Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 24th February 2004



Dr M J Allen


Mrs J Honisett

Vice Chairman

Mrs R Creasey
P D Ford
    R P Harrison  
    Mrs R Parker  
Mrs H H B Routledge

A. F. Webb

G V Westall


M Credland

Councillor Mrs P Bradwell County Council
    G W Chambers District Council
Police PC R Parker
1. APOLOGIES: Councillors J L Duggins

A M Waddington

J C Rose District Council

The Minutes of the last Meeting were signed by the Chairman as being a true record.

PC Parker reported that machinery had been stolen from the Moorlands Trading Estate and that two suspects had been apprehended from Leicestershire. He stressed the need for residents to be vigilant against thefts from sheds and garages. PC Parker had arranged for MACLA magazine to include future police reports/articles. On the question of parking at bus stops in the village Councillor Mrs Bradwell AGREED to seek the advice of the County Council on the designation of such areas, particularly in relation to Traffic Signs and Regulations. ACTION: Councillor Mrs Bradwell

a) Children's Playground:
Awaiting further information. ACTION: Councillor Duggins
b) Village Hall Car Park:
It was reported that the Parish Council had been successful in their application for grant funding towards the cost of surfacing the car park. The amount awarded is 5,734.00 (3,551.00 from LCC and 1,183.00 from NKDC) and a meeting has been arranged by the Lincolnshire County Council at Nocton Village Hall at 7.00pm on Tuesday 2nd March 2004, which the Chairman and Clerk agreed to attend. It was further AGREED to update the quotations for the work. ACTION: Chairman and Clerk
c) 2004 Fayre and Feast:
The Sub-committee to make arrangements for this year's event, to be held on Saturday 23rd October. ACTION: ScFF
d) Street Lighting:
Councillor Westall to pursue the matter of possible additional street lighting in Pullman Close. ACTION: Councillor Westall
e) Notice Board:
It was reported that the new Notice Board will be installed this week. ACTION: ScWM&OS
f) Public Conveniences:
The Clerk presented an alternative design for the provision of a unisex disabled toilet, which was considered less disruptive and cheaper than the previous scheme and did not require planning permission. The scheme was accepted and would now be submitted for Building Regulation Approval, after which tenders would be invited for the work to be carried out. ACTION: Clerk
g) Annual Parish Meeting:
The Chairman is making arrangements for the Meeting with Mr Alan Thomas, North Kesteven District Council, and Mr Peter Moore, Lincolnshire County Council, who had both agreed to attend as Guest Speakers. ACTION: Chairman
h) Dog Warden
The Vice Chairman reported that Dog Warden Services were still considering whether their mobile telephone number can be publicised. ACTION: Vice Chairman
i) JMC
The Chairman reported that a letter had been sent to the School Head confirming that the Parish Council had agreed for a security fence to be erected along the frontage of the school buildings adjacent to the Playing Field subject to conditions relating to ownership, access to the Pavilion and Swimming Pool, etc. and that the land would remain under the ownership of the Parish Council. Confirmation of these terms awaited.
A letter had also been sent to the Pavilion Caretaker deploring the standard of cleaning carried out and requesting improvements to be made within the next month. ACTION: ScJMC
j) Playing Fields:
It was reported that the position of the new boundary fence had been marked out and agreed with the vendor's solicitor and that the fencing will now be installed as previously agreed. ACTION: ScPF and Clerk
k) Open Forum:
Councillor Mrs Parker declared an interest in this item and took no part in the discussion. Following discussion at the last Meeting the Chairman explained that whilst the Parish Council's preference for Option 4 had not been included within a recent report prepared by the Lincolnshire County Council in connection with the proposed Fen Road relief road they had been informed of this fact at a meeting and discussions with the officers involved. It was also noted that the Parish Council had still not received a copy of the report. However, it is understood that opportunities would be given for making comments at a later date even though the County Council favoured Option 2 because of technical and environmental reasons. With regard to the impact the proposed route will have on the Sewage Treatment Works no observations had been received from Anglian Water, who are also a consultee. Nevertheless, it was AGREED to inform the County Council that the Parish Council would prefer Option 4 and inviting them to give a presentation at the Annual Parish Meeting. ACTION: Clerk
1) Correspondence:

i) It was confirmed that a letter had been sent to the Lincolnshire County Council advising that the position of the Public Footpath crossing over Metheringham Delph is incorrectly shown on the Definitive Public Footpath map.
ii) It was AGREED to write to the Lincoln Co-operative Store requesting signage be installed to identify their car park in the hope of reducing traffic congestion on the High Street.
m) Any Other Business:
i) The Police reported on steps they have taken to alleviate parking problems in Drury Street. ii) from a question raised by Councillor Mrs Creasey at the last Meeting it was confirmed that the Parish Council had paid for the new fencing at the Bowling Green and that Chanceoption Developments Limited will reimburse the full amount of 1,500.00 once the housing estate had been completed. iii) The Sub-committee to consider painting the seats at the War Memorial and also look into providing permanent floodlighting. ACTION: ScWM&QS
iv) Although repairs had been carried out in Shiregate Play Park by North Kesteven District Council it would appear that an item of apparatus had been removed. The District Council to be asked to look into the matter. ACTION Clerk

i) Mrs Sisley and Mrs Howes, Metheringham Swimming Pool Association, expressed numerous concerns over the running of the pool, particularly the difficulties of recruiting volunteers, lack of financial contribution from the Education Authority and statutory obligations. They also considered that a full-time manager should be appointed. Councillor Mrs Bradwell advised that the Lincolnshire County Council did not make any contribution towards swimming facilities. Following further discussion it was AGREED for Councillor Mrs Bradwell to arrange a meeting with the County Council with all interested parties to discuss the problems further. ACTION: Councillor Mrs Bradwell
ii) Mrs Bellamy, Metheringham Youth Club, questioned whether any further progress had been made concerning a skate board park. She was informed that the Parish Council were awaiting the outcome of a grant application and that a possible site was still being considered. She was also informed that a letter she had apparently sent to the Parish Council had not yet been received. ACTION: Councillor Harrison
iii) Mr Glossop, Prince's Street was advised that the new seats are on order.

There were no outstanding reports.

a) Letter from Lincolnshire County Council enclosing information regarding the promotion of local
walks, which had already been dealt with by the Chairman.
b) Letter from North Kesteven District Council on recent updates from the Standards Board over registering and declaring membership of Political Party Council Associations. No Members declared such interest.
c) Copy of letter sent by North Kesteven District Council granting permission to the owners of 30/34 Drury Street to carry out surgical works to 3 yews trees.
d) Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing details of this year's Community Service Award.
e) Letter from Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership (L.R.S.P.) offering to display speed reduction signs and a mobile speed indicator in the village, which was accepted. L.R.S.P. to be informed accordingly. ACTION: Clerk
f) Letter from Lincolnshire CDA in connection with the Urban Challenge and a seminar on Social
Enterprise at Lincoln University on 11th March 2004, which was noted.
g) Letter from Wilkin Chapman Epton Blades in connection with the Shiregate Play Park and apparent lack of progress relating to the transfer of land by North Kesteven District Council. After due discussion it was AGREED for Councillor Chambers to set up a meeting with the District Council to try and expedite the transfer.
h) Letter from Mrs Wiseman, Alfred Avenue, expressing concern over dog fouling adjacent to her property. Mrs Wiseman to be informed that Parish Dog Warden Services will be asked to investigate.

The following applications were considered:
39/0072/04 New boundary walls at Salaam Cottage, Church Walk for Mr B Baines SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/0123/04 Extension at Middle Street for Mr and Mrs K Laskey APPLICATION QUERIED
No objection in principle but proposed extension may conflict with the 1996 Party Wall Act.
39/0161/04 Conservatory at Paddock Lane for Mr and Mr Bale SUPPORT APPLICATION

It was PROPOSED by Councillor Mrs Creasey
SECONDED by Councillor Westall that the following accounts be passed and paid

Parish Dog Warden Salary   197.16
Public Conveniences Caretaker's salary 145.00
Village Caretaker Salary & expenses 187.20
Clerk's salary and 75% telephone account 397.56
Inland Revenue Tax and Nl 181.43
Metheringham Village Hall Hire of room 25.12
NKDC - Dog waste bin emptying 250.00
Darwood Builders Public Conveniences drain cleaning 41.13
Metheringham Football Club Cleaning Pavilion 40.00
Wybone Limited litter pickers 45.47
ABB Limited Street lighting repairs 24.23
Powergen Energy Street lighting and War Memorial lighting 284.00


Councillor Chambers had no matters to raise for discussion.

a) From information received on a website Councillor Ford reported that a wind farm is being proposed in Nocton Fen incorporating 35 wind turbines and that local parishioners were expressing concerns. Councillor Chambers advised that the developer had submitted a scoping application to the District Council. After due consideration it was AGREED that the Parish Council contact the District Council with their reservations over the proposal and requesting they are consulted should a planning application be submitted. ACTION: Clerk
b) Councillor Harrison reported that he had been approached over signing a petition against the Village Hall Management Committee who were refusing permission for Metheringham Youth Club to use the premises for a dance night. Although problems had occurred previously with a similar function it was generally considered that the Village Hall should be let on such occasions, subject to the terms and conditions of letting the Village Hall. The Village Hall to be asked to comment. ACTION: Clerk
c) It was reported that a response was still awaited for resiting the bus stop sign in Station Road.
Councillor Mrs Parker reported that service buses were still parking at the entrance to Station Woods, blocking access for emergency vehicles, etc. A letter to be sent to the company involved requesting a stop to the practice. ACTION: Clerk
d) From a report the Lincolnshire County Council to be asked to repair damaged kerbs at the entrance to the Doctors car park in Drury Street. ACTION: Clerk
e) From a request by Councillor Westall it was AGREED that village organisations can display interpretive material at this year's Annual Parish Meeting.
f) From a report by the Vice Chairman it was AGREED for the Clerk to look into a problem of an overgrown hedge at the Station Road/High Street junction. ACTION: Clerk
g) It was AGREED to discuss village organisations using the Notice Board at the next Meeting. ACTION: Next Meeting

To be held in the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 30th March 2003.

The Meeting closed at 9.50pm