Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.15pm on Tuesday 26th February 2002



B E Creasey


Mrs R Creasey

Vice Chairman

Dr M J Allen

J L Duggins

P D Ford

R P Harrison

Mrs J Honisett

Mrs R Parker

Mrs H Routledge

Mrs A F Webb

G V Westall


J C Rose

District Council


M Credland



Mrs P Bradwell

County Council

G W Chambers

District Council


Pc R Parker


The Minutes of the last Meeting were signed by the Chairman as being a true record.


Mr D Honisett, Village Caretaker, reported that the 3 Paths Partnership scheme had been clearing and way-marking paths in the village although the Foot and Mouth epidemic had caused problems. They were currently trying to address anomalies near the Shiregate lagoons and are to look at PF No. 10, which is not way-marked. Volunteers were also needed to replace two staunch members they had recently lost. Lincolnshire County Council to be asked to review 3PP Agreement, which expired in December 2001.
Mr J Browett reported the footpath opposite 27 Princess Margaret Avenue was in a poor state of repair. The Vice Chairman to report the matter to Lincolnshire County Council.
Mrs A Bellamy representing the newly formed Metheringham Youth Club asked if the Parish Council could consider making a 50% contribution towards the weekly rental of 10.00 for the Church Hall and also whether consideration had been given for putting up youth shelters. Following discussion it was AGREED to consider making a financial contribution under the item in Matters Arising and that a representative from the Youth Club attends a District Council meeting at Sleaford on Monday 25th March 2002, which will consider community youth facilities.
Representatives from Shiregate expressed concern over negotiating the Bypass and considered a pedestrian crossing should be provided. They were informed that although the County Council have carried out a traffic survey along Station Road the resultant figures did not meet laid down criteria for providing a pedestrian crossing. However, the County Council had agreed to carry out a further such survey and reassess the situation. They were also deeply concerned over incidents of anti-social behaviour around the Shiregate play park and were advised that the police were already aware of the situation and continually monitoring the site. The play park is the responsibility of North Kesteven District Council and as a result of previous complaints they had removed a set of swings to try and alleviate the problem. Following further discussion the Chairman AGREED to look into whether anything can be achieved through the NK Safety Project.


Metheringham Bowls Club:

The Chairman presented a report on the Bowls Club explaining that whilst the Parish Council had been gifted the bowling green by Miss P Townsend in 1976, and the Bowls Club had paid an annual rent, there had never been a formal agreement between the two parties. The rental had been paid since the construction of the Pavilion, financed by the Parish Council, and reviewed every three years. A Draft Lease Agreement had been prepared in liaison with the Parish Council's solicitors. The Bowls Club chairman, Mr M Reep, agreed in principal to such an agreement but considered the current rental should be reduced. After further discussion it was RESOLVED by majority vote that the annual rental for the next three years be 200.00. It was further AGREED that the Draft Lease Agreement be accepted and commence on 1st April 2002.

Car Park and Children's Playground:

Further to previous discussions three quotations had been received for extending the Prince's Street car park and creating an additional entrance. After due consideration it was AGREED to accept the lowest of these quotations received from Messrs Ermine Engineering Company Ltd, Lincoln, for the total sum of 6023.00 plus VAT.
Councillor Mrs Bradwell advised that the Parish Council had been unsuccessful in their grant application to the Lincolnshire County Council towards the cost of providing new playground equipment and extending the car park. The Parish Council expressed their disappointment and felt the County Council could have been more helpful after the application had been submitted by, for instance, meeting the Subcommittee to discuss the project. Councillor Mrs Bradwell AGREED to raise these concerns with Lincolnshire County Council.
It was reported that the Forward Planning Sub-Committee had considered improvements for the Village Hall car park and recommended the whole area should be surfaced with tarmac, two areas set out for trees/shrubs, the western boundary replaced with Lincolnshire post and rail fencing and repairs carried out to the stone walls. It was considered that new gates should not be provided. Surface water drainage from the car park would be difficult to overcome and expensive, primarily because of the lack of a storm water sewer in Middle Street. After further discussion it was AGREED for the Sub-committee to invite 'quotations for the work to be carried out.
Councillor Mr Ford presented a plan showing a scheme to construct a new brick replacement Notice Board at the north-west comer of the War Memorial gardens. Since the War Memorial is Listed Grade II then an application for Listed Building Consent may have to be submitted. The Clerk to look into the question.

Playing Fields:

Councillor Rose advised that the District Council had provided dog bylaw notices in Wilsford playing field and considered similar signs could be displayed in the Playing Field. Therefore, it was AGREED for him to pursue the possibility.
Councillor Ford reported that the seating had now been replaced in the changing rooms at a cost of some 800.00, which had been taken out of the school budget. Since the school governors would not be willing to finance such projects in the future then Councillor Duggins to discuss the matter with the school head with a view to seeking support from the Lincolnshire County Council. Under the Chance to Share Agreement the County Council are fully responsible for all maintenance and repairs in the pavilion and changing rooms.

Youth Club:

Councillors Duggins and Westall AGREED to attend a meeting at the District Council offices Sleaford on Monday 25th March 2002 to consider community projects for youngsters.
Following discussion in Open Forum it was RESOLVED to donate the sum of 50.00 to the newly formed Metheringham Youth Club to assist them with expenses. It was understood that the Club had formed a properly constituted committee and are working closely with Lincolnshire County Council Youth Services.

Swimming Pool Association:

Since a response was still awaited from County Councillor Hoyes over the question of finance towards the swimming pool it was AGREED for Councillor Mrs Bradwell to pursue the matter.


A draft Letting Agreement had been prepared for the Dunston Road allotments, which are to be forwarded to the Parish Council's solicitors for comment.

County Safety Audit:

Councillor Duggins reported that although recently published figures identified a fall in crime there was actually a rise, mainly because of a reluctance to report all incidents to the police, which was probably as high as 50%. It was AGREED for him to attend a District Council meeting on Saturday 11th May 2002 to discuss the Safety Audit.


Letter from Mrs J Glossop, Prince's Street, thanking the Parish Council for their letter of congratulations on her retirement as village post lady.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing a copy of their Draft Housing Capacity Study which examines how many additional dwellings can be provided within existing built-up areas of the larger settlements and future densities. No large scale sites are envisaged for Metheringham.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council offering the supply of sand-bags for emergency situations. It was AGREED to request a supply to be stored at their Sleaford Road Depot.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council advising that arrangements are being made for paying their contribution towards the cost of the Fen Road public conveniences.
Copies of correspondence between Councillor Rose and West Lincolnshire Primary Care Trust in connection with improving Community Health Services in Metheringham, which appears to being gradually reduced particularly in relation to the care of the elderly.
Letter from Skellingthorpe Parish Council advising that they have experienced difficulties in obtaining payment from a travelling funfair, which occasionally visits Metheringham. The information was duly noted.
Letter from Lincolnshire County Council enclosing a copy of notice relating to the reduction of the speed limit along Station Road.
Letter from The Rt Hon Douglas Hogg MP seeking the Parish Council's views over a letter he had received from Mrs A Beck, Shiregate, regarding the provision of a pedestrian crossing over the Bypass. Councillor Mrs Bradwell advised that the County Council have been asked to look into the possibility of providing a footpath along the northern side of the Bypass and also suggested the Parish Council ask for another traffic survey, which was AGREED. Mr Hogg to be informed of these discussions with the Lincolnshire County Council.
Letter from Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership advising that the Parish Council's letter concerning parking in restricted zones was being looked into.
Letter from Police Constable R Parker advising that although he has dealt with offenders causing obstruction offences on the High Street bus stop he has no knowledge of any similar incidents at the school entrance. pc Parker also reported that the police will continue to patrol areas in the village where incidents of anti social behaviour have occurred, such as Shiregate, the Library and Alfred Avenue.


Councillor Rose reported that the District Council are to provide street name plates along Sleaford Road.


Councillor Ford reported that in conjunction with MACLA the Village Drama Group were planning a 1950's Gala in the Playing Field on Monday 3rd June 2002 and had successfully obtained a 1,650.00 grant. A meeting had been arranged on Friday 15th March 2002 to discuss the project further. It was AGREED to donate the Pavilion free of charge for the festivities. Councillor Mrs Routledge advised that a Medieval event is to be held around St Wilfrid's parish church on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June in connection with the four hundredth anniversary of the rebuilding of the church after the great fire in 1599. Lord Burgh's Retinue from Gainsborough Old Hall have been asked to participate and Councillor Mrs Routledge questioned whether the Parish Council could help financially. Matter to be raised at a later Meeting once the costings were known.


Following previous discussions Members returned their Model Code of Conduct forms duly completed and signed.


Councillor Mrs Routledge reported that vandalism was still occurring at the Old Post Office and she had contacted Lincoln Co-operative Society accordingly. Through her conversations the Co-op were persuaded to consider carry out repairs to the roof and gable wall rather than let the building deteriorate or possibly be demolished. Councillor Mrs Routledge also reported that North Kesteven District Council and Mrs Mary Anderson, Consultant Architect, were extremely interested in renovating the building for community use. An application to the Preservation Trust had also been submitted for membership and she was still pursuing the possibility of getting the building listed. The Parish Council endorsed her actions and agreed to support the scheme within their powers.

2000-2001 AUDIT:

The Clerk presented a report to show the Audit Commission had recently completed the Parish Council annual audit and that they were satisfied with accounts.



Proposed farm buildings and alterations at The Green Man, Fen Road for Mr J Garrick APPLICATION QUERIED
Concern expressed that the site was becoming over-developed.
39/0146/02  Alteration and extension to Co-op store and alteration and part demolition of hardware shop and formation of car park at The Co-op and Townsend buildings High Street for Lincoln Co-operative Society Limited SUPPORT APPLICATION


It was PROPOSED by Councillor Duggins SECONDED by Councillor Ford that the accounts be passed and paid. CARRIED


From a report by Councillor Ford it was AGREED to notify Lincolnshire County Council that the school sign in Prince's Street had been damaged by the recent high winds. Councillor Ford was advised that Councillor Mrs Bradwell was pursuing the question of providing additional school warning signs with the County Council.
Councillor Mrs Webb reported that a replacement speed limit sign was required adjacent to the entrance to Shiregate and other traffic signs in the village needed cleaning. Matters to be reported to the County Council.
Councillor Mrs Routledge reported that it was hoped to re-establish the Blessing of the Spring and arrangements were being made for Reverend D Payne to carry out the ceremony. The Parish Council supported her proposal.
From a report by Councillor Mrs Honisett that the Cross light had been broken it was AGREED to arrange for ABB Service and Solutions to carry out repairs and/or replacement. It was AGREED for Councillor Duggins to deposit a set of Minutes in the Library.

The Meeting closed at 10.05pm