Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.15pm on Tuesday 28th February 2006

PRESENT: Councillors Dr M J Allen Chairman
Mrs J Honisett Vice Chairman
Mrs R Creasey
K C Finter
P D Ford
Mrs H Morrison
A M Waddington
Mrs A F Webb
G V Westall
Mrs P Bradwell County Councillor
J C Rose District Council
Clerk Ms S N Wetherall

1. The Chairman welcomed everyone. Copies of the agenda were available for members of the public.


2.1 Police report

There have been 13 crimes reported from 24th January to 20th February, namely 8 damage, 2 burglaries, 1 assault, 1 public order and 1 miscellaneous. Cllr Mrs Morrison attended a Police Panel meeting at Navenby, and it was made quite clear that Metheringham does not appear to be a very pleasant place to live. There are people removing scrap between 6pm and 8am. There have been reported burglaries in churches in the area someone has now been arrested. Two incidents of racism PC Pond is investigating.

2.2 Public Forum

2.2.1 Dot Howes stated MACLA are planning to hold a summer event to celebrate the Queen’s 80th Birthday. MACLA would like to make a 5 minute presentation possibly at the Annual Parish meeting, to raise awareness of their plans and involve local businesses.

2.3 Reports from representatives on outside bodies

2.3.1 The County Councillor reported the budget had been set for 2006/07 with an increase of around 5%. Work with the police and community policing was high on the agenda Youth offending and drug action teams are to co-ordinate with Police and Police Community Support Officers (PCSO). An improvement in anti social behaviour was expected within 6 months. A press release is to be announced with some Capital Projects.

2.3.2 The District Councillor reported that North Kesteven District Council (NKDC) would be contributing £30,000 to increase the number of PCSO in the parish.

He also reported the bulk waste collection service that was run on a fortnightly basis has now ceased. NKDC are operating a Bulk Collection Service fees from 1st April 2006 are 1-3 items £6, 4-6 items £12, if on income related benefit the service is free. Fridges and Freezers £18 each item. To arrange collection Tel 01529 414155. This is to be published in MACLA and County News. It was stated that fly tipping in the area is a problem and mobile camera’s are to be used to discourage this and fine people. The Chairman stated there is a real problem with fly tipping on Metheringham Fen.

From 1 April 2006 all Glass is to be placed in the dry recyclables bin and not the garden waste.

2.3.3 To receive reports from other outside bodies – The Chairman reported the last Joint Management Committee meeting proved very useful with discussions on proposals for the swimming pool, new pavilion/changing rooms and the chance to share scheme.


3.1 Apologies for absence

Councillor Mrs R Parker
Councillor G W Chambers
Police Constable Pond

3.2 To receive declarations of interest

Councillor Waddington for item 3.6.12 and 3.6.14 and Councillor Finter for item 3.6.11

3.3 Minutes of the meeting held on 31st January 2006 – after 3 amendments, namely under item 2.1 It was requested that the Phone number be added for PC Pond at Bracebridge Heath “01522 805718” and under item 2.2.1 with regard to the Skateboard project, it read that there is already a committee, but as yet no committee has been formed; and under item 3.6.8 should read “the last Fayre & Feast day was a success with a small financial loss”. The changes were proposed by Cllr Mrs Creasey and seconded by Cllr Mrs Morrison with all in favour.

3.4 Matters arising not on the agenda – none.

3.5 Acting Clerks report – I had hoped to report that all dog waste bins are in working order, with two new bins put up. Unfortunately on Sunday morning a car drove over and flattened the dog waste bin opposite the shops in Caroline Road. Luckily we have one spare bin which will be put up to replace this one.

I have had no reply to my letter to Lincolnshire County Council regarding the bus lay by at the school in Prince’s Street. Speaking on the phone to someone in Lincoln last week, they are waiting to hear from HBS what size bus will use the lay by. They have made no comment on our suggestion to use either the lay by in Hall Yard or make an in and out to grounds. I’m still waiting for a written reply to my letter.

Mr Baines and Mr Handley have each been written to, along the lines agreed at the last meeting.

The raised manhole cover along the pavement outside the old school is within the permitted limit of the Highways department for such objects.

The Parochial Church Council would welcome the £250 in lieu of the village caretaker’s 50 hours.

3.6 Matters Outstanding

3.6.1 Church/Cemetery Footpath – NKDC do not know who owns the east/west footpath south of the church, Nina Cann has spoken to the home office for guidance, but this information will not be known until the end of the year.
3.6.2 White Lining in Car Park – Councillor Mrs Honisett has received 2 quotes one verbal quote for £350 for up to 60 bays and one written quote of £400 for 40 bays. The Clerk has now received a 3rd quote of £595 plus VAT and a 4th quote for £350 for 30 bays and 2 disabled bays with logos and hatching. There is no up to date layout of the Village Car Park. ACTION: Clerk
3.6.3 Parish Dog Warden Services – Cost is reviewed annually and currently 16 hours are worked per week. A person has been interviewed for an additional dog warden. It appears there is a severe problem of dog waste in Church Walk. Councillor Mrs Honisett is to produce an article to appear in MACLA stating there are now 12 dog waste bins in the Parish. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Honisett
3.6.4 Grit Bins – Cllrs Mrs Honisett and Mrs Webb reported there are 3 grit bins - outside the Library, on the corner of Princess Margaret Avenue and outside the Methodist Church on Fen Road, all have damaged lids. These need to be replaced. It was suggested new grit bins are to be placed on the corner of Caroline Road (near shops), Shiregate, Hall Yard and Prince’s Street. This is to be reported to Alan Brown at LCC Highways. It was also suggested that the role of the Village Caretaker is to be reviewed, to include supervision of the grit bins. ACTION: Clerk
3.6.5 Police Meeting – the Chairman has received a response to his letter from the Assistant Chief Constable. It has not yet been ascertained whether Peter Davies- Assistant Chief Constable or Elaine Hill – Divisional Commander for West Division will attend the Annual Parish Meeting provisional date 24 May 2006, which will involve various groups. ACTION: Chairman/Clerk
3.6.6 Skateboard Park – Cllr Mrs Morrison has received a price of £300 for the mobile equipment to come to the Parish on 4 separate occasions this equates to 1st visit £120, 2nd £100, 3rd £80 and 4th free. The dates are yet to be arranged but will possibly be during the summer holidays. Once the dates are confirmed they will be published in MACLA. Proposed by Cllr Mrs Creasey, seconded by Cllr Waddington, with all in favour. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Morrison
3.6.7 Fayre & Feast – The next meeting will be held on 27th March 2006 at 6.30pm at the Manor. Due to the closure of Sleaford Market it was suggested that the stalls be hired/obtained for future use by NKDC , Cllr Rose is to monitor situation. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Parker
3.6.8 Fen Lane/Tanvats – Waiting for a report from Lincolnshire County Council Highways. ACTION: Chairman
3.6.9 Chance to Share and related issues – The Chairman has not yet received the discussion document from the last meeting at the end of January. The next meeting has been arranged with the Forward Planning Group for 21st March 2006, at 6.30pm at the Manor. A letter from Neville Posnett does not really move things forward this is to be discussed at the meeting. ACTION: Chairman
3.6.10 Village Hall management issues – Committee meeting held on 20th February 2006 was very interesting as they appear to be having financial difficulties. Ownership of the village hall was raised, and it was stated that the PC as a corporate body own it, as one of the village assets. The Chairman of the PC will produce a discussion document to clarify where we stand legally. The Chairman and Secretary of the Village Hall Management Committee are both resigning. There does not appear to be a business plan and they are approximately £4,000 over budget for the year. Councillor Mrs Morrison reported there’s to be an extraordinary meeting on 7th March 2006. A Spring Fair - fundraising event has been organised at the Village Hall on 6th May 2006. ACTION: Chairman
3.6.11 Shiregate play park – Councillor Mrs Honisett is waiting for a quote from Mr Horton with regard to moving the play equipment. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Honisett
3.6.12New pavilion and changing rooms – A draft business plan has been produced, but some editorial work is required. There are still some issues regarding the new pavilion and changing rooms, but the project is ongoing and feedback is required. There are some changes to be discussed with the architect. The final plans need to be agreed. ACTION: Chairman
3.6.13 Public Conveniences - Councillor Westall has received a quote for hand driers at a cost of between £95 - £200 each + VAT of which 2 are needed, quotes for fitting are also required. Quotes for anti graffiti paint 1 coat - £100 per 5 litres and the 2 part (1 prep coat + top coat) - £190 per 5 litres, a Total of 3 x 5 litres is required. ACTION: Cllr Westall
3.6.14 Swimming Pool Association – the Chairman is still trying to organise a meeting, as all his suggested dates have been turned down. ACTION: Chairman
3.6.15 Village car park gardens – Councillor Mrs Parker has received a quote from Paul Scholey of £207 to replace the shrubs and £50 per year to maintain the garden. This was proposed by Cllr Mrs Morrison and seconded by Cllr Waddington with all in favour. ACTION: Clerk
3.6.16 Remembrance Sunday – this is ongoing. ACTION: Chairman
3.6.17 New notice board – this is still ongoing, Allen Signs have not been to collect keys from either Councillors Mrs Morrison or Mrs Honisett. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Parker
3.6.18 Gate between Squash Court, Public Conveniences and Village Hall – The Chairman is to liaise with the village hall squash club/Blankney Estates to reach some agreement. ACTION: Chairman
3.6.19 Additional Seats – A quotation of £350 + VAT has been received for installing 2 seats one for Princess Margaret Avenue and the other at Station Road/Grange Road. A total package quote is to be provided for the next meeting. It was stated by Cllr Rose that 3 quotations are usually required for any work, goods, services or contracts which are to be instigated by the PC. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Honisett
3.6.20 Litter Bins – Litter bins cannot be attached to bus stop posts as they would impede access to the information on the signs. The litter bin outside the library has been damaged and needs straightening Clerk to request quotations. ACTION: Clerk
3.6.21 Village Centre Developments – A meeting has taken place with the Chairman, Clerk, Peter Fender – Economic Regeneration Department and Nick Jones – Arts NK, an artist is to be commissioned, with experience of running community based projects and workshops, to work with the PC, MACLA, the school, youth club and older residents groups. The sessions will explore participants’ ideas and views about Metheringham, their ideas for possible improvements and specifically their suggestions for the regeneration scheme. Mrs Anderson is the Arts & Crafts teacher at Metheringham Primary School and it has been suggested that she would be a key person to be involved in the Village Centre Project. ACTION: Chairman/Clerk

At this point the meeting was adjourned for tea and coffee.

3.7 New Business

3.7.1 To record a vote of thanks to Cllr Ford, following a successful review of the PC finances by the external auditor. Thanks are also extended to the internal auditor. A fee of £100 is to be paid to John Wood. All issues have now been resolved. This was proposed by Cllr Mrs Webb and seconded by Cllr Mrs Morrison with 1 abstention (Cllr Ford) and 8 in favour.

3.7.2 To approve financial regulations – model accepted. Cllr Mrs Creasey proposed and Cllr Mrs Morrison seconded with all in favour.

3.7.3 Consider Insurance issues relating to all PC assets – Cllr Ford has provided an assets register which currently stands at a value of approximately £1 million. A request was made for the RFO to check all assets and public liability. It is believed the PC should be insuring all assets. Cllr Mrs Creasey reported that the house adjacent to an entrance to the bowling green is for sale. The PC owns a section of land next to the house; the Chairman requested the RFO is to investigate.
ACTION: Cllr Ford

3.7.4 To extend the scope of the Children’s Playgrounds working group to include a youth recreational area – Suggestions for a hard surface and multi use recreation ground and to explore the possibility of a youth shelter. This is to be discussed by the working group. ACTION : Working Group

3.7.5 To appoint Cllr Finter as lead person for Children’s Playgrounds – Shiregate Play Park is still an outstanding issue and it needs to be resolved. The working group should also consider facilities for teenagers/youths. It was also proposed Cllr Finter join the JMC committee he accepted this position. The motion to appoint Cllr Finter to both positions was proposed by Cllr Mrs Honisett and seconded by Cllr Mrs Webb with all in favour.

3.8 Correspondence

3.8.1 To note general correspondence – duly noted.

3.8.2 To consider correspondence requiring action by the Council

a) application pack received for the Calor – Best kept village competition - Following a discussion it was agreed to enter the competition. ACTION: Cllr Mrs Honisett/Clerk
b) Lincolnshire Association of People with Disabilities (LAPD) – Poster to be placed in Info-Links and the PC Notice board. ACTION: Clerk
c) received from Sleaford Maltings Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) Consultation Draft- Planning Consultation Pack – it was agreed not to progress this at PC level.
d) from Lincolnshire County Council – Improved Telephone Access – reporting they have a dedicated Customer Service Centre and they would like to promote it in the PC newsletter and notice boards. ACTION: Cllr Ford/Clerk

3.9 Planning

To note a report from the planning committee – there’s nothing to report.

The Planning Committee meets next on Wednesday 8th March 2006 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.

3.10 Financial matters

3.10.1 To consider accounts for payment

LALC Annual Subscription 342.00
Darwood Builders 47.00
Lincoln Flat Roofing 3732.98
Powergen 23.03
MVHMC 42.38
JMC Clerk 75.00
Moore Stephens 1410.00
Lincs Playing Field Ass 75.00
Leech’s Farm 99.88
H Morrison 30.00
ABB Ltd 26.26
Dell Products 507.60
Acting Clerk’s Expenses 26.72
Village Caretaker 175.89
Clerk Salary + Expenses 521.07
Inland Revenue 70.32
Public Toilet Caretaker 132.00
St Wilfrid’s 14.00
Royal Mail 54.00
Parish Dog Warden Services 265.42
LALC Training Course/Clerk 110.00
P Garrick 517.00
J Wood 100.00

It was agreed to hold payment to Lincoln Flat Roofing until written confirmation has been received from the Swimming Pool Association that the work is satisfactory, this has still not been confirmed.

The balance as at end of February 2006 is £60,051.07.

Councillor Mrs Honisett proposed and Councillor Mrs Morrison seconded the accounts be paid, except for the one specified, and all were in favour.

3.10.2 To receive a report from the RFO on the PC finances – duly received.

3.11 Any Other Business

3.11.1 Councillor Mrs Webb reported the problem of car’s parking in the lay-by on Caroline Road outside the shops, which in turn partially blocks the road. Could the pavement outside the shops be reduced to enlarge the lay-by? This will be discussed with Alan Brown at LCC Highways. ACTION: Clerk
3.11.2 Councillor Mrs Morrison reported the owners of the China Repair Shop on High Street are leaving the premises. It was felt a local business directory should be set up to promote the village centre shops and the information be placed on the MACLA website. ACTION: Clerk
3.11.3 Councillor Mrs Creasey still has concerns about the new footpath over Dunston Bridge, this has been raised with highways and they have stated it is all within legal limits.
3.11.4 Councillor Finter reported that one of the properties backing on to the duck pond on Shiregate appears to have moved their fence. The Clerk is to contact NKDC. ACTION: Clerk
3.11.5 As previously reported the pot holes in the school car park should be filled with hard core by next week. ACTION: Cllr Westall
3.11.6 Councillor Mrs Honisett has received a complaint about bushes overhanging a footpath on the corner of Princess Margaret Avenue (near the chip shop) and Prince’s Street. The Clerk is to contact NKDC. ACTION: Clerk

3.12 Date and venue of next meeting – Tuesday 28th March 2006 in the Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 10.30pm


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