Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 7th January 2003



B E Creasey


Mrs R Creasey

Vice Chairman

Dr M J Allen
J L Duggins
P D Ford

R P Harrison

Mrs J Honisett

Mrs H H B Routledge

Mrs A Webb


M Credland

Councillors J C Rose District Council



Mrs R Parker

Mrs P Bradwell

County Council

G W Chambers District Council
Police PC R Parker

It was AGREED to include the wording 'be given a mandate' under the item relating to the Shiregate Play Park. The Chairman then signed the Minutes of the last Meeting as being a true record.

No matters were raised for discussion.

Anglian Water:
The Chairman reported that he, along with Councillors Dr Allen, Councillor Mrs Parker and the Clerk, had met representatives from the Environment Agency (EA) to discuss Anglian Water's proposals for installing a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) along Station Road and a storm tank at the Sewage Treatment Works. Again, the Parish Council raised their concerns over the likelihood of untreated sewerage being discharged into adjacent water courses. The Environment Agency agreed to convey these issues to Anglian Water.
Following this meeting a letter had been received from the EA enclosing an application by Anglian Water for the discharge of the storm tank into the adjacent water course. After due consideration it was AGREED to write back in response with no objection in principle to the proposed outfall to the storm tank but requesting for the overall scheme to be presented by Anglian Water.

Children's Playground:
Councillor Duggins reported that he was still awaiting a quotation for safety matting in connection with the installation of the new swings.
Letters had been received from Metheringham Football Club advising that although the post had been well advertised a new Pavilion Caretaker had still not been appointed. The Football Club also expressed concern over the poor access to the Playing Fields from the Pavilion, which was extremely muddy, undefined and considered a safety hazard. It was AGREED the matters should be discussed by the JMC at their next Meeting.

Village Hall and Car Park:
A letter had been received from the Village Hall Management Committee seeking financial support from the Parish Council in connection with a grant application they are to submit to Waste Recycling Environmental (WREN) for funding the extension to the Village Hall. The total cost of the project was estimated at 32,725.26 and under the terms of the grant application it was a requirement for 11% to be provided by a third party and 10% from Village Hall funds. It was hoped the project could commence in June/July 2003 and be completed by September 2003. Following discussion it was RESOLVED that the Parish Council act as the third party and contribute the sum of 3,600.00, should the application be successful. It was AGREED for the Chairman to invite quotations for surfacing the Village Hall car park.

Area Advisory Forum:
It was AGREED to consider relevant questions to be submitted for the next District Council Area Advisory Forum at the next Meeting.

Village Caretaker's Waste Bin:
It was AGREED for Councillor Duggins to find a suitable location for the waste bin used by the Village Caretaker.

Letter from North Kesteven District Council confirming that the owners of 13A High Street were permitted to remove four small trees at the rear of their property.
Letter from Lincolnshire County Council outlining how grants to local authorities are to be distributed and considering the settlement for Lincolnshire to be reasonably fair, although their highways maintenance allocation had been cut.
Letter from Lincolnshire County Council enclosing details of proposed bus stop infrastructure improvements as part of the Lincoln to Boston Interconnect 5 service
Letter from Lincolnshire County Council advising that the existing Kesteven Dial A Ride scheme will cease to operate from the end of 2002 and that Lincolnshire County Council and North Kesteven District Council will take over the service from 2nd January 2003.
Letter from Lincolnshire County Council enclosing details of a new body, known as a Local Access Forum, which will aim to improve access to the countryside. Councillors Mrs Honisett and Mrs Routledge to attend a half-day workshop at Sleaford on Thursday 30th January 2003 to discuss the project further.
Quotation from ABB Limited for replacing a damaged lighting column in Saxon Close for the total sum of 415.00 plus VAT, which was ACCEPTED.

Councillor Rose advised that the vehicular hardstandings to be provided by the District Council along the frontages of the Council houses at Sots Hole and Station Road would require full planning permission. Therefore, it was anticipated work will now start on site week commencing 20th January 2003.

Following previous discussions it was reported that the Chairman and Vice Chairman had attended a meeting with North Kesteven District Council to discuss taking over responsibility for the Play Park. The District Council had agreed to provide a 2m high concrete post and chain link fence and wrought iron gate, chosen by the Members, which along with the Play Park, would become the responsibility of the Parish Council. The District Council also agreed to repair/replace any defective equipment. Following discussion it was AGREED that once the site had been adopted by the Parish Council a meeting should be held with interested residents with view to forming a local committee to oversee the Play Park and make arrangements for locking and unlocking the access gate.

Following discussion on the Precept for the year 2003-2004 it was AGREED, particularly since the Parish Council were anticipating major expenditure over the year, to consider the matter at the next Meeting when a detailed list of projects can be presented.

Councillor Mrs Creasey declared an interest to this Item and left the Meeting.
A proposal had been put forward to North Kesteven District Council by Frearsons Solicitors, Skegness, on behalf of Mr P Creasey and his son, Mr D Creasey, in connection with the First Deposit Draft of the new North Kesteven Local Plan, which will cover the period to 31st March 2014 and replace the current Local Plan adopted in February 1996. The proposal is for an area some 15.40 hectares (38.05 acres) of farmland under their ownership between Sleaford Road and Dunston Road to be included within the village curtilege for residential and other development. A copy of the proposals had been sent to the Parish Council seeking their support and copies had been circulated to Members. The next stage will be for the District Council to consider all the comments and objections, currently amounting to over 1000, and decide which are to be included in the Second Draft, which is expected to be put out for consultation in April/May 2003.  Following a general discussion, with some Members in favour of the proposals and some against, it was agreed to leave the matter in abeyance until after the Second Draft has been put out to consultation.

The following applications were considered;

39/1352/02 Erection of dwelling at Plot 2, The Bungalow, Field Farm for Mr and Mrs E Moody APPLICATION QUERIED
  The Parish Council would prefer the proposed dwelling to be single storey
39/1400/02 Construction of swimming pool at High Street for Mr M Ruane SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/140702 Erection of dwelling at the Hermitage,  Church Walk for Dr B E M Wright SUPPORT APPLICATION
  The Clerk declared an interest to this application and took no part in the discussion.
39/1427/02 Erection of dwelling at Drury Street for Miss S Tonge SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/1367/02 Construction of vehicular access points at Council houses along Station Road for North Kesteven District Council SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/1366/02 Construction of vehicular access points at 1-10 and 12 The Fen, Sots Hole for North Kesteven District Council SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/146102 To continue use as auction room Unit 12 The Moorlands Trading Estate SUPPORT APPLICATION

It was PROPOSED by Councillor Duggins SECONDED by Councillor Mrs Honisett that the accounts be passed and paid. CARRIED

From a report by the Street Lighting Sub-committee it was AGREED not to take any further action regarding the provision of a new street light at Pullman Close unless further requests are received.
From advice received from North Kesteven District Council Councillor Mrs Honisett was advised that under current legislation commercial premises selling food or drinks were responsible for cleaning outside their premises. Consequently, Lincoln Co-operative Limited and the kebab take-away to be informed accordingly.
From a questions raised by Councillor Dr Allen it was AGREED to ask Central Trains Limited to consider extending the public car park at the Railway Station and County Council to repair potholes on Fen Road railway bridge.
From a question raised by Councillor Mrs Webb the Clerk AGREED to liaise with her regarding the siting of a new seat in Lincoln Road.
Councillor Mrs Webb reported that North Kesteven District Council had replaced a section of fencing along Station Road but had not cleared away the old one. Councillor Rose AGREED to pursue the matter.
Councillor Mrs Webb advised that from information received from Councillor Mrs Parker it was understood that a height restriction was included in the sale of land in connection with the proposed telecommunication mast on the Moorlands Trading Estate.
Councillor Duggins reported that the signpost adjacent to the Library was still not securely fixed. County Council to be informed.
Councillor Ford reported that the damaged stone wall adjacent to the Library/Clinic had still not been repaired. Clerk to look into the matter.

The Meeting closed at 9.50pm