Metheringham Parish Council
Annual General Meeting Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Annual General Meeting
held in the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 25th May 2004



Dr M J Allen


Mrs J Honisett

Vice Chairman

Mrs R Creasey
    J L Duggins  
    P D Ford  
    R P Harrison  
Mrs R Parker
    Mrs H H B Routledge  
    A M Waddington  

A. F. Webb

    G V Westall  


M Credland

G W Chambers District Council
  Police PC R Parker  
    WPC P Nixon Community Police Officer
1. APOLOGIES: Councillors Mrs P Bradwell County Council
    J C Rose District Council

It was PROPOSED by Councillor Duggins, SECONDED by Councillor Ford that Councillor Dr Allen be elected Chairman for the ensuing year. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

It was PROPOSED by Councillor Westall SECONDED by Councillor Duggins that Councillor Mrs Honisett be elected Vice Chairman for the ensuing year. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

It was RESOLVED that the following Sub-committees be formed
Highways and Footpaths Sub-committee:
Councillors Mrs Creasey, Mrs Honisett, Mrs Parker and Waddington
Street Lighting Sub-committee:
Councillors Duggins, Harrison and Westall
Playing Fields Sub-committee:
Chairman, Vice Chairman and Councillors Ford and Mrs Routledge
Joint Management Committee:
Chairman and Councillors Ford and Harrison
Children's Playground Sub-committee:
Councillors Mrs Creasey, Duggins, Harrison and Mrs Webb
War Memorial, Spring and Open Spaces Sub-committee:
Councillors Mrs Parker, Mrs Routledge, Mrs Webb and Westall
Fayre and Feast Sub-committee:
Chairman. Vice Chairman and Councillors Mrs Creasev Mrs Parker Mrs RrmtWoe Mrs W<»hh anH

Representatives from the Parish Council serve on the following organisations:
Metheringham Village Hall Management Committee: Councillor Duggins
Metheringham Area Community Leisure Association: Councillor Ford
Metheringham Swimming Pool Association: Councillor Waddington

The Minutes of the last Meeting were signed by the Chairman as being a true record.

PC Parker reported that criminal damage had occurred in Prince's Street, Station Road and Sleaford Road, a burglary at the Star and Garter public house and a telephone vandalised over the last month. All incidents were being investigated.

a) Parking at Bus Stops:
Awaiting report from Councillor Mrs Bradwell ACTION: Councillor Mrs Bradwell
b) Children's Playground:
Councillor Duggins awaiting quotations for the installation of the swings. ACTION: Councillor Duggins
c) 2004 Fayre and Feast:
The Sub-committee are to meet at 7.30pm on Thursday 17th June 2004 to discuss arrangements for this year's event. ACTION: ScFF
d) Street Lighting:
Councillor Westall to present a report at the next Meeting. ACTION: Councillor Westall
e) Notice Board:
Councillor Mrs Webb confirmed that the background colour of the Notice Board is to be changed tomorrow. It was AGREED to remove and dispose of the old Notice Board. Sub-committee still awaiting response from Lincoln Co-operative Stores in connection with siting a village notice board at their High Street premises. ACTION: ScWMOS
f) Public Conveniences:
Tenders to be invited for providing a Disabled Unisex Toilet facility. ACTION: Clerk
g) Floodlighting at the War Memorial:
Councillor Mrs Parker to present a report at the next Meeting. ACTION: Councillor Mrs Parker
h) Skate Board Park:
Councillor Harrison reported on a mobile skate board demonstration held by the District Council at Sleaford on Thursday 20th May 2004. The equipment can be hired or purchased for the approximately £5,500.00 but requires a 15m x 10m hardstanding. After lengthy discussion over a suitable site, insurance liability and possibly liaising with other parishes it was AGREED for the Playground Subcommittee to pursue the matter with the equipment suppliers (TRIBE). ACTION: ScCP
i) Wind Turbines:
It was confirmed that a letter had been sent to North Kesteven District Council objecting to the proposal for siting a wind assessment mast in Nocton Fen in connection with proposals to site 35 No. wind turbines at the same location.
j) Joint Management Committee:
The question of appointing a new Pavilion Cleaner and installing new floor covering to be discussed by the JMC at their next meeting. ACTIO: JMC
k) Metheringham Delph:
The Chairman is pursuing the question of the future management of Metheringham Delph.
ACTION: Chairman
1) Any Other Business:
i) Pedestrian Crossing:
The Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership had been requested to look into the safety implications of the pedestrian crossing over the Bypass and a report was now awaited.
ii) Dog Fouling:
The Vice Chairman presented a report from Dog Warden Services showing improvements were being made throughout the village, although Councillor Ford expressed concerns over the amount of dog fouling in the Playing Fields, particularly during early mornings. Dog Warden Services to be asked to carry out regular patrols. ACTION: Vice Chairman
iii) Spring:
It was reported that Councillor Mrs Parker was looking into the ownership of the boundary hedge.
iv) Station Road Bus Stop:
Councillor Mrs Webb was advised that the Lincolnshire County Council had agreed to resite the bus stop and had informed Mrs Pearce accordingly.

i) The Village Caretaker reported that 4 road gullies were blocked between the Bypass Filling Station and Londesborough Way. Matter to be reported to Lincolnshire County Council.ACTION: Clerk
ii) The Village Caretaker reported that the litter bin adjacent to Fen Road telephone kiosk was damaged. A new bin to be installed. It was AGREED for the Highways and Footpaths Sub-committee to look at suitable sites for additional litter bins including outside the Methodist Chapel and High Street Fish and Chip shop. ACTION: ScHF and Clerk
iii) Mr John Wood, MACLA Chairman, outlined their aims and objectives for providing a new pavilion and changing rooms including disabled facilities and stressed the urgency to move forward. Following discussion it was AGREED to arrange a meeting with the Forward Planning Sub-committee, MACLA, Metheringham Swimming Pool Association and District Councillor Chambers in the Star and Garter at 7.00pm on Tuesday 15th June 2004 to look at preparing preliminary proposals. ACTION: ScFP

From her question the Vice Chairman was advised that each Sub-committee should be responsible for arranging their own meetings and distributing information.

a) Letter from Lincolnshire County Council acknowledging the Parish Council's objection to their preferred route for the proposed Metheringham Fen Relief Road.
b) Letter from Environment Agency enclosing details of proposals to carry out flood defence improvement works along the River Witham.
c) Letter from North Kesteven District Council regarding the removal of trees along the Green Lane affecting overhead power lines, which the electricity company have agreed to replace in another area of the village. Councillor Ford suggested the Playing Fields may be a suitable location. Therefore, the District Council to be informed accordingly. ACTION: Clerk
d) Letter from North Kesteven District Council advising that Green Waste and Glass wheeled bins are to be introduced to every household from July 2004.
e) Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing a schedule of new postal numbers for Townsend way.
f) Copy of a letter sent by Councillor Rose to North Kesteven District Council, Anglian Water Services Ltd, Environment Agency and Water Voice Eastern in connection with foul water problems in Metheringham and in particular incidents of raw sewerage being discharged in Londesborough Way and Station Road beck on 18th and 29th April 2004.
g) Copy of a letter sent by Councillor Rose to North Kesteven District Council supporting a proposal to extend the speed limit along Moor Lane but asking consideration be given to reducing the maximum speed from 40mph to 30mph.
h) Letters from Mrs Wiseman, Alfred Avenue, and the Chairman of Metheringham Bowls Club requesting a Dog Waste Bin along the footpath adjacent to the Bowling Green. They are to be informed that the District Council have displayed Bylaw signage, Parish Dog Warden Services carry out regular patrols in this area and the situation will be continually monitored. Dog Warden Services to be advised accordingly. ACTION: Vice Chairman and Clerk

The following applications were considered:
TEN 165 Replacement telecommunications antenna at 15a High Street for North Kesteven District Council SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/0647/04 New conservatory at Shiregate for Mr and Mrs Jones SUPPORT APPLICATION
39/0673/04 Change of use to garden centre and new propagation buildings at The Green Man, Fen Road for Mr J Garrick APPLICATION QUERIED
Concern expressed over the uncertainty of what has and has not received planning permission on this site. The Parish Council can only assume this is a retrospective planning application since the garden centre has been operating for at least two years.

It was PROPOSED by Councillor Mrs Creasey SECONDED by Councillor Westall that the following accounts be passed and paid

Dog Warden Services  £ 197.16
Public Conveniences Caretaker's salary 170.50
Village Caretaker Salary 283.14
Clerk's salary, 75% telephone account  and expenses 417.81
Inland Revenue Tax and Nl 192.76
Powergen War Memorial Light 15.88
Powergen Public Conveniences 130.02
Pitney Bowes printing charges 3.55
Bonnetts materials for Public Conveniences 122.32
ABB Limit Street Lighting 696.95
Orchard Development Limited Surfacing Village Hall car park 11,538.50
Metheringham Swimming Pool Association Sandblasting pool 822.50
Roy Baumber Electrical work at swimming pool 1146.60
Grayfox Swimming Pools Ltd Tiling and grouting at swimming pool 536.18
Grayfox Swimming Pools Ltd New valve at swimming pool 238.55
Greenvale Tree Services Trimming War Memorial hedge 50.00


The Chairman presented the following report from Councillor Mrs Bradwell. She is pursuing the question of providing white lining at the Co-op car park entrance. Potholes in Metheringham Fen have been repaired and it was hopeful that funding will be made available for additional carriageway repairs at Sots Hole/Tanvats.

The Chairman is preparing a report for the next Meeting. ACTION: Chairman

i) From a report by the Chairman it was AGREED to asked Garrick Builders to refix the entrance gates to the Village Hall car park. ACTION: Clerk
ii) Consideration to be given to landscaping the Village Hall car park and delineating car parking spaces.
iii) Councillor Mrs Webb was informed that the District Council had investigated an apparent dangerous overhanging tree branch near the Children's Playground, but found no evidence.
iv) Councillor Mrs Web reported that a railway crossing sign had been damaged on Station Road. Matter to be reported to County Council. ACTION: Clerk
v) Councillor Mrs Webb was informed by Councillor Ford that MACLA are in the process of removing advertising posters from the village.
vi) From her concerns a section of yew hedging to be checked over its safety at the War Memorial. ACTION: ScWMOS

In the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 29th June 2004.

The Meeting closed at 9.50pm