Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.15pm on Tuesday 8th January 2002



B E Creasey


Dr M J Allen

J L Duggins

P D Ford

R P Harrison

Mrs J Honisett

Mrs R Parker

Mrs H Routledge

Mrs A F Webb

J C Rose

District Council


M Credland


Pc R Parker



Mrs R Creasey

Vice Chairman

G V Westall

G W Chambers

District Council


Under Matters Arising it had been muted that a contact point should be displayed in the Notice Board in the event of the Allotments becoming vacant in the future. This would be raised at the next Meeting. With this amendment the Chairman signed the Minutes as being a true record.


Mrs D Howes, Press Correspondent, advised, that despite publicity, only two members of the public had attended the recent Swimming Pool Association's AGM. At the meeting the Executive Committee (Chairman and Secretary) had resigned their posts and apart from the Treasurer these posts had not been filled. Consequently, the Club was in grave danger of closing and therefore a Special General Meeting had been convened in the Star and Garter public house at 8.00 pm on Tuesday 15th January 2002. Since the Parish Council had vested interest in the Association then Mrs Howes hoped a representative(s) could attend. The Chairman assured her that someone would attend the meeting.

Mr M Reep, Metheringham Bowls Club, advised that in October the Club had requested a copy of the Letting Agreement with the Parish Council for the Bowling Green. To date they are still awaiting a copy, which they need to enable new Committee members to carry out their duties and for the Non Domestic Rating Authority to assess their rates. The Chairman to liaise with the Clerk.


Car Park and Playground:

The proposed plan for the Playing Field Car Park, which has received planning approval, was presented to the Members for consideration. The Chairman explained the basic proposals as follows:

i) to extend the parking area by 5 metres into the Children's Playground
ii) to replace the Lincolnshire post and rail fencing
iii) to hardcore the entire area
iv) to introduce an additional access
v) to replace the existing hedge with galvanised metal fencing

The Chairman thought the works would cost in the region of 3,000.00. After due consideration it was AGREED for the Clerk to invite three quotations for the work. The Path Council are still awaiting a decision from Lincolnshire County Council concerning their grant application for this project and new Playground equipment.

Councillor Duggins requested approval to use ROSPA in future to carry out periodic safety checks in the Children's Playground, which is undertaken free of charge. This was AGREED and Councillor Duggins to make the necessary arrangements.

Councillor Mrs Honisett questioned whether the litter bin for this area was to hand. Since it was still awaited the Clerk to expedite the installation.

Playing Fields:

Following complaints of dog fouling in the Playing Field members of Metheringham Football Club had identified a culprit and agreed to provide statements. Consequently, the Clerk had informed North Kesteven District Council and they had written to the dog owner concerned. Unfortunately, the incorrect address had been given to the Clerk, which Councillor Ford had now rectified. The District Council to be informed accordingly.

The boundary hedges had now been cut back together with the hedgerow surrounding the Dunston Road allotments.

2002 Annual Parish Meeting:

It was reported that Councillor Mrs M H Brighton had accepted the Parish Council's invitation to attend the next Annual Parish Meeting as Guest Speaker. The Meeting is to be held in the Village Hall at 7. 15pm on Tuesday 9th April 2002.

Public Conveniences:

It was reported that the public conveniences have been decorated are now fully functional. They are open dawn to dusk, seven days a week, and used regularly.

Youth Club:

It was reported that a good response had been received from a recent open meeting to try and establish a new youth club in the village. A group of adult volunteers were now getting together and a further meeting is to be arranged in the near future.
Parking on Bus Stops:

Councillor Mrs Honisett reported that following the Police advise at a recent Meeting that parking tickets will be issued to vehicles parking on the village bus stops it is now understood that there may in fact be no such power of enforcement. This may also be case outside the school entrance. Since this was an ongoing problem it was AGREED to seek legal advice from the Police and Highway Authority.


Letter from HSBC advising that the times of visit to Metheringham with their mobile bank to be amended from 12.45pm on Wednesday's to between 1.15pm-1 .45pm on Tuesday's with effect from 1st February 2002.

Letter from Lincolnshire Police enclosing details on Local Policing Forums to be held throughout January 2002.

Letter from Sleaford Citizens Advice Bureau enclosing details of the dates one of their advisors will be at the village Infolink Centre, which is to be displayed in the Notice Board.

Letter from Lincolnshire Ambulance Service encouraging householders to ensure that their properties are clearly numbered.

Letter and enclosures from the Environment Agency in connection with Flood Risk Awareness.

Letter from Lincolnshire County Council in connection with Best Value Review of their Highway Services and enclosing a questionnaire, which is to be completed and returned.

Letter from Metheringham Swimming Pool Association enclosing a copy of the minutes from their AGM and accounts. The Association asked if the Parish Council could give consideration to the cost of necessary repairs to the pool in the forthcoming financial year. In discussion it was felt that the School had made great use of the facility but, over many years, had not given any financial support. It was AGREED that the Clerk write to the Education Authority over the matter.

Copy of letter sent by Councillor Rose to Mr S Keyte, Chairman of West Lincolnshire Primary Care Trust expressing his deep concerns over the gradual loss of Community Health Service facilities provided at Metheringham Clinic, which was fully endorsed by the Parish Council.

Letter from Lincolnshire County Council enclosing a copy of their School Organisation Plan 2001-2006 Currently Metheringham Primary School has 272 pupils despite a capacity of only 245. Councillor Duggins in his capacity as a School Governor advised that proposals were being considered to extend the School and remove the existing temporary classrooms.

Letter from Lincolnshire County Council in connection with a proposal to implement a Legal Order to realign Public Footpath No.875 which crosses over Metheringham Delph to join Public Footpath No.25 in Metheringham and Public Footpath No.8 in Blankney.

Letter from Lincolnshire County Council advising that new legislation is to be introduced in 2003 to rationalise Major Incident and Local Emergency Plans.


Councilior Rose outlined the District Council's policy to write annually to members to identify any problems that may exist. Consequently, they are to provide hard standings to alleviate parking difficulties adjacent to the Council houses on Station Road and Sots Hole.


Further to the election of two new Members the Parish Council Sub-committees were amended as follows;

Highways and Footpaths Sub-committee:
Councillors Mrs Creasey, Dr Allen, Duggins, Mrs Honiseff and Mrs Parker
Street Lighting Sub-committee:
Councillors Duggins, Harrison and Westall

Joint Management Committee:
Councillors Dr Alien, Ford and Harrison
Playing Fields Sub-committee:
Chairman, Vice Chairman and Councillors Ford and Mrs Routledge
Children's Playground Sub-committee:
Councillors Mrs Creasey, Duggins, Harrison and Mrs Webb

War Memorial, Spring and Open Spaces Sub-committee:
Councillors Mrs Parker, Mrs Routledge, Mrs Webb and Westall
Fayre and Feast Sub-committee:
Chairman, Vice Chairman and Councillors Mrs Honisett, Mrs Parker, Mrs Routledge, Mrs Webb and Westall

Forward Planning Sub-committee:
Chairman and Councillors Dr Allen, Mrs Honisett, Mrs Parker and Mrs Webb
Planning Sub-committee:
Chairman, Vice Chairman and any other available Councillors


The Parish Council wished to see the Village Hall Car Park identified as a project for this year 5 celebration. Councillor Duggins to complete the documentation for possible funding.


In connection with the Government's proposal to introduce a Code of Conduct for Parish Councillors in was AGREED to furnish all Members with a copy to study at length before proceeding further.

2002-2003 PRECEPT:

Taken in Committee.


The following applications were considered;

39/1253/01  Extension to dwelling at Rowan Way for Mr and Mrs P Petch SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/1138/01 Change of use to boarding cattery at Feckland Cottage Heath Lane for Mr I Sheppard SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/1210/01  Erection of 12 dwellings, garages and access road at Farrier's Court off Lincoln Road for Messrs N Allen and R Wilcox APPLICATION QUERIED
Concern expressed over layout, car parking, design of dwellings and external materials, particularly since the site falls adjacent to Metheringham Conservation Area. Foul water drainage and vehicular access to private properties next to the site were also a concern.


It was PROPOSED by Councillor Duggins SECONDED by Councillor Ford that the accounts be passed and paid. CARRIED


Councillor Webb questioned why a letter had not been sent to Metheringham WI in connection with the Spring. The Chairman advised that enquiries were still being made to determine ownership.

Councillor Duggins asked why the electricity poles and overhead lines along the western boundary of the Playing Field had not been removed, particularly since the network had been recently placed underground. The Chairman to liaise with the Clerk.

Councillor Duggins asked what progress had been made in replacing the Parish Notice Board. Chairman to liaise with the Clerk.

Councillor Duggins advised that the Brownies will be looking to making a photographic presentation to the Parish Council on their recent awards presentation in London.

Councillor Mrs Honisett reported that one of the swings on Shiregate had allegedly been removed. Councillor Rose advised that although this was a District Council decision he will make further enquiries.
Councillor Mrs Honisett queried the presence of a dog waste bin on Westfield Close/Caroline Road. Councillor Rose reminded the Council that they had refused to assist with the purchase but would be meeting the cost of emptying.

Councillor Mrs Parker asked for the proposed location of the 25 trees in her possession, which were given by the Lincolnshire County Council. Mr Howes of Field Farm Lane had written in requesting two be planted at that location to replace damaged ones. Members were asked again to search out a suitable location, otherwise the Chairman will look towards planting them along Metheringham Delph Nature Reserve.

Councillor Ford expressed concern that the benches removed from the Pavilion dressing rooms last September had still not been replaced. Councillor Duggins to liaise with the School Head.

The Meeting closed at 9.25pm