Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.15pm on Tuesday 31st July 2001

PRESENT: Councillors B E Creasey Chairman
Mrs R Creasey Vice Chairman
Dr MJ Allen
J L Duggins
M K Earney
P D Ford
R P Harrison
Mrs J Honisett
Mrs J W M Jamieson
Mrs P Bradwell County Council
I C Rose District Council

APOLOGIES: Councillors Mrs R Parker; G V Westall; G W Chambers District Council
Clerk M Credland

Police PC R Parker


The Minutes of the last Meeting were signed by the Chairman as being a true record.


Mr R Bennett, Paddock Lane, raised his concern over the general state of Shiregate, including the roads not being swept, shrubbery not cut back and dog fouling. Councillor Rose AGREED to look into the matters.

Mrs Pellett, Lincoln Road, presented a Letter from North Kesteven District Council's Area Planning Officer which supported her claim that the Parish Council's comments in relation to the proposed development in Townsend's Yard had not been received in time for their Planning Sub-committee meeting on 22nd May 2001.

Mrs Pellett further asked for an explanation as to why letters of concern from residents on Lincoln Road had not been read out at the last Meeting despite being sent before the Meeting. The Chairman advised that the letters were available this evening and could only assume they had not been received in time for the last Meeting.

Finally, Mrs Pellett questioned who would be paying for the replacement fencing to the bowling green adjacent to the proposed development. The Chairman advised that since the Bowls Club was the property of the Parish Council then they would be meeting the cost.


Public Convieniences:
Following a site meeting with North Kesteven District Council, a report was presented by Councillor Earney showing anomalies on the list of outstanding repairs to be carried out by the District Council prior to signing the Lease Agreement. It was anticipated responsibility for the public conveniences would be taken over by the Parish Council on 1st August 2001. Councillor Rose advised that this would not be the case since the District Council Solicitors were still awaiting a response from their Environmental Health Officer, Mr A Statham, who is presently on sick leave.

The Chairman reported that notices had been displayed advising the public over the current position of the public conveniences.

Car Park and Children's Playground:

Councillor Duggins gave a presentation on the four alternative schemes which had been received for additional playground equipment. After due consideration it was AGREED to accept the scheme submitted by Play Quest UK at a total cost of 9,835.5& plus VAT. Seeking advice from County Council Mrs Mrs Bradwell the Parish Council were urged to make an immediate application for Grant Aid. Councillor Duggins, who was thanked for his sterling work, advised that such an application would also include the revamping of the car park. Councillor Duggins to liaise with the Clerk to formulate the grant application.

Councillor Earney asked that it be formally minuted that he asked the question at the last Meeting as to whether the planning application for the new access into the car park had been submitted. Councillor Rose advised that to date this application had not been received by the District Council.
Old Post Office:

A letter had been received from Lincoln Co-operative Society Limited stating that they are keen to support community based initiatives and on meeting amicable agreement would be willing to enter into some form of lease for the building. Mrs Heather Routledge, Metheringham History Group, briefly outlined the current position where a Steering Group is being formed and that the Parish Clerk is to carry out a survey of the building. Furthermore, Helen Turner, District Council Lottery Funding Advisor, is to attend the next MACLA meeting to discuss the proposed Lottery application although it was reiterated that any form of lease agreement may have to be between Lincoln Co-op and the Parish Council.
Village Hall Open Day:

Following discussion at the last Meeting the following matters were considered;

a) Councillor Rose AGREED to look into the question of banning balls games on the green areas on Shiregate.

b) Lincoln Cooperative Society Limited to be asked to deal with an accumulation of rubbish outside their store, particularly on Sunday mornings.

c) It was AGREED to advise the public of future entry into the Best Kept Village Competition through the MACLA magazine.

d) County Councillor Mrs Bradwell AGREED to look into the possibility of providing improved road signage at the junction of Paddock Lane and Fen Road.

e) Village Hall Car Park The Village Hall Management Committee has formed a committee to raise funds to carry out work to the car park. The land was not given as a deed of covenant but the Parish Council has placed it under the auspices of the Village hall Management Committee.

f) It was AGREED that the Forward Planning Sub-committee will be looking into providing a special fund for village projects and if required will be included in future precepts.

g) The Parish Council will continue to maintain the access to the Bowls Club.

h) Parish Council Surgery It was AGREED that a suggestion box in the Infolinks Centre would be the best means of addressing any issues.

i) County Councillor Mrs.Bradwell AGREED to explore the possibility of introducing a cycle land along the Bypass.

j) Ornamental Village Sign In view of the cost it was AGREED that there are more pressing needs at the present time.

Metheringham Bowls Club:
The Bowls Club Secretary Mr I Browet, advised that the Portacabins were in hand and they were now awaiting the preparation of the necessary plans for submission to the District Council.

Councillor Earney advised that he was still awaiting a copy of the balance sheet as previously agreed.

Letter from Mrs K Gray, Field Farm House, expressing serious concern on the siting of the playground equipment adjacent to her property on Shiregate and the continual problems with unruly elements at all hours. Further letters in relation to the issue received from the Rt Hon Douglas Hogg QC MP, Mr N Harding of North Kesteven District Council and Councillor Rose were also read out. Following discussion Mr Gray, who was in attendance, was invited to speak. He explained that despite requests to the developer on the siting of the equipment they had refused to listen. He emphasised that he was not the only complainant and most properties in the immediate area were suffering similar problems, which the police were also looking into. It was AGREED that the situation should be resolved between the Developer and District Council, who have entered into a formal agreement, together with the Parish Council. Members of the Parish Council to meet on site at 11:00am on Sunday 5th August 2001.

Letter from Mrs Hanlon. Paddock Lane, regarding her concern over safety following an incident where her daughter had been pushed into the lagoon adjacent to Shiregate. Members to look into this matter at their site meeting on 5th August 2001 with a view to the erection of signs.

Councillor Earney gave a brief report on the recent Best Value Review meeting.

Letter from Lincolnshire County Council in respect of their Draft School Organisation Plan for 2001-2006. At the present time Metheringham Primary School is identified as having 272 pupils with a capacity of 245.

Letter from Lincolnshire County Council enclosing a copy of the new Sleaford and Metheringham Bus Times.

Letter from Community Council of Lincolnshire advising that Metheringham has progressed to the second round of this year's Best Kept Village Competition.

Letter from Lincolnshire County Council in respect of the reopening of Public Rights of Way as from midnight on 27th July 2001 and that all previous signage will be removed and replaced with new advisory signs.

Letter from North Kesteven Sports centre advising of their Summer Holiday Programme.

Letter from Metheringham Swimming Pool Association in respect of their future strategy plan and funding, which was given approval.

Letters from residents on Lincoln Road (Mr Bailey, Mrs James and Mr Wroe) regarding their concern that no one had attended the Planning Meeting on the proposed Townsend's Yard development. It was AGREED to send letters of reply.

Copies of correspondence between Councillor Rose and Anglian Water Services Limited reiterating that any necessary remedial work in Metheringham will be completed by March 2003 as initially agreed.
Letter from Mrs Wiseman, Alfred Avenue, in respect of the possibility of the siting of a dog bin in the area of Alfred Avenue and Prince's Street.

Letter of complaint from resident in Franklin Close requesting the siting of a dog bin and sign in the area.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing a copy of postal addresses for Shire Ridings.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council in respect of approval to carry out work on trees within Metheringham Conservation Area.

Letter of resignation from Councillor Earney due to his future plans to work abroad. The Chairman thanked him for his contributions and wished him well. Letter of thanks to be also sent.



Councillor Rose advised that the overgrown trees in Pullman Close had now been trimmed. Councillor Rose also reported that the District Council are to introduce a new recycling scheme next year, which will see the issuing of additional bins for re-cycling material, which will be collected on a monthly basis.



Councillor Mrs Bradwell reported that she had received complaints from the occupier of ## Lincoln Road regarding litter and dog fouling problems, which she will pursue.

The Chairman asked for any information on a proposed link road between Fen Road railway bridge and the Moorland Trading Estate, which Councillor Mrs Bradwell would look into.


Councillor Harrison reported that following a meeting on the Playing Fields it was unfortunate that no suitable site could be found for the skateboard stunt box offered by the County Council. Subsequently, a letter had been received advising that the equipment would be sited at Navenby.


The Vice Chairman reported that bookings for sites and stalls stood at approxirnately 900.00 and that a Sub-committee meeting will be convened next week.


The following applications were considered;

39/0641/01 Change of use to overnight roadside truckstop at the Boundary Cafe Nocton Heath SUPPORT APPLICATION

39/0628/01 Erection of conservatory at ## Drury Street for Mr and Mrs Sturdy SUPPORT APPLICATION


It was PROPOSED by Councillor Mrs Creasey, SECONDED by Councillor Duggins that the accounts be passed CARRIED.


Councillor Harrison reported on a recent JMC Meeting explaining that the account ofl00.00 payable to the School for cleaning the Pavilion was due to the fact that they were unhappy with the work carried out by the Caretaker and that they had felt a need to carry out additional work.

He further reported that the School Head had reported that extensive refurbishment is required on the Chance to Share facilities since no major work has been carried out since it was introduced in 1971.

The question of the disabled access was also raised, which will come into force in 2003 under the Disabled Discrimination Act Consequently, the School Head has arranged a meeting with the County

Council on Wednesday 1st August 2001. These matters to be placed on the Agenda for the next Meeting.

From a report by Councillor Harrison it was AGREED for Councillor Mrs Bradwell to look into the siting of a sign denoting 'Weak Bridge' was causing a blind spot to large vehicles. Councillor Mrs Honisett requested that hedges and bushes be cut back adjacent to Lincoln Road/Sleaford Road, along the northern side of Station Road towards the railway station and Fen Road/Paddock Lane adjacent to the railway bridge. Relevant authorities to be notified.

Councillor Mrs Jamieson questioned why the JMC account appeared to still be in a deposit account when it had been agreed several months ago to place it in a high interest account.

Councillor Mrs Jamieson asked if a copy of the Minutes could be distributed to Members at least a week in advance of Meetings as previously agreed.

Councillor Mrs Jamieson asked that a resident on Lincoln Road opposite Alfred Avenue be contacted to remove boulders and wooden fencing from the grass verge adjacent to their property. Councillor Mrs Bradwell AGREED to deal with the matter.

Councillor Mrs Jamieson asked that the concrete parking surface on Alfred Avenue be looked at because it was becoming dangerous. Councillor Rose to report the matter to the District Council.

Councillor Mrs Jamieson asked for consideration to be given by the Parish Council in employing private security firms to patrol areas of the village, such as Shiregate, as a form of deterrent. The cost could possibly be included in a future precept and tested as a pilot scheme. Members had reservations to the idea.

Councillor Duggins advised that he is to attend the Area Advisory Meeting on 24th September 2001 and that the District Council should be asked the views of the meeting on employing security firms to patrol our villages.