazine.

a) Letter from Lincolnshire County Council advising that they do not intend to make a Definitive Map
Modification Order in respect of a footpath leading to the old Chapel at Tanvats because of insufficient evidence to support its existence. County Council to be advised that the Public Footpath leading over Metheringham Delph is incorrectly shown on the Definitive Public Footpath map. ACTION: Clerk
b) Letter from North Kesteven District Council in respect of Membership of the Freemasonry Lodges, which must be registered on members' Code of Conduct under personal or prejudicial interest. No such
interest was declared.
c) Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing a copy of an application to carry out surgical works to 3 No. trees at 30 Drury Street, to which they were no objections.
d) Letter from North Kesteven District Council advising that they had also raised objection to British Telecom removing the telephone kiosk in Fen Road.
e) Letter from North Kesteven District Council inviting two representatives from the Parish Council to attend their next Area Advisory Forum in Sleaford at 7.30pm on Monday 8th March 2004 and any questions to be included on the Agenda. No one volunteered to attend the meeting and the Clerk to be informed of any suitable questions.
f) Letter from Mr J Carpenter, Branston, expressing concern over on-street parking in the village centre. It was AGREED for the Highways and Footpaths Sub-committee to look into the problem. Similar problems were being experienced in Drury Street, particular around the Doctor's Surgery, and it was AGREED to request that their staff park on the top car park to relieve the larger car park for patients. ACTION; ScH&F and Clerk
It was reported that the provision of white lining leading the Lincoln Co-op car park was in hand.
g) Letter from Metheringham Village Hall Management Committee in respect of the extension and the Parish Council's financial contributions, which had been discussed and agreed under Open Forum.
f) Letter from Lincolnshire Rural Transport Partnership advising on small scale transport grants available to local transport organisations, which was noted.

The following applications were considered;
39/1640/03 Extensions and Conservatory at Flintham Close for Mr N Woodhead SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/0049/04 Conservatory at Paddock Lane for Mr and Mrs Dudgeon SUPPORT APPLICATION

It was RESOLVED that the following accounts be passed and paid

Parish Dog Warden Services   197.16
Public Conveniences Caretaker's salary 155.00
Village Caretaker salary 171.60
Clerk's salary and expenses 291.03
Inland Revenue Tax and Nl 177.03
Metheringham Village Hall Hire of room 25.12
Metheringham FC Cleaning Pavilion 30.00
Metheringham FC Cleaning Pavilion 60.00
Metheringham Village Hall Grant & loan for Extensions 6325.26
Mr J E Allen Cleaning Public Conveniences 35.00
ABB Limited Street lighting repairs 24.23

Councillor Rose reported that the Sport Outreach Team are to hold a meeting at Metheringham on Thursday 26th February 2004, which MACLA are aware of.

10. 2004-2005 PRECEPT:
After due consideration of the accounts and recommendations outlined in a report circulated by the Chairman, it was PROPOSED by Councillor Duggins SECONDED by Councillor Ford that the Parish Council increase the Precept by 10% on the current financial year. CARRIED
It was further AGREED to delay the request for the monies deposited with North Kesteven District Council under the Section 106 Agreement for the housing development in Townsend's Yard by Chanceoption Developments Limited until after 1st April 2004.

a) From a report by Councillor Mrs Routledge over inconsiderate parking in Drury Street it was AGREED to write to the police accordingly.
b) Following recent press reports on the last Meeting Councillor Mrs Routledge had been approached by Mrs A Bellamy asking whether the Youth Club could receive some of the Chanceoption Developments Limited Section 106 Agreement money towards their funds. The press correspondent, who was in attendance, was requested to ensure such reports in the future are recorded accurately.
c) From a question by Councillor Mrs Creasey it was AGREED to look into who paid for the boundary fence along the northern boundary of the Bowling Green. ACTION: Clerk
d) Councillor Waddington reported that the No Swimming sign at the wet lagoon on Shiregate was damaged. The District Council to look into the matter.
e) From a report by Councillor Waddington it was AGREED to look into repainting the seats at the War Memorial later in the year. ACTION; ScWM&POS
f) From a report by the Vice Chairman it was AGREED to ask the District Council to repair an item of equipment at the Shiregate Play Park. ACTION: Clerk
g) The Vice Chairman reported that the War Memorial floodlighting was unsatisfactory and a bulb required replacing. At the suggestion of Councillor Duggins it was AGREED for the Sub-committee to look into the possibility of providing permanent vandal-proof floodlighting. ACTION: ScWM&POS

To be held in the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 24th February 2004. Councillor Duggins AGREED to book the Village Hall for future Parish Council Meetings. ACTION: Councillor Duggins

The Meeting closed at 9.55pm