Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.15pm on Tuesday 30th April 2002



B E Creasey


Mrs R Creasey

Vice Chairman

J L Duggins

R P Harrison

Mrs R Parker

Mrs A F Webb

G V Westall

Mrs P Bradwell

County Council

J C Rose

District Council


M Credland



Dr M J Allen

P D Ford
Mrs J Honisett
Mrs H Routledge

G W Chambers

District Council


Pc R Parker


Under District Council Report it was AGREED Councillor Chambers had only advised that the Parish Council should be prepared to consider alternative sites for the recycling bins at the Lincolnshire Poacher public house. With this amendment the Chairman signed the Minutes of the last Meeting as being a true record.


Mr Ponsford, Middle Street, expressed concern over incidents of anti-social behaviour around the Library and Clinic adjacent to his property and that the refuse bins were a constant source of vandalism. Since Parish Council had already arranged to relocate their wheelie bins it was AGREED to ask the South West Health Trust to also give consideration to safeguarding their own bins.


Metheringham Bowls Club:

Following discussion at the last Meeting it was reported that the Parish Council's solicitors have been asked to look into the question of rental for the Bowling Green.

Car Park and Children's Playground:

It was reported that the contractors are to commence work on extending the Prince's Street car park after the forthcoming Bank Holiday. From previous discussions in connection with the swings previously located on the Shiregate play park and offered to the Parish Council by the District Council it was AGREED for Councillor Duggins to make arrangements for providing safety matting and the installation of the said swings.

Parish Notice Board:

It was reported the Forward Planning Sub-committee had met recently and felt the most suitable location for a new Parish Notice Board would be adjacent to the railings on the north-west side of the War Memorial gardens, which was AGREED. It was further AGREED for the Clerk to prepare an application for Listed Building Consent and for Councillor Mrs Parker to arrange for cutting back the boundary hedge adjacent to the railings around the Middle Street comer.

Youth Club:

No matters were raised for discussion.

Bypass Pedestrian Crossing:

It was reported that the Forward Planning Sub-committee had held a site meeting with representatives from Lincolnshire County Council on 19th April 2002 to discuss the possibility of providing a pedestrian crossing over the Bypass. It had been considered that the most suitable site would be adjacent to the Dunston Road cross-roads. Therefore, the County Council to prepare such a scheme and costings, estimated at some 15,000.00 for which the Parish Council may have to make a contribution of 50%. The County Council to also look at an improved crossing facility adjacent to the Fen Road junction and cutting back overgrown trees along the grass verges.
Councillor Mrs Bradwell felt that the provision of a footway between Shiregate and Fen Road should be considered in the future although it was the general opinion of Members that pedestrians should not be encouraged to cross over the Bypass at this location.

Village Hall Car Park:

Councillor Duggins advised that the Village Hall Management Committee had prepared a scheme for providing a new entrance and disabled toilet facility adjacent to the car park and were looking into funding. It was AGREED for the Management Committee to pursue the project and for Councillor Duggins to present plans and a report at the next Meeting. It was further AGREED for the Forward Planning Sub-committee look into repairing the stone wall and entrance, renewing the fencing along the western boundary and removing/undergrounding an overhead electricity line.

Annual Parish Meeting:

It was reported that the Annual Parish Meeting had been an interesting and informative evening. The main issues raised concerned the pedestrian crossing over the Bypass, which was being progressed, and Health facilities in the village, which Councillor Rose was pursuing.

Public Conveniences:

Following previous discussion over the possibility of opening the public conveniences on Sundays the Vice Chairman reported that the Caretaker spent this day of the week cleaning out, including the floors which took over two hours to dry. After due consideration it was AGREED not to open the public conveniences on Sundays. It was noted that Councillor Mrs Webb was against the Resolution.


In the absence of Councillor Mrs Routledge no report was available.

Old Post Office:

In the absence of Councillor Mrs Routledge the Clerk reported that a break-in had occurred recently and that the Police and Lincoln Co-operative Society Limited had been informed accordingly. The Clerk also reported that it was hoped to arrange a joint meeting in the near future with representatives from North Kesteven District Council, Lincoln Co-op and the Parish Council to discuss the future of the building.


Letter from Reverend David Payne exploring the possibility of again providing assistance towards maintaining the cemetery. After due consideration it was AGREED to donate 50 hours of the Village Caretaker's time for the ensuing year for this purpose.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council advising that their North Hykeham Infolinks Centre is to relocate into North Kesteven Sports Centre with effect from 1st July 2002.
Letter from residents of Cavalry Court, Shiregate, expressing concern over problems with youngsters skate-boarding in the road adjacent to their properties. After due consideration it was AGREED that the residents should contact the police over the matter and that Councillor Harrison looks into the possibility of providing a skate-board park, possibly on any vacant allotment in Dunston Road.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council requesting suggestions for two suitable street names for the new development in the former Townsend's Yard. After due consideration it was AGREED to put forward Townsend Way' and 'The Horseshoes'.
Letter from Lincolnshire County Council requesting that the Village Caretaker's refuse bins be relocated from the Clinic car park because of a recent spate of vandalism. Arrangements had already been made with the landlord of the Star and Garter public house to site the bins on his car park.
Letter from Andrew and Co enclosing a copy of the new Justices Licence for The Scarf and Goggles, formerly Lincolnshire Poacher public house.
Letter from Environment Agency with an update on Flood Awareness Seminars.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing a list of meetings for 2002/03.
Letter from J H Walter seeking information on land ownership along Station Road, which the Clerk had already responded to.


Councillor Rose had no matters to raise for discussion.
Councillor Mrs Bradwell advised that Railtrack are to look into improving the Moor Lane level crossing and railway station car park.


Following previous discussions Mrs Sally Wilson representing MACLA was invited by the Chairman to discuss the arrangements for the Jubilee celebrations. A grant of 1,650.00 had been received from the National Lottery's Awards for All programme and activities planned included a 1950's style gala and banquet. A temporary road closing permit had been granted by the Lincolnshire County Council for the Cross area and the committee hoped to place a beacon on top of the Village Cross as part of the national chain to be lit by the Queen. However, since Conservation Area Consent was required from North Kesteven District Council, which would take at least eight weeks to process, it was suggested a temporary beacon could be placed at the side of the Cross. Once approval had been obtained then the organising committee would carry out the work in time for this year's Fayre and Feast. Following further discussion it was AGREED for the organisers to present plans and more detailed information at the next Meeting. Other ideas included a large visual screen and hog roast at the Star and Garter public house. From a suggestion by the Vice Chairman for the Parish Council to purchase Jubilee mugs for Metheringham school children she was advised that the school had already agreed to do this themselves. It was reported that Metheringham History Group were seeking financial assistance towards the cost of a banquet in the Church Hall in recognition of the 400th anniversary of rebuilding St Wilfrid's church following the Great Fire in 1599. After due consideration it was AGREED to donate the sum of 75.00.


It was reported that the Sub-committee had met recently and agreed the theme for the event will be A Royal Pageant with displays and entertainment planned. It had hoped that Jim Broadbent, film actor, would open the day but, unfortunately he would not be available. Councillor Mrs Parker agreed to invite the Lord Lieutenant of Lincolnshire instead.
Applications for sites and stalls are to be invited in the near future.


The following applications were considered;


Two storey extension at Drury Street for Mr and Mrs J Oliver APPLICATION QUERIED
It was considered the proposal was an over development of the site and may contravene the Local Plan and Planning Regulations.


Two storey extension at St Wilfrid's Close for Mr A Pacey SUPPORT APPLICATION


Replacement garage at Lincoln Road for Mr M Genever SUPPORT APPLICATION


Extension to dwelling at Middle Street for Mr and Mrs D Honisett SUPPORT APPLICATION
Neither Councillor Mrs Honisett or Mr D Honisett, Village Caretaker, were present at the Meeting and therefore took no part in the discussions.
39/0437/02 Extension to dwelling at Dunston Road for Mr and Mrs A Atkin SUPPORT APPLICATION


It was PROPOSED by Councillor Duggins, SECONDED by Councillor Harrison that the accounts be passed and paid CARRIED


It was reported that the landlord of the Lincolnshire Poacher public house had requested the removal of the recycling bins from his forecourt. After due consideration it was AGREED to suggest that either the Star and Garter public house car park or Moorland Trading Estate may be suitable alternatives. The District Council to be informed accordingly.
Councillor Duggins was informed that a damaged school advance warning sign is to be replaced by the County Council.
From a report by Councillor Duggins it was AGREED for Councillor Mrs Bradwell to ask the County Council to refix the directional sign adjacent to the Library.
From a report by Councillor Mrs Webb it was AGREED for Councillor Mrs Bradwell to request the County Council to clean the 30mph speed limit signs in Drury Street.
Councillor Mrs Webb was advised that the County Council had been asked to investigate the construction of a new access drive adjacent to the Council houses in Lincoln Road.
Councillor Harrison expressed his regret that MACLA had been unable to obtain an Opportunity Funding grant because of the refusal of the school head to complete the application.
From previous discussion Councillor Harrison presented details of Youth Shelters with a view to exploring the possibility of providing such a facility in Metheringham. Matter to be discussed at the next Meeting.
Councillor Mrs Parker reported that she had received complaints over obnoxious smells emanating from the cosmetics factory on Fen Road. Such incidents to be reported to North Kesteven District Council.

The Meeting closed at 9.40pm