Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.15pm on Tuesday 8th August 2002



B E Creasey


Mrs R Creasey

Vice Chairman

Dr M J Allen
J L Duggins

P D Ford

R P Harrison

Mrs J Honisett

Mrs R Parker
Mrs H Routledge

Mrs A Webb


M Credland


J C Rose

District Council


PC R Parker



G V Westall

Mrs P Bradwell

County Council

G W Chambers

District Council

The Chairman and Councillors paid their respects to Mr Eric King of Metheringham, who had died recently following a long illness. Mr King will always be remembered for his kindness and generosity and in particular his gift to the village of an area of land to the rear of the Village Hall, which will be used for extensions, car park and garden.

Under Village Hall and Car Park it was AGREED to include the word ‘had’ between ‘and requested’. The Chairman then signed the Minutes of the last Meeting as being a true record.

From a question by Mr M Reep, Metheringham Bowls Club, it was AGREED to confirm that the Gift of Land Agreement did not include any clause for charging a rental since the Parish Council only acted as trustees.
Mr Reep was also informed that the recycling bins had been relocated in the Star and Garter car park. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES:

Anglian Water:
At the invitation of the Parish Council representatives from Anglian Water (Messrs P Wood, P Valleley and G Parish) and the Environment Agency (Messrs R Thompson and S Nugent) were in attendance to discuss proposals to install a foul water overflow system into an open watercourse along Station Road to relieve the public sewer during periods of heavy rainfall, to which the Parish Council had expressed concern.
Councillor Mrs Parker declared an interest and took no part in the discussion.
The Parish Council's letter of objection was read out by the Clerk and there then followed a lengthy questions and answers debate between the Members and invited representatives. The main points of issue were as follows;
1. The proposal will only include for an overflow system without the necessity of a storage tank and Anglian Water were confident that only minute particles of effluent will infiltrate the watercourse through a 6mm screen, which they considered met current standard methods, and almost all the outflow would be storm water. The proposed system is to be designed by computer analysis. Consequently, they did not consider this would present a threat to Metheringham Delph Nature Reserve or fauna and flaura found in the open watercourse. In any event the outfall would be closely monitored by Anglian Water and the Environment Agency.
2. The Environment Agency, whilst accepting the outflow would be very diluted, would take into account a balance between pollution levels and flooding problems. Nevertheless, they would like to see alternative solutions with costs and benefits to each, which would have to meet model standards. If Anglian Water have to make an application then the matter will go out to full consultation.
On the question of ownership of the watercourse Anglian Water accepted that their legal department will have to investigate the matter, particularly since there appears to be more than one riparian owner. This issue may delay the project.
Although Anglian Water had not looked into the possibility of increasing the capacity of the sewerage treatment works in Moor Lane they considered this would be prohibitively expensive and difficult to justify, particularly since the outfall would be very diluted and only occur during extreme weather conditions. The existing works were more than capable of dealing with incoming sewerage and the pipelines were of sufficient size to accommodate normal conditions, although problems can occur because of the large amount of surface water infiltration during heavy rainfall. Anglian Water have no statutory powers to prevent new developments taking place and can only act in an advisory capacity.
On the question of inspecting old sewers Anglian Water have been requested to carry out a camera scan by the Environment Agency and the results are to be included within their report. Any repair work to damaged and broken sections of pipework will be implemented. Since the surplus water is to be concentrated adjacent to Station Road/Manor Lane junction Anglian Water were questioned whether it could be piped direct into the sewerage treatment works instead of discharging into the watercourse. Anglian Water explained that because of the need to cross under the railway line, which may be difficult to obtain permission, the costs would escalate from about £30,000.00 to almost £500,000.00, well outside their budget limits and difficult to justify. Anglian Water agreed to provide examples of similar schemes to the one proposed in Metheringham.
On the question of flooding problems in Londesborough Way, Anglian Water are to take this into account by incorporating a back-up system. Anglian Water agreed to investigate ownership of a surface water drain in Lincoln Road, which had created flooding problems after recent heavy rainfall. To prevent the possibility of pollution Anglian Water explained that detailed surveys are carried out by independent consultants and every eventuality is considered during the design stage.
On the matter of visual impact the proposed unit will consist of a large manhole cover and small kiosk, which Anglian Water considered to be insignificant. Anglian Water stressed that the decision to locate the works in Station Road was because of engineering factors and not a case of convenience. The problem was due to the size of the network of drainage pipes and not at the sewerage treatment works. The Environment Agency will consider the scheme once it has been presented and the Parish Council will also be given opportunity to make further comment.
The Chairman thanked all the representatives for attending the Meeting and answering questions.

Children's Playground:
Councillor Duggins reported that prices had been invited for lengthening the legs of the surplus swings donated by North Kesteven District Council. It was AGREED for him to pursue the matter and accept the lowest quotation for the work to be carried out. It was AGREED for the Street Lighting Sub-committee to look into the possibility of providing a street light adjacent to the Children's Playground, although the cost may be prohibitive because of technical difficulties.

Letters had been received from residents surrounding the play park complaining of rowdyism and vandalism. pc Parker reported that although the police continually monitor the situation they had not identified any real problems and had only made one arrest for abusive behaviour. Councillor Rose advised that the District Council had also been involved and had now agreed to send out questionnaires to all householders on the estate, seeking their views for a satisfactory solution. He would inform the Parish Council of any developments. After further discussion it was considered that only a small minority of troublemakers were responsible for the problems and in the main most youngsters were well behaved.

Police Matters:
PC Parker, Lincolnshire Police, presented a report and crime figures in the village for the previous six weeks. Burglaries had occurred at the Bowls Club and Auction Rooms on the Moorlands Trading Estate, which were being investigated, and arrests made relating to drugs. The roof to the public conveniences had been vandalised and it was AGREED to endorse the actions of the Chairman in arranging for Messrs P Garrick Builders to carry out any necessary repairs.
PC Parker stressed the need for all criminal offences to be reported to the police straightaway so that a incident report and crime reference number could be allocated.

Playing Fields:
It was reported that the Playing Fields had now been treated with weed killer.

Village Hall and Car Park:
It was reported that the contractor had commenced work on the stone boundary walls and gateway. Following a report by the Chairman it was AGREED that the height of the wall should be lowered by approximately 150mm to provide better visibility for vehicles exiting the car park.
On the question of the entrance gates the contractor had submitted a quotation to either renovate/extend the existing gates for the sum of £275.00 plus VAT or provide new gates at a cost of £425.00 plus VAT. After due consideration it was AGREED for the contractor to renovate/extend the existing gates.

Skate Board Park:
Councillor Ford reported that the question of providing a skate board park in the village had been discussed at a recent MACLA meeting. Mr A Brown, Church Walk, had expressed concern over a suggestion that the apparatus should be located in the Star and Garter Paddock adjacent to his property and he had also written to the Members with his objections. Councillor Harrison advised that no final decision had yet been made over the siting and that further consultation would have to be carried out. He had informed Mr Brown accordingly. Councillor Harrison had met some of the skate boarders recently and a list of targets had been formulated, although the parents still had to be consulted and funding sources looked into. The cost for such equipment would be in the region of £9,000.00. On the question of providing a youth shelter the idea was well received and funding may be currently available. After further discussion it was AGREED for Councillor Harrison to arrange a public meeting in the Village Hall in the near future to consider the matter further.

Letter from North Kesteven District Council advising that the street names of Townsend Way and The Horseshoes have now been confirmed.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing copies of their Way Forward for 2002/2003 leaflets.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing a copy of their Adopted Housing Capacity Study which will be fed into the new North Kesteven Local Plan.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing a copy of their Leisure Directory.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council in relation to arranging seminars on planning matters. Anyone interested in attending to contact the Clerk accordingly.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing information on their Arts NK Community Banner Project.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing a kerbside recycling survey. It was AGREED to follow the suggestion of two biodegradable sacks for collection one a month.
Letter from Mr Hooper, 36 High Street, seeking permission to repaint the old village pump adjacent to his property, which was agreed.
Letter from Reverend David Payne inviting the Parish Council to attend a Service in St Wilfrid's church at 7.00pm on Sunday 18th August 2002 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the restoration of the church following the Great Fire of 1599. The new Bishop of Lincoln will also be preaching.
Letter from Lincolnshire County Council requesting to take over responsibility for a street light in Fen Lane, which was AGREED.
Letter from Lincolnshire County Council offering 25 free trees or 200 hedge plants. It was AGREED to accept the offer and decide on the species and location for planting at a later date.
Letter from Lincolnshire County Council advising that Railtrack have requested that the weight limit on Fen Lane railway bridge be reduced from 9 tons to 7.5 tons. After due consideration it was AGREED that such a reduction should not be implemented until after the proposed relief road to Moor Lane has been constructed. County Council to be informed accordingly.
Letter from Lincolnshire County Council enclosing a breakdown of costs for the proposed zebra crossing and other associated works along Station Road. The total cost for the scheme will be £15,800.00 and the County Council require a 50% contribution from the Parish Council. After due consideration it was AGREED to make such a contribution (£7,900.00) towards the total cost and request the County Council to include the scheme in their works programme for the next financial year starting 1st April 2003.
Letter from George Bateman and Son Ltd enclosing a copy of transfer of the Justices' Licence for the Londesborough Arms public house.

Councillor Rose made reference to proposed revisions to Local Plan and confirmed that Metheringham village curtilage is to remain unchanged with only a limited amount of infill sites included and an area of land adjacent to the Moorlands Trading Estate earmarked for industrial use. Councillor Rose also reported that through correspondence with the Lincolnshire County Council it had been agreed for overgrown foliage to be cut back around the speed limit signs and that those along the Bl 189 should have yellow highlight plates added.

Following discussion it was AGREED to donate the sum of £25.00 to the Lincolnshire Playing Fields Association.

It was reported that arrangements were well in hand for this year's event and that a programme of entertainment was being planned. It was AGREED that the Sub-committee meet again at the Vice Chairman's residence at 7.30pm on Monday 19th August 2002 to discuss the matter further.

The following applications were considered;

39/0694/02 and LBC1660

New fire escape at Star and Garter for Pubmaster Limited SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/0711/02 Extensions to form utility room and indoor swimming pool at Forge Cottage, Middle Street for Mr S Wildgoose SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/0756/02 Replacement garage at Prince's Street for Mr K Parker SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/0797/02 Construction of double garage and store at Field Farm Lane for Mr A Ison SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/0824/02 Construction of a bungalow (outline) at The Quarry, Heath Lane for Mr D Johnstone APPLICATION QUERIED
  The Parish Council are concerned this proposal is in the open countryside, contrary to the Local Plan, and located on a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
39/0830/02  Proposed conservatory at Paddock Lane for Mr D J Bradford SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/0850/02 Extension to Village Hall, Fen Road for Metheringham Parish Council SUPPORT APPLICATION

It was PROPOSED by Councillor Duggins, SECONDED by Councillor Mrs Honisett that the accounts be passed and paid. CARRIED

Councillor Ford reported that the JMC were still looking to appoint a Pavilion Caretaker. Councillor Ford expressed concern over the safety of the hot water boiler in the Village Hall, which he considered to be dangerous. Councillor Duggins to investigate the matter.
Councillor Harrison asked for his replacement as the Parish Council representative to MACLA because of the pressure of his other commitments. Councillor Ford volunteered his services, which was AGREED. From her report Councillor Mrs Honisett AGREED to contact ABB Service and Solutions over two faulty street lights along the Bypass.
Councillor Mrs Honisett was advised that Railtrack pic had been requested to carry out repairs to the Moor Lane level crossing, even though the Company's future was uncertain.
From a report by Councillor Mrs Routledge it was AGREED to inform the County Council over an apparent dangerous rusty metal spike adjacent to 44 Lincoln Road.
Councillor Mrs Parker was advised by Councillor Rose that the West Lincolnshire NHS Primary Care Trust are considering the provision of medical services in Metheringham and would like to meet the Parish Council to discuss the matter further, which was AGREED. The next Meeting is to be held in the Village Hall at 7.15pm on Tuesday 24th September 2002.

The Meeting closed at 9.40pm