Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.15pm on Tuesday 30th August 2005

Councillors Dr. M.J. Allen Chairman
Mrs. J. Honisett Vice Chairman (and Acting Clerk)
Mrs. R. Creasey
J.L. Duggins
P.D. Ford
Mrs. H. Morrison
A.M. Waddington
Mrs. A.F. Webb
G.V. Westall
Mrs. P. Bradwell County Council
J.C. Rose District Council

1. Welcome by the Chairman. Copies of the agenda were available for members of the public.


2.1 Police report. In the absence of any Police Officers Councillor Mrs. Morrison reported on the six incidents in the past month. These included damage to a bungalow at Martin Moor; an arson attack on fence in Roman Close; two youths trying to con money; shed burgled at the back of Mowgli's restaurant; damage to Dr. Fearnley's window; and theft of diesel at Martin Moor. Because a CCTV camera at Shiregate play park cannot be linked with either Sleaford or Lincoln, it could be done digitally, but this would be expensive and not necessarily a good quality.
Councillor Duggins reported on a Neighbourhood Watch meeting he had been to, with stickers for members to take. He also had information for elderly people when they have uninvited callers. There is a meeting planned on the 8th September to which Parish Councillors can go.

2.2 Three young parishioners stated they would like to have a skateboard park which might help to stop youngsters hanging around the Co-op. Unfortunately they lost the petition they had. They had used the mobile skateboard equipment and intend doing so again on Friday 2nd September. The Chairman suggested they need to organise a group, to set up a committee and raise funds of their own. The Parish Council is still looking at the possibility of the mobile equipment, but it is keen to find out what the youngsters want themselves. There are concerns about where it will be located, especially if it is on the playing field. There would also need to be special disclaimers about liability, set out on notices. Councillor Mrs. Morrison has been in touch with the Rural Fizz Fund, and Councillor Ford mentioned the Funding Fair at Washingborough. The Chairman suggested the young people need to organise themselves, with the help of parents, into a group, which will have the backing of the Parish Council and then they could become part of MACLA. Councillor Ford suggested something could be put in the MACLA magazine. The Chairman congratulated the three young people on making the approach to the Parish Council.


3.1 Apologies for absence
Councillor G.W. Chambers
Councillor Mrs. R. Parker

3.2 To receive declarations of interest
Personal interest from Councillor Waddington under items 3.5.9 and 3.5.11;
Councillor Ford under items 3.5.9. and 3.7;
Councillor Mrs. Creasey under item 3.5.12;
and Councillor Mrs. Morrison under item 3.5.9.

3.3 Minutes of the meeting held on 26th July 2005
The Chairman signed the minutes as being a correct record.

3.4 Matters arising not on the agenda
Councillor Mrs. Routledge is to be known as Mrs. Morrison.

3.5 Matters outstanding
3.5.1 Police Meeting - Councillor Morrison has a list of local Police Forums, and it was also suggested the Chief Constable could be invited to a Parish Council meeting, rather than an open meeting on a different evening which might attract only a few people. ACTION Cllr Mrs Morrison
3.5.2 Skateboard Park - thanks were expressed to Councillor Waddington for his report, and also to Councillor Mrs. Morrison for organising the mobile skateboard equipment. ACTION Cllr Mrs Morrison
3.5.3 Fayre and Feast - to date it would appear only 24 stalls have been applied for. The insurance is costing £183.75 for this event but next year it will be absorbed into the general insurance for the Parish Council. ACTION Cllr Mrs Parker/Working Group
3.5.4 Fen Lane/Tanvats - the Chairman has made no further progress. ACTION Chairman
3.5.5 Chance to Share and related issues - the Chairman and Councillor Mrs. Honisett have had a meeting with Mr. Posnett and HBS when various issues relating to the Chance to Share scheme and playing fields were discussed. HBS have taken away a certain number of action items for their legal department. ACTION Chairman
3.5.6 Outside light on pavilion - building work has started at the school, and Councillor Duggins hopes to get a light put up to shine towards the gate into the field. ACTION Cllr Duggins
3.5.7 Village Hall management issues - still outstanding. The Chairman has not heard from the Management Committee recently, but finance still needs to be discussed. In the meantime the floors have been re-varnished and look very good. ACTION Chairman
3.5.8 Shiregate play park - the "diary" form will be given out to all householders backing onto the play park, for them to formally record incidents over one month. This should help in deciding if the equipment needs to be moved. Perhaps taking down the fence will improve the situation. ACTION Chairman
3.5.9 New pavilion and changing rooms - a letter has been sent to Clive Wickes Associates, and their formal letter of engagement is being awaited. The Chairman is now holding regular meetings with MACLA to get the business plan sorted out. ACTION Chairman
3.5.10 Public conveniences - Councillor Mrs. Honisett reported the problems with the various disabled toilets have been resolved, and are in working order. As a complaint had been received from Brylaine (bus company) stating that under the terms under which they operate, Metheringham has been deemed a terminus by Lincolnshire County County (LCC) and therefore toilet facilities should be available, Councillor Mrs. Bradwell agreed to make enquiries, as LCC might agree to make some financial contribution towards the upkeep of the public conveniences. ACTION Cllrs Mrs Bradwell/ Mrs Honisett
3.5.11 Swimming Pool Association - the Chairman had received a long email from Mrs. Linda Sisley, in which several problems were brought up, including the ceiling of the boys' changing room being black with mould. Whilst it had previously been agreed to accept the quotation from Mr. Massingham, Councillor Duggins suggested asking the builders at the school to give a quote for the work to be done to the roof. The Chairman will have a meeting with the Swimming Pool Association, as the roof work needs to be moved forward. ACTION Chairman/Cllr Duggins
3.5.12 Access to playing field - much discussion took place about the need or otherwise for emergency vehicles to access the playing field. There are two barriers to the playing field - one is a bar from the road to the car park, and the other is a chain from the car park to the playing field.
3.5.13 Trees in Park Crescent - the members were not happy to learn that North Kesteven District Council's (NKDC) tree officer is proposing to remove 7 trees from this area, and the Acting Clerk has been asked to ascertain if this is strictly necessary. ACTION Cllr Mrs Honisett
3.5.14 Village car park gardens - as no further progress has been made, this needs to be looked at again. ACTION Cllr Mrs Honisett
3.5.15 Pavement north side of Lincoln Road - Councillor Mrs. Honisett has received a reply to her letter of request, and the situation will be assessed as to its urgency or otherwise.
3.5.16 LCC draft statement of Community Involvement in Planning - this has been commented on by the Chairman and Vice Chairman.
3.5.17 NKDC Parish surveying - this has been completed and returned.
3.5.18 Overhead barrier at playing field car park - this was covered in the discussion at item 3.5.12 ACTION Chairman

3.6 Reports from representatives on outside bodies
3.6.1 To receive a report from the County Councillor - LCC had turned down the request for highway lighting along Lincoln Road, but Councillor Mrs. Bradwell feels this is not good enough and told them so. She is still waiting for a reply from Stuart Christie, and has suggested a few are done each year as money becomes available. It was pointed out that there is a requirement for highway lighting on stretches of road with a 30mph speed limit. ACTION Cllr Mrs Bradwell
3.6.2 To receive a report from the District Councillor - nothing to report.
3.6.3 To receive reports from representatives on other outside bodies - from the Playing Field body, Councillor Ford asked for permission to cut the hedges before winter. This was seconded by Councillor Duggins, and all were in favour, with an upper financial limit of £200. If it is going to cost more the PC needs to be asked again.

3.7 New business:
To consider a report from the Football Club regarding barbed wire on fence adjacent to playing field, and access to adjoining land - the problem has arisen where barbed wire has been attached on top of a fence erected by the PC. It was suggested that help is sought from various sources as to the legality or otherwise of the barbed wire, and the Chairman feels Mr. Renfrew should be asked to remove the barbed wire, especially as it has been attached to the PC fence. There is also a problem with the gate in the security fence having been locked, and the Football Club do not have a key. Much discussion took place on whether a right of way exists over this land. ACTION Chairman

3.8 Correspondence:
3.8.1 To note general correspondence - duly noted
3.8.2 To consider correspondence requiring action by the Council -
a) from NKDC on supply of Register of Electors copies - the Acting Clerk will complete the form for the requested number
b) from the Community Council of Lincolnshire with details of their AGM on 29th September at Washingborough. Councillor Duggins suggested the Village Hall Management Committee might be interested in attending.
c) from LCC with a copy of the Provisional 2nd Local Transport Plan and an invitation for comments from the PC by 7th October 2005.
d) from NKDC concerning a Tree Preservation Order - the Acting Clerk is to respond with the PC observations.
e) from Greater Lincoln Partnership advertising their Business Advice Fair on 13th September 2005.
f) from NKDC concerning the Statement of Community Involvement Second Stage Consultation. There are 2 presentation events to which two representatives are invited.
g) from NKDC concerning the Parish Council vacancy. As no election has been requested, the PC has permission to co- opt a new member.

3.9 Planning:
To note a report from the Planning Committee:
There were no planning applications to discuss at the meeting on the 10th August 2005.
Planning permission has been granted for:
1. Construction of extensions to existing school at Metheringham County Primary School, Prince's Street, Metheringham.
2. A two storey side extension to 65 Paddock Lane, Metheringham
3. Change of use plus alterations to front of children's nursery at 45 Sleaford Road, Metheringham
4. Extension to dwelling at 16 Roman Close, Metheringham

The Planning Committee meets next on Wednesday 14th September 2005 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.

Two further applications need attention before the next Planning Committee meeting. These are:
Ref: N/39/1049/05 - Proposal: Erection of single storey rear extension at 5 Viking Way, Metheringham. After looking at the plans, it was agreed there were no objections.
Ref: N/39/1109/05 - Proposal: Change of use from flower shop to cafe with retail sales goods at 26 Fen Road, Metheringham. It was agreed there were no objections, but the concern of the neighbour should be made, and that is the disposal of waste food, which could cause a health hazard if not done properly.

The Chairman asked Councillor Rose about a planning matter in the Fen area, and queried the wording of the planning application refusal. Councillor Rose said some matters do not come to the full Planning Committee, and the applicant has the right to appeal against a refusal.

3.10 Financial matters:
3.10.1 To consider accounts for payment
LALC £51.50
Village caretaker £264.50
Parish Dog Warden services £257.83
Acting clerk's expenses £26.28
Inland Revenue/NI £72.00
Serviceteam £67.56
St.Wilfrid's Church £6.00
Powergen (war memorial lighting) £19.43
Powergen (street lighting) £2,322.95
Powergen (public toilets) £144.53
Greenvale Tree Services £250.00
Public toilets caretaker £99.00
Darwood builders £35.25
Village Hall Management Committee £33.38

Councillor Mrs. Creasey proposed and Councillor Mrs. Webb seconded that the accounts should be paid, and all were in favour. The Chairman complimented the Responsible Finance Officer (RFO) on all his work. It was proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Councillor Mrs. Creasey that all accounts and requests for payment should be made on the Friday preceding the monthly Parish Council meeting, and any not done so should be held over to the next month. All were in favour.
3.10.2 The RFO feels there should be a separate account for the Fayre and Feast money. The Chairman agreed to consider this matter for the future.

3.11 Any other business
3.11.1 The Chairman would like Remembrance Sunday to be given the respect it should have. Councillor Westall agreed to contact the bugler, and Councillor Duggins agreed to organise the poppy wreath for the War Memorial and the smaller ones for the War Graves. The Acting Clerk is to write to the Police asking for the road to be closed and for two Special Constables to be in attendance. Deacon Mary Neal should be contacted about the service, the reserving of seats and the numbers of Parish Councillors attending. It was agreed to ask Mr. Michael Credland if he wishes to read out the names of those who died. ACTION Cllrs Mrs Honisett/Mrs Morrison/ Duggins/Westall
3.11.2 Draft copies of Standing Orders were given to members, who were asked to read them and bring back any comments to the next meeting. The Chairman thanked Councillors Ford, Waddington and Mrs. Honisett for their help in preparing the orders.
3.11.3 Councillor Ford requested Special Constables for the Fayre and Feast.
3.11.4 There is some confusion about the road sign for No Cycling which appears at the ends of the footpath running passed the church. It was suggested that Councillor Mrs. Morrison should contact LCC Highways and Planning for more information. ACTION Cllr Mrs Morrison
3.11.5 Councillor Mrs. Morrison reported that the Youth Club held in the Methodist Church school room is working well, and will get funding.
3.11.6 It was noted that the beading round the new noticeboard by the Post Office is continuing to come adrift. ACTION Cllr Mrs Parker
3.11.7 The village caretaker has been picking up litter dropped by Post Office staff when they are doing their rounds, and this has become a problem. It was suggested Councillor Mrs. Morrison contact Mr. Brian Lamyman at Metheringham Post Office. ACTION Cllr Mrs Morrison
3.11.8 Councillor Waddington spoke of a problem at the Swimming Pool, where lumps of tar and bricks are being thrown on to the pool cover. The Police have been informed.
3.11.9 Councillor Westall still wishes to put up his seat in the Shiregate area, but will wait until matters there have been sorted.
3.11.10 As work has now been started at Metheringham School, Councillor Duggins stressed there will be a lot of construction traffic in Prince's Street, which villagers should be aware of, and the Police have been informed.

3.12 Date and venue of next meeting
Tuesday 27th September 2005 at 7.15pm in the Village Hall. Councillor Dr. Allen gave his apologies in advance. The meeting will be chaired by Councillor Mrs. Honisett, with the minutes being taken by Councillor Mrs. Webb.


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