Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Annual General Meeting held in the
Village Hall at 7.15pm on Tuesday 28th May 2002



B E Creasey


Mrs R Creasey

Vice Chairman

Dr M J Allen

J L Duggins

P D Ford

R P Harrison

Mrs J Honisett

Mrs R Parker

Mrs H H B Routledge

Mrs A F Webb


G W Chambers

District Council


M Credland



G V Westall

Mrs P Bradwell

County Council

J C Rose

District Council


Pc R Parker



It was PROPOSED by Councillor Duggins SECONDED by Councillor Mrs Honisett that Councillor Creasey be elected Chairman
It was PROPOSED by Councillor Mrs Parker SECONDED by Councillor Duggins that Councillor Mrs Creasey be elected Chairman
RESOLVED by 6 votes to 4 that Councillor Creasey be elected Chairman for the ensuing year.


It was PROPOSED by Councillor Duggins SECONDED by Councillor Mrs Honisett that Councillor Mrs Creasey be elected Vice Chairman for the ensuing year.  CARRIED


It was AGREED that the date of the site meeting in connection with the Bypass pedestrian crossing was held on 25th April 2002 and not 19th April as written. With this amendment the Chairman signed the Minutes of the last Meeting as being a true record.


Mrs A Bellamy referred to a letter sent by Metheringham Youth Club expressing discontentment that the Parish Council's donation of 50.00 appeared to be a one-off payment. She explained the Club received no other financial support and expend 20.00 per month rent for the Church Hall used for their activities. They were extremely low on funds and could only open for a one hour period. She was advised that the Parish Council are limited in their powers and that the donation should be considered as half rent for five months, with the matter reviewed again after this period when the Club would be asked to present their accounts. Mrs Bellamy was also advised to explore the possibility of obtaining grants.

Further to previous discussion Mrs Sally Wilson, representing MACLA, advised that their committee were now considering the possibility of replacing the Village Cross with a design similar to the previous Cross erected in 1911 to commemorate the Coronation of George V. Although the site is identified as an Ancient Scheduled Monument it was AGREED for MACLA to pursue the matter.

Mr A Jones, Metheringham Swimming Association, reported that although the pool is to be opened on Saturday 1st June 2002 problems had arisen with the heating boiler and temporary repairs are to be carried out. The cost of a replacement boiler was in the region of 3,500 and the Association had written to North Kesteven District Council for financial support. Councillor Chambers advised that the District Council will be considering their request on Thursday 30th June 2002 and he anticipated a sympathetic response. The Parish Council AGREED to support the Association in any way they could.


It was RESOLVED that the following Sub-committees be formed
Highways and Footpaths Sub-committee:
Councillors Mrs Creasey, Dr Alien, Duggins, Mrs Honisett and Mrs Parker

Street Lighting Sub-committee:
Councillors Duggins, Harrison and Westall

Joint Management Committee:
Councillors Dr Alien, Ford and Harrison

Playing Fields Sub-committee:
Chairman, Vice Chairman and Councillors Ford and Mrs Routledge

Children's Playground Sub-committee:
Councillors Mrs Creasey, Duggins, Harrison and Mrs Webb

War Memorial, Spring and Open Spaces Sub-committee:
Councillors Mrs Parker, Mrs Routledge, Mrs Webb and Westall

Fayre and Feast Sub-committee:
Chairman, Vice Chairman and Councillors Mrs Honisett, Mrs Parker, Mrs Routledge, Mrs Webb and Westall

Forward Planning Sub-committee:
Chairman and Councillors Dr Alien, Mrs Honisett, Mrs Parker and Mrs Webb

Planning Sub-committee:
Chairman, Vice Chairman and any other available Councillors


Car Park and Children's Playground:

Councillor Duggins reported that he had inspected the children's swings at the District Council Depot and since the support legs had been cut-off at ground level they required extending. The Chairman AGREED to arrange for a mobile welder to carry out the work and liaise with Councillor Duggins over installation. It was reported that the work had now been completed for extending the car park and creating a new entrance. The Vice Chairman expressed concern over the new low level fence adjoining the Playground, which she considered to be inadequate to protect young children from wandering onto the car park, and the quality of the road planings used for surface dressing the car park. The Chairman advised that it had been agreed to change the fence design at a previous Meeting from Lincolnshire post and rail to a low rail fence since previous fencing of this type had been continually vandalised. Although the road planings would improve once the surface had been compacted by vehicles it was, nevertheless, AGREED to monitor the situation.

Parish Notice Board:

The Clerk AGREED to present drawings for the proposed new Parish Notice Board at the next Meeting.

Youth Club:

Following earlier discussion it was generally felt that the newly formed Youth Club should be doing more to aid themselves and give consideration to increasing subscriptions to help with finances. It was AGREED that the 50.00 Parish Council donation should be considered as part of five months rent for the Church Hall and that the Youth Club should present a report and financial statement at the Parish Council Meeting in September 2002.

Village Hall Car Park:

Following previous discussions Councillor Duggins anticipated that the proposed scheme for providing a new entrance and disabled toilets will be presented at the next Meeting.

The Chairman reported that quotations had been invited for surfacing the car park, repairing the stone wall fronting Middle Street and new fencing along the western boundary. The stone wall was in poor condition and a section would have to be rebuilt. It was also intended to increase the width of the entrance and refurbish the wrought iron gates. Since this work to the car park may commence before the Village Hall proposals it was AGREED to leave an area unsurfaced. The Village Hall Management Committee to include within their proposals for diverting/undergrounding existing overhead electricity lines.

Skate Board Park:

Councillor Harrison presented information on proprietary skate board equipment with costings ranging from 2,000.00 to 12,000.00. Possible sites were then discussed, including an area of land on Shiregate and the Playing Fields, and consequently it was AGREED for the Playground Sub-committee to investigate. It was further AGREED to meet the youngsters involved and consider which equipment would be suitable, together with costings.

Youth Shelters:

Councillor Harrison presented information on youth shelters, costing between 1,400.00 and 2,200.00, and advised that grants may be available. After further discussion it was AGREED for the Forward Planning Sub-committee to look into the question for a report to be presented at the next Meeting.

2002 Metheringham Fayre and Feast:

Councillor Mrs Parker reported that she had contacted the Lord Lieutenant of Lincolnshire, Mrs Bridget Cracroft-Eley, and that she will be delighted to officially open this year's event.


Councillor Mrs Routledge reported that through discussions with Blankney Estates Limited and the Land Registry the Spring area was not identified as being under the ownership of Blankney Estates and therefore could be registered as a Village Green for use for recreational purposes. Councillor Mrs Routledge to pursue the matter with the Land Registry.
On the questions of repairs to the Spring retaining wall Councillor Mrs Honisett was advised that the matter would have to be left in abeyance until after the question of land ownership had been resolved.


Copies of correspondence between Anglian Water and Blankney Estates Limited, Councillor Rose and Mr B Webb, Manor Close, in connection with foul water drainage problems in the village and the possibility of Anglian Water installing a holding tank on Station Road with an outfall into the adjacent beck to try and overcome the difficulties. After lengthy discussion, where concern was expressed that raw effluent will be discharged into the open water course and obnoxious odours will emanate to surrounding properties, it was AGREED to write to Anglian Water and the Environment Agency vehemently opposing the proposal.
Letter from North Kesteven District Council enclosing a copy of their Local Agenda 21.
Letter from Mrs Beck, Shiregate, thanking the Parish Council for their letter in connection with the provision of a pedestrian crossing over the Bypass and asking whether advance warning signs can be provided in the interim period. Lincolnshire County Council to be asked accordingly.
Letter from Community Council of Lincolnshire with details of this year's Best Kept Village Competition.
Letter from Andrew and Co enclosing a copy of the transfer of the Justices Licence for the Lincolnshire Poacher public house, which is to be renamed The Scarf and Goggles.
Letter from Lincolnshire Police advising on their future policing forums.


Councillor Chambers reported that the District Council's recycling scheme was fully operational and that some 160 tonnes of materials were being collected each week. The District Council are to collect household waste every fortnight.
Councillor Chambers also advised that a new Lottery Officer, Mark Bowen, had been recently appointed and that he will be attending the next MACLA meeting to discuss grants.


It was reported that all arrangements had been organised in the village by MACLA for the Jubilee Celebration on Monday 3rd June 2002, which is to be opened by Metheringham's oldest resident, Mrs Alice Richardson aged 104.
Councillor Ford requested that the tug-of-war event should not be located on the football pitches, which was AGREED.
The Clerk reported that he had received the 1952-53 Coronation Committee Minute Book, correspondence and other documentation from Mr J Tipler, Dunston Road, who had served as Secretary. Mr Tipler had apologised for the 49 year delay in passing over these documents, but he had only recently written up the minutes from the September 1953 meeting and discovered the last decision of the Coronation Committee was to hand them over to the Parish Council. The story was received with good humour and it was AGREED to put the Minute Book on display at the Jubilee Celebration.


The following applications were considered;


Reinstatement of original fishing pond in field adjacent to Brickyard Cottage, Metheringham Fen for Mr B Hutchinson



Erection of granny flat at Ivy House, Church Walk for Mr R Renfrew APPLICATION QUERIED
The Parish Council would prefer the use of natural roofing materials instead of concrete tiles and that the proposal remains as part of Ivy House and not disposed of separately in the future.


It was PROPOSED by Councillor Ford, SECONDED by Councillor Duggins that the accounts be passed and paid. CARRIED


Councillor Mrs Honisett reported that the hedge along Station Road and Fen Road railway bridge required cutting back. Matter to be reported to local authorities responsible.
Councillor Mrs Webb was informed that North Kesteven District Council are to provide a street name plate on Sleaford Road and replace the one in Newton Close.
Councillor Mrs Routledge reported that the Lincolnshire Police had written to residents in Drury Street in connection with problems with on-street parking, but she was of the opinion that a majority of these problems were created around the Doctor's Surgery. Therefore, the Clerk had informed the police accordingly.
The Chairman had received a request from a Mr Naylor to site his family fairground in the Star and Garter Paddock. Since problems with noise had occurred in the past the request was refused.

The Meeting closed at 9.50pm