Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.15pm on Tuesday 29th January 2002



B E Creasey


Mrs R Creasey Vice Chairman

J L Duggins

P D Ford

R P Harrison

Mrs J Honisett

Mrs R Parker

Mrs HHB Routledge

Mrs A F Webb

G V Westall


M Credland


G W Chambers

District Council



Dr M J Allen

Mrs P Bradwell County Council

J C Rose

District Council


Pc R Parker


It was AGREED that under Open Forum the item concerning the Bowls Club should read the Valuation Office is to assess their non-domestic rates. With this amendment the Chairman signed the Minutes of the last Meeting as being a true record.


The Village Caretaker reported that two wheelie bins had been damaged at the Clinic. Matter to be reported to the District Council.


Car Park and Children's Playground:

The Chairman reported that three quotations had been invited for the work to extend the Prince's Street car park for the matter to be discussed at the next Meeting.

From a report by Councillor Duggins it was AGREED to consider using the services of ROSPA for preparing a risk assessment for the Children’s Playground, which would cost £75.00.

Councillor Chambers advised that the District Council had removed a set of swings from the Shiregate Children's Playground, which had been put in store at their Sleaford Road Depot. Enquiries to be made over the possibility of resiting the apparatus at the Prince's Street Playground.

Playing Fields:

The Chairman reported on a meeting held in the Infolinks Centre on Thursday 24th January 2002 with the Lincolnshire Council to discuss possible options for the Chance to Share Agreement. From this meeting it was AGREED that the NC correspond with the County Council over future plans for a new Pavilion and changing rooms and that the Parish Council write to express concern over a problem with the existing changing rooms seating, removed several months ago.

Youth Club:

Following previous discussions over the possibility of forming a village youth club a letter had been received from the Lincolnshire County Council Branston Youth Wing advising of that a Detached Youth Work Team are to work with young people in Metheringham on one night a week and efforts to support Mrs Bellamy and Mrs Bolton in their endeavours to form such a club. A letter had also been received from North Kesteven District Council inviting two Parish Council representatives to attend a presentation evening in their offices at 7.OOpm on Monday 25th March 2002 on the provision of facilities for young people in the community. It was AGREED for Councillors Duggins and Westall to attend the presentation and that Councillor Chambers to enquire whether Mrs Bellamy and Mrs Bolton could also attend.

Swimming Pool Association:

It was reported that the Association had now formed a new committee, who were very committed and extremely enthusiastic. After due discussion it was AGREED to write to the Lincolnshire County Council seeking financial support towards the swimming pool facility, from which they have benefitted since its opening but have never made any financial contributions.

Notice Board:

Further to previous discussion over the provision of a new Parish Notice Board it was AGREED that the Forward Planning Sub-committee give consideration to purchasing such a sign in connection with the Queen's Golden Jubilee celebrations, possibly locating it at the Village Hall car park entrance.


Further to previous discussions it was AGREED to prepare rental agreements for the four Dunston Road allotments, which have now been let.


Letter from Branston Community College with two invites to attend their stage musical of Grease at 7.00pm on Wednesday 13th February 2002. The Vice Chairman and Councillor Westall wished to attend.

Letter from North Kesteven District Council in connection with their Community Safety Audit, which was passed to Councillor Duggins for consideration at the next Meeting.

Letter from North Kesteven District Council advising that the former Peoples Hall in Middle Street, now convened to a private dwelling, has been allocated the postal address ofNo.32 Middle Street. Letter from Lincolnshire County Council enclosing details of their Supplementary Waste Service provided in the village.

Letter from J Gaunt and Partners enclosing a copy of the transfer of Justice Licence for the White Hart public house to Mrs C D Burgess.


Councillor Chambers had no matters to raise for discussion.


Councillor Duggins reported that the Village Hall Management Committee were reluctant to take over responsibility for the proposed Village Hall car park and future maintenance. Therefore it was AGREED that the Forward Planning Sub-committee look into the question of the proposed car park scheme in conjunction with celebrating the Queen's Golden Jubilee, LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT 2000:

Following previous discussion at the last Meeting Members were issued with a copy of the Local Government Act 2000 Notice of Prescribed Information of Members and Co-opted Members Financial and Other Interests for completion.

2002-2003 PRECEPT:

It was confirmed that the next financial year's Precept has been increased by 5.5% to £43,255.00, divided between general expenditure and street lighting.


The following applications were considered;


Erection of 12 dwellings Farriersgate for Messrs Allen and Wilcox (amended plans) APPLICATION QUERIED
The Parish Council still expressed concern over the design, site layout, external materials and foul water drainage and were of the opinion that opportunity exists to produce a higher quality scheme on this site, being adjacent to Metheringham Conservation Area.
39/1321/01  Change of use from licensed club to manufacture of limestone products at The Quarry Heath Lane for Mr D T Johnstone APPLICATION QUERIED
Support application in principle but question noise implications and would wish to see the large illuminated sign adjacent to the highway replaced with a less obtrusive sign.


It was PROPOSED by Councillor Duggins SECONDED by Councillor Ford that the accounts be passed and paid. CARRIED


From a suggestion by Councillor Duggins it was AGREED to write a letter of congratulations to Mrs J Glossop, Prince's Street, who has recently retired from her position as village post lady after some twenty years.

Councillor Mrs Routledge reported that she had received a complaint from a resident in Saxon Close over a neighbour who had constructed a skateboard ramp for her son, which was causing noise and disturbance. Resident in question to be advised to contact North Kesteven District Council.

Councillor Mrs Parker reported that the 25 free trees had now been acquired from the Lincolnshire County Council and questioned where they should be planted. It was suggested two could be planted in Field Farm Lane, some along the Green Lane at the northern side of the village and the remainder on Metheringham Delph Nature Reserve.

From a report by Councillor Mrs Honisett it was AGREED for the Chairman to liaise with County Councillor Mrs Bradwefl concerning the overgrown state of the footpath over Fen Road railway bridge. Councillor Chambers was advised that complaints over the apparent speeding of coaches through the village was a police matter.

Councillor Ford was advised that the Clerk will be submitting a planning application on behalf of the Bowls Club for two Portacabins in the near future.

From a report by Councillor Ford it was AGREED for the JMC Sub-committee to consider a reduction in rental for the changing rooms in view of the lack of seating, which had been removed by the Lincolnshire County Council.

The Meeting closed at 8:40pm