Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.15pm on Tuesday 3rd January 2006

PRESENT: Councillors Dr. M.J. Allen Chairman
Mrs. J. Honisett Vice Chairman (and Acting Clerk)
Mrs. R. Creasey
K.C. Finter
P.D. Ford
Mrs. H. Morrison
Mrs. A.F. Webb
G.V. Westall
J.C. Rose District Council
Mrs. P. Bradwell County Council

1. The Chairman welcomed everyone with New Year greetings. A special welcome was extended to Councillor Keith Finter, newly co-opted, and to Mrs. Sharon Wetherall, the prospective new Clerk. Copies of the agenda were available for members of the public.


2.1 Police report. Because the police were experiencing technical problems Councillor Mrs. Morrison was unable to present the monthly report. Police Constable Pond will be overseeing policing in this area, with the intention of clamping down hard on trouble makers in Metheringham. He would like to attend the next Parish Council (PC) meeting. It is generally acknowledged that the village has been seriously neglected as far as any police presence is concerned, and now has a bad reputation. Councillor Mrs. Morrison has a report from the Policing Panel meeting she was unable to attend. There are Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) problems in the village which are not being resolved by North Kesteven District Council’s (NKDC) team. Councillor Ford has volunteered to be the Co-ordinator for the village’s Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators. Councillor Mrs. Webb has reported to the police the trouble on their estate, but nothing has been done. This would appear to stem from those higher in authority.

2.2 Public Forum.

2.2.1 After the recent icy conditions Mrs. S. Peake asked whose job was it to spread grit from the bins onto the pavements outside the main shops in the village. It would appear Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) Highways normally fill the bins before the winter, and they need to be asked to do this. Councillor Ford reported salt from a heap in Hall Yard had been thrown over residents’ cars. Discussion followed about further sites for grit bins in the village, and the Highways & Footpaths Working Group will look at this. As it is generally understood that the gritting lorries are supposed to treat bus routes – which is not being done in Metheringham - LCC Highways will be asked to review their policy. ACTION Cllr Mrs Honisett/Mrs Webb
2.2.2 Mrs. Peake also commented on the amount of rubbish, especially round the Co-op and pizza shops. It was pointed out that litter bins are available but people do not use them. A poster campaign might help the situation. Councillor Rose was asked if some stipulation to provide litter bins could be made when fast food outlets apply for planning permission. The village caretaker’s end of year review needs to take into account these comments and those for 2.2.1. ACTION Chairman
2.2.3 Mr. John Morris commented on the number of police in the area in the past, and wondered where the money went when there are now less police.

2.3 Reports from representatives on outside bodies:
2.3.1 Nothing to report from the County Councillor.
2.3.2 The District Councillor reported that a Funding Fair will be held at Leasingham Village Hall on Tuesday 18th April 2006 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Various grant making bodies will be there, and to book a place Sue Chambers on Ext. 2463 needs to be contacted. Councillor Rose explained the planning application for 42-48 High Street, Metheringham had been withdrawn because the Environment Agency wished the same criteria to apply to this proposal as had been expounded by the Planning Inspectorate, and the applicants would not accept this. Attention was drawn to the fact that all this had been going on over the Christmas period, which had made it difficult for concerned parishioners to view plans. ACTION Cllr Ford
2.3.3 The Village Hall Management Committee representative, Councillor Mrs. Morrison, now has a key and the code for the back door, and a ‘tick’ list to check when exiting the Hall. An apology has been received for the lack of heating at the last PC meeting. Copies of the Child Protection policy and hiring conditions for the Hall are available.


3.1 Apologies for absence
Councillor Mrs. R. Parker
Councillor A. Waddington
Councillor G.W. Chambers

3.2 To receive declarations of interest – Councillor Finter for item 3.6.9

3.3 Minutes of the meeting held on the 29th November 2005 were signed as a true record.

3.4 Matters arising not on the agenda – none.

3.5 Acting Clerk’s report -
Under Correspondence item 3.8.2
a) nothing more to report on this
c) letter written on 7th December 2005 in support of appeal. Outcome should be known in 3 months.
e) White lining in car park still ongoing
f) letter written on 12th December 2005; reply received on 17th December; hoping to resolve the question of litter.
g) letters written to LCC Highways and Councillor Mrs. Bradwell, plus replies to Mrs. Baumber and Mrs. Roland. State of footpath between church and cemetery ongoing.
h) Copies of electoral register ongoing.
Under 3.10.2 – meeting to be arranged with Parish Dog Warden Services.
Under 3.11.2 – letter written to Lincoln Post Office on 12th December 2005; no reply to date.
Under 3.11.3 – reply received from LCC Highways; engineers are investigating feasibility of adding bus shelters to the design for bus stop improvement works.
Under 3.11.4 – reply received from LCC Highways; a ban on HGV’s using Prince’s Street now on investigation request list; unlikely to be looked at for at least six months.
Under 3.15 – Mr. Keith Finter has signed all the papers; these have been returned to NKDC. As there were no confirmed election candidates for PC vacancy, the co-option process will be gone through again. However, there were three potential candidates and the Chairman expressed considerable concern that NKDC had arranged closing dates for the candidates over the Christmas period. Cllr Rose indicated that NKDC were following the rules. ACTION Chairman

3.6 Matters outstanding

3.6.1 Dog Waste Bins – five have been ordered on 19th December 2005 and should arrive in four weeks. ACTION Cllr Mrs Honisett
3.6.2 First aid / seat belts on buses – as the law stands there is no necessity for first aid boxes or seat belts to be fitted to buses which cover public service routes and which are used on school contracts. The large number of vehicles needed to transport children, already costing £30 million, precludes LCC using only coaches with fitted seat belts.
3.6.3 Police meeting – the Chairman to write. ACTION Chairman
3.6.4 Skateboard park – Councillor Mrs. Morrison will be contacting youths who want this to start raising money. She will also fix suitable dates for hiring mobile equipment. ACTION Cllr Mrs Morrison
3.6.5 Fayre & Feast – Working Group has still not met. The Chairman would like to keep team of stewards together, especially if there is to be a Fayre & Feast this year. ACTION Cllr Mrs Parker
3.6.6 Fen Lane / Tanvats – it is hoped to set up a meeting with Stuart Christie’s successor. ACTION Cllr Mrs Bradwell
3.6.7 Chance to Share and related issues – a meeting on 10th January has been arranged with Neville Posnett and people from HBS Property. The Chairman listed suggestions which will be put to this meeting. ACTION Forward Planning Group
3.6.8 Village Hall management issues – a meeting is to be set up. ACTION Cllr Mrs Morrison
3.6.9 Shiregate play park – EKM have been asked to quote for moving play equipment, and a quote is needed for removing the fence. Councillor Finter feels the noise has decreased, although this is caused mainly by youths kicking footballs at the fence. The Chairman would like to put together some proposals, with costings, before meeting with NKDC again ACTION Cllr Mrs Honisett
3.6.10 New pavilion and changing rooms – Clive Wickes has not responded to messages from the Chairman, who urgently needs the plans. ACTION Chairman
3.6.11 Public conveniences – three painters have been approached for quotations, and Mr. Darwood has been asked to finish work in disabled toilet. This is ongoing. ACTION Cllr Mrs Honisett
3.6.12 Swimming Pool Association – dates in February have been suggested for a meeting. ACTION Chairman
3.6.13 Village car park gardens – this is ongoing.
ACTION Cllr Mrs Morrison
3.6.14 Barbed wire on playing field fence – a reply is awaited from Robin Tucker, and this ongoing. ACTION outstanding
3.6.15 Remembrance Sunday – Chairman would like to have meeting about procedures at War Memorial. ACTION Chairman
3.6.16 New noticeboard – this is outstanding. ACTION Cllr Mrs Parker
3.6.17 Gate between Squash Court, Public Conveniences and Village Hall – Councillor Ford is looking at costs. ACTION Chairman/Cllr Mrs Morrison/Cllr Ford
3.6.18 Bowls Club Pavilion – contractors will liaise with both Bowls Club and Swimming Pool Association to start work this month.
3.6.19 Ivy on wall at spring – this is being dealt with by Mrs. Shirley Madison, Women’s Institute.
3.6.20 Additional seats – three sites were identified: a new seat on the south side of Kings Road and Dunston Road; a replacement at Princess Margaret Avenue (further away from tree); and a replacement on the corner of Grange Road/Station Road. Costs of purchasing 3 new seats and their installation need to be obtained. ACTION Cllr Ford
3.6.21 Litter bins – three sites were identified: on Fen Road; at Dunston cross roads; and near play park on Shiregate. Permission is to be sought from LCC to attach litter bins to bus stops outside the Scarf and Goggles and the railway station. ACTION Cllr Mrs Honisett
3.6.22 Village centre developments – the Chairman has asked Peter Fender for a chance to see the overall plans, as the village needs to know. This is still ongoing. ACTION Chairman

3.7 New business - none

At this point the meeting was adjourned for tea and coffee

3.8 Correspondence:
3.8.1 To note general correspondence – duly noted
3.8.2 To consider correspondence requiring action by the Council
a) papers from Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils with reference to several day courses. It was agreed to pay the annual fee to enable Councillors to take part in training days. ACTION Cllr Ford
b) from NKDC with information on the South Area Advisory Forum Meeting. This is on Monday 13th March at Council Offices, Sleaford. The Chairman and Vice Chairman expressed an interest in attending. ACTION Cllr Mrs Honisett/Chairman
c) from Charity Commission. The Acting Clerk had rung them to ask who had supplied her name and address as contact person, as she had not been asked if this was in order. This needs to be rectified. ACTION Chairman
d) from NKDC with copy of Model Complaints Procedure, which will need to be adopted by the PC. ACTION Chairman
e) from Councillor Waddington raising comments about various areas. It was agreed that Councillors should raise questions during the Council meeting. ‘Any other business’, is retained on the agenda to enable members to discuss issues of concern.

3.9 Planning:
To note a report from the Planning Committee
Ref: N/39/1279/05 – this application has been withdrawn, as per explanation in item 2.3.2
Ref: N/53/1552/05 – Proposal – Erection of bungalow and garage, Plot 2, Field Farm, Shiregate, Metheringham. This has been objected to on the grounds of sewerage.
Planning permission has been granted for the erection of dwelling and garage, plot 21, Lincoln Road, Metheringham. A letter has been sent to Mr. Kevin Berrie, asking why permission has been granted for this, when it goes against the decision made by the Planning Inspectorate with regard to Chanceoption’s appeal in September 2005.
Planning permission has been granted for the erection of garage, The Haven, Lincoln Road, Metheringham, and for the erection of front porch/conservatory at 7 Rowan Way, Metheringham.
Planning permission has been refused for the erection of 48 dwelling units at The Gatehouse and land adjacent, Moor Lane, Metheringham.

The Planning Committee meets next on Wednesday 11th January 2006 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.

3.10 Financial matters:

3.10.1 To consider accounts for payment
ABB Ltd. £782.61
Service Team £33.78
Public toilet cleaner £132.00
Acting Clerk’s expenses £23.20
Village Caretaker £171.60
Inland Revenue £48.40
Pavilion cleaner £75.00
ABB Ltd. £52.52
Public Works Loan Board £2,160.00

Councillor Mrs. Webb proposed and Councillor Mrs. Morrison seconded the accounts be paid, and all were in favour.

3.10.2 To receive a report from the RFO on the parish finances – the RFO was complimented on his clear presentation of the accounts.

3.10.3 To adopt the budget for 2006/2007 (shown as projected Expenditure
06/07 on the Financial Review circulated at the previous meeting) – this was proposed by Councillor Mrs. Creasey and seconded by Councillor Mrs. Morrison, with all in favour.

3.10.4 To confirm a proposal to pay off the Public Works loan at a cost of
£2,160.00 – this was proposed by Councillor Mrs. Webb and seconded by Councillor Mrs. Creasey, with all in favour.

3.10.5 To confirm the precept for 2006/07 as £60,560.00 – this was proposed
by Councillor Westall and seconded by Councillor Mrs. Webb, with all in favour.

3.11 Any Other Business
3.11.1 Councillor Mrs. Webb reported problems on 3rd December 2005 and 3rd January 2006 with sewerage at Tennyson Close. On both occasions Anglian Water rectified the problems speedily.
3.11.2 The hedge bottom along Station Road needs to be cleared out of an accumulation of leaves, when the hedge is next cut.
3.11.3 Councillor Mrs. Morrison reported the gravel from the drive at 43 High Street is covering the pavement. Acting Clerk is to ring Malcolm Greenfield about it. ACTION Cllr Mrs Honisett
3.11.4 Councillor Mrs. Creasey reported on the problems caused by the gate at the side of the Village Hall being locked, when people are encouraged to use the Village car park. This was especially noticed when the school held services in the Chapel and parents wished to use the car park. Councillor Mrs. Morrison is to ask the Village Hall Management Committee why it is necessary to have a gate, and why does it need to be locked, as it is discouraging people using the car park. This particular gate could be used as in item 3.6.17. ACTION Cllr Mrs Morrison

3.12 Date and venue of next meeting – confirmed as Tuesday 31st January
2006 at 7.15pm in the Village Hall.



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