Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 22nd February 2005

PRESENT: Councillors Dr M J Allen Chairman
    Mrs J Honisett Vice Chairman
    Mrs R Creasey  
    P D Ford  
    Mrs R Parker  
    A M Waddington  
    Mrs A. F. Webb  
  Councillors J C Rose District Council

1. Introduction by the Chairman, explaining change in format of agenda, of which there were extra copies for members of the public. Any discussion on the new format can take place later.


2.1 Police Report. In the absence of any Police Officers, Councillor Routledge informed the meeting that P.C. Richard Parker may not be returning to the village and the Community Officer has left to become a fully trained officer. The nearest Police presence is Washingborough, P.C. Julie Kelly. In the past month a wall at the doctors’ surgery in Drury Street has been damaged, and yellow paint has been used in several incidents. Also youths have been riding motor cycles illegally on fields and footpaths. New notices are being put up with contact numbers for Policing concerns. It was agreed the Parish Council (PC) needs to register its concern at the lack of a police presence in the village.

2.2 No members of public attended meeting.


3.1 Apologies for absence:
Councillors G.V. Westall
J.L. Duggins (absent)
R.P. Harrison (absent)
G.W. Chambers District Council
Mrs. P. Bradwell County Council
Clerk M. Credland

3.2 To receive declarations of interest: None

3.3. Minutes of the meeting held on 25th January 2005
Councillor Mrs. Parker asked for the words “(also for last meeting)” to be removed under Apologies. After this amendment the Chairman signed the minutes of the last meeting as being a true record.

3.4 Matters arising not on the agenda: None

3.5 Matters outstanding:

3.5.1 Street lighting – Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) Highways Department have been made aware of the problem of the dark area caused by the trees, and the Divisional Highways Manager needs to be contacted. Matter still outstanding.

3.5.2 Floodlighting at the War Memorial – it was agreed Councillor Mrs. Parker should ask another electrician in the village to quote for the work, as Rod Renfrew has suffered an accident and will be unable to work for some time.
ACTION Cllr Mrs Parker

3.5.3 Litter bins - still outstanding. It was agreed the Clerk should contact Peter Garrick.

3.5.4 Skateboard Park - nothing to report. Councillor Mrs. Routledge will pass on information to Councillor Harrison concerning a Police Officer at Nettleham Police centre who is willing to talk about skateboard parks.
ACTION Cllr Harrison

3.5.5 Fayre and Feast – no meeting yet.

3.5.6 Station Road hedge – top still needs cutting. Councillor Chambers is chasing this.
ACTION Cllr Chambers

3.5.7 New seat in Shiregate Play Park – after some discussion it was agreed to put the seat at the top of Lincoln Road, as originally planned, facing in a northwesterly direction. LCC Highways department will need to be contacted, and possibly the residents of the corner house.

3.5.8 Fen Lane Railway Bridge hedge – Councillor Mrs. Honisett has received a letter from Network Rail saying the matter is in hand.

3.5.9 Children’s Playground equipment – still not mended. Councillor Rose offered to make enquiries about repairer.
ACTION Cllr Rose/Chairman

3.5.10 Zebra Crossing – white reflective bands will be painted on uprights, and the white bands on the road are still legal.

3.5.11 Fen Lane/Tanvats – various parts of Fen Lane will be repaired. The bad section will be done up to Tanvats turn, and down to Tanvats itself. The Chairman had asked for the section beyond the Tanvats turn. The problem of the turning area at Tanvats had been discussed, but LCC Highways do not own any land for a turning circle. The “No HGVs” sign is only informative. It was agreed the Chairman will write formally to Mr. Brian Creasey asking if he would like to donate the piece of land.
ACTION Chairman

3.5.12 Chance to Share and related issues – the Chairman is still waiting to hear from HBS after their meeting, and there were various issues they needed to check. If the new pavilion is built the Chance to Share scheme becomes obsolete. Relations between the school and the football community have been strained. The school has planted a hedge along the new fence, and areas of trees, without the permission of the PC. The Chairman has written to the head teacher, asking why the trees have been planted on PC land. The playing field grass is cut by LCC in lieu of rent. It was felt the Terms and Conditions need to be reviewed from time to time. The situation with the swimming pool needs to be resolved, as the pool is clearly on PC land according to the map held by HBS. The Forward Planning Sub-committee need to look at all the agreements, as there is a difference between what has been common practice and legal documents.
ACTION Chairman

3.5.13 Dog fouling – the dog warden had been upset by comments made by the PC which has been reported in the press. The Chairman and Vice Chairman will arrange a meeting with the dog warden. It was agreed that the dog warden contract be renewed for one year. On hearing the report from the dog warden, it was agreed to try to get the message across to children walking dogs that they must clean up any mess the dog makes.
ACTION Chairman/Vicechairman

3.5.14 Outside light on pavilion – nothing to report.

3.5.15 Sewer infrastructure open meeting – it was agreed to invite Anglian Water to speak at the Annual Parish Meeting. The Head of Planning at North Kesteven District Council (NKDC) has written to Anglian Water to register a protest from that department, and copies were sent to Ofwat, the Environment Agency, and Douglas Hogg MP. The developer of the proposed houses to be built on gardens at the rear of Lincoln Road is hoping to put in soakaways, to get round the problem. Councillor Mrs. Webb has had a meeting with Anglian Water representatives, who are very worried about the situation in Metheringham.
ACTION Chairman

3.5.16 Public Notice board – to erect this to the left of the Post Office door, and to erect a sign for the Village Hall Car Park, it was agreed to spend the sum of £1,453.18. Condensation is occurring in the War Memorial notice board, and the backcloth is fading. These faults will be reported back to Allen Signs.
ACTION Cllr Mrs Parker

3.5.17 Tree problems on Lincoln Road – Councillor Chambers is trying to do something about this, and it has been mentioned to LCC Highways, but nothing has happened yet.
ACTION Cllr Chambers

3.5.18 Drury Street and gritting of bus routes – still outstanding.
ACTION Cllr Mrs Bradwell

3.5.19 Village Hall management issues – the Chairman has written, asking for an informal meeting with their Chairman, Secretary and treasurer. The situation needs to be resolved, as the PC is the owner of the hall, and minutes of Management Committee meetings should be available to councillors.
ACTION Chairman

3.5.20 New framework for local plan – no councillors had commented, and Councillor Rose explained the time scale for implementation.

3.5.21 Grant for Village Hall Car Park – this is an outstanding item, as the Clerk has not explained why he did not apply for this grant.

3.5.22 Shiregate Play Park – the Chairman had spoken to the NKDC solicitor, who said the contract cannot be changed, but the Chairman disagreed, voicing the opinion that it can be changed if all parties want it. To reduce the cost of securing the play park, the solicitor had suggested local volunteers be sought, but the responsibility should not be passed to them. The Anti Social Behaviour Team (ASBT) believe the equipment should be moved, and it was agreed to ask the Clerk if he had received a report from ASBT.
3.6 New business:

3.6.1 Village Car Park landscaping. Puddles form on the surface of the car park, and it was agreed to ask the Clerk to investigate the original specification. Councillor Mrs. Parker will look for landscape gardener to plant shrubs inside the wall, and to get suggestions for screening for the property to the east of the car park. As the pantiles keep getting damaged perhaps a domed top to the boundary wall would be possible. Councillor Waddington asked where it was proposed to mark out parking for disabled users of the car park. In reply to his question about the gates, Councillor Waddington was informed the main gates will remain, and the side gate is locked when the hall is not in use.
ACTION Cllr Mrs Parker/Clerk

3.6.2 New pavilion and changing rooms. There has been one objection to the planning application.

3.6.3 Village Cross. It was agreed to ask the Clerk if he has been in touch with ArtsNK recently. As several people in the village had been interested the PC needs to keep this going. At a recent meeting with LCC Highways, they had mentioned a traffic calming scheme which would have involved moving the Cross from its present site. The PC are strongly against this suggestion.

3.6.4 Annual Parish Meeting. It was agreed to ask a representative from Anglian Water and Sgt Jones of the ASBT to speak, and for local groups to mount displays to advertise themselves. The date of April 13th may need to change to accommodate the speakers, and this can be advertised in the MACLA magazine.
ACTION Chairman

3.7 Sub committees:

3.71 Playing Field – hedges have been cut, and the post replaced at the entrance to the car park.

3.7 Correspondence:

3.8.1 Letter from LCC about REAL bus.
3.8.2 Letter from LCC with papers concerning the Lincoln Transport Study.
3.8.3 Letter from NKDC with reference to dog fouling.
3.8.4 Letter from NKDC asking for nominations for Community Service Awards.
3.8.5 Copy of objection to North Kesteven Local Plan Enquiry.
3.8.6 Letter from North Kesteven Community Safety Partnership enclosing Community Safety Audit 2004. Councillor Waddington expressed wish to read this.
3.8.7 Letter from NKDC outlining Local Development Scheme for North Kesteven.
3.8.8 Copy of letter sent by Councillor Rose to Mr. Peter Simpson re sewerage problems.
3.8.9 Copy of letter sent by Councillor Rose to Mrs. M. Reading, together with a copy of a letter from Central Trains.
3.8.10 Letter from Lincolnshire Association of local Councils, with associated paperwork, concerning a query about the feasibility or otherwise of councillors being in the paid employment of their PC.
3.8.11 Invitation from Lincolnshire Waterways Partnership to worskshops on 25th April.
3.8.12 Letter from DEFRA on clean neighbourhoods and environment bill.
3.8.13 Letter from Office of the Deputy Prime Minister on citizen engagement and public services and vibrant local leadership.

3.9 Planning – to consider planning applications

3.9.1 N/39/0074/05 Conversion of former cottages to 3 one-bedroomed dwellings, and including the parking and turning facilities and alterations to 18 High Street to facilitate its use as a shop with flat over
OBJECT on grounds of sewerage problem

3.9.2 N/39/0073/05 Replace timber door and window with UPVC

3.9.3 N/39/0157/05 Extensions to Yew Tree Cottage, 2 High Street
SUPPORT APPLICATION provided it is in keeping with existing building

3.9.4 With regard to the letter from Nick Harding, it was agreed that the circumstances have changed since planning permission was granted, and the Clerk is to write to this effect, stating the PC will still object to the current application.

3.10 Financial matters:

3.10.1 To consider accounts for payment:

Public Conveniences Caretaker’s salary 154.00
Village Caretaker’s salary 184.47
Clerk’s salary 383.40
Inland Revenue Tax and NI 180.66
ARMs Personnel Shiregate Play Park security 672.00
ABB Limited 69.97
Powergen Energy plc 161.42
Parish Dog Warden Services 197.16
Mr.R.Dawson 75.00
Leech’s Dairy Farm Ltd 88.13
Neil Squires 200.00

3.10.2 To receive a report from the RFO on the Parish finances
No report could be made as paperwork has not been handed over by the Clerk to the RFO, although request had been made by the Chairman for this to be done before Christmas 2004.

3.11 Reports from representatives on outside bodies:

3.11.1 No report
3.11.2 No report

3.12 Any other business:

3.12.1 The Clerk to be asked if there has been any correspondence about the removal of the telephone from Sots Hole.

3.12.2 Both sets of raised bus stops were discussed. Councillor Mrs. Parker declared an interest in the bus stop opposite the Station entrance. LCC Highways have been in touch with Blankney Estates, who have no problem with the suggestion. The other sites are in the High Street outside and opposite the Co-op. It was agreed these would be improvements, especially if it stopped people parking on the bus stops.

3.12.3 The Chairman reported that work will be carried out on the School Safety Zone.

3.12.4 Strong opposition was voiced by councillors to the new entrance at the library, especially as this is sited in the Conservation Area of the village. It was agreed that a letter be sent to Lincolnshire County Council.

3.13 Date of next meeting – Tuesday 29th March 2005

3.14 Venue for next meeting – Metheringham Village Hall


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