Metheringham Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council

Minutes 09/2007 of Metheringham Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 30th January 2007 at 7.15pm in the Village Hall


Councillors Dr M J Allen Chairman
Mrs R Creasey
K Finter
P D Ford
Mrs J Honisett
Mrs R Parker
Mrs A F Webb
J C Rose District Council
Mrs P Bradwell County Council
Clerk Ms S N Wetherall

1. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the Parish Council Meeting, and wished them a Happy New Year. Copies of the agenda were available for members of the public (5 present).


2.1 Police report

Unfortunately Community Beat Manager PC Gordon was not at the meeting, but PCSO Duckworth was present and gave the Police report – a summary of incidents occurring in Metheringham between 30/12/06 to 30/01/07 are 6 Criminal damage, 4 Theft, and one each of theft from and damage to motor vehicle. PCSO Duckworth informed the PC that 3 arrests had been made in connection with attempted burglary at the village hall, statements have been taken and they are being dealt with accordingly. It was also reported anti-social behaviour is an issue at Westfield Close and Hall Yard, PCSO Duckworth is to carry out extra patrols in these areas. The Police are involved with NKDC and Senior Youth workers from Branston to alleviate problems by involving youths of the village in productive activities.

2.2 Public Forum

2.2.1 Miss Barfoot was in attendance at the meeting as she had sent a letter to the PC raising concerns about the number of cars parking on High Street and the speed of vehicles in the area. After discussion it was agreed to highlight the issue again with LCC Highways and look at possible improvements to be incorporated with the Village Centre Project.

2.3 Reports from representatives on outside bodies

2.3.1 Nothing to report from the County Councillor.

2.3.2 Cllr Rose confirmed a street light on Cavalry Court had been repaired by NKDC and the light was now there responsibility.

2.3.3 To receive reports from other outside bodies – Nothing to report.


3.1 Apologies for absence and reasons given

Councillor Mrs H Morrison
Councillor G W Chambers

3.2 To receive declarations of interest

Cllr Mrs Honisett declared a personal interest for item 3.9.1, because her husband is receiving a salary.

3.3 Notes of the last meeting held on 28 th November 2006, to be approved as the minutes – The signing of the minutes was proposed by Cllr Mrs Creasey and seconded by Cllr Mrs Webb 1 abstention (Cllr Mrs Honisett) and 4 were in favour.

3.4 Clerks Report – Street light on Cavalry Court which had not been working for a number of months – Has been repaired by NKDC and is now their responsibility.

Dog Bin vandalized on Westfield Close – New bin has been erected.

The Parish Council now has access to the INFO-Links office on High Street, for meetings etc. this has been very successful, thanks to the help and assistance of NKDC staff.

The Parish Council Drop in Surgery began on Saturday 6 th January 2007 from 10.30am -12.00pm at the INFO-Links Office, a list of all dates and which Councillor is to be present has been circulated, unfortunately no parishioners attended, the next surgery will be held on Saturday 3 rd February.

Repairs to the Public Conveniences roof, drain pipe and guttering have been carried out.

Cllr Mrs Morrison had raised concerns about the seat in Westfield Close. This has been removed.

A meeting took place on Thursday 30 th November at 9.45am with Peter Gravells from Lincolnshire Police regarding the possibility of installing CCTV in the village.

Nicky Williams of Mission X Youth Club is in the process of applying for funding/grants for the erection of a Youth Shelter in the Princes Street Playing Field area.

Shiregate Play Park – Paul Scholey has pruned trees cut back conifer hedge and cleared the area of dead shrubs and weeds.

New seat has been erected at the corner of Princess Margaret Avenue and Princes Street.

E-mail sent to John Wilcockson at NKDC ref, ash tree with large hole in the bottom near to Shiregate pond, tree near to the bowls club, tree on Star & Garter field and trees on grass area between Fen Road, Grange Road and Station Road.

NKDC has carried out an inspection of the disabled toilet, at the Public Conveniences on Fen Road, a completion certificate has been issued.

Mobile skateboard park has been provisionally booked for 2 sessions during the summer holidays, this will take place in the Star & Garter car park.

Cllr Mrs Morrison has 2 volunteers to assist with the maintenance of the Spring garden.

3.5 Matters Outstanding

3.5.1 Fayre & Feast – A de-briefing meeting took place on Tuesday 16 th January 2007. Approximately 40 Stewards are required for the day. The Clerk is to formally write to all village groups requesting volunteers. ACTION: Clerk/Working Group

3.5.2 Chance to Share and related issues – The Forward Planning group met on 9 th January 2007. A further meeting took place on 17 th January 2007 with the Forward Planning group, Lincolnshire County Council and Cllr Mrs Bradwell to discuss the Heads of Terms, they were not acceptable to the Parish Council. The Chairman stated do the Parish Council want to surrender the original lease, Cllrs must review this in detail and make a decision. Following a discussion it was resolved the Parish Council would seek legal advice on the information received form HBS, this was proposed by the Chairman, seconded by Cllr Finter with all in favour. ACTION: Chairman/Councillors

3.5.3 Village play parks & Youths Recreation Area – At the previous meeting it was suggested the fence at Shiregate Play Park could be moved to Princes Street near to the Swimming Pool. The cost to do this is £1255, a further quote was obtained of £1525 to install the palisade fence and remove the old fence at the Swimming Pool. The general consensus being the cost was very high. Cllr Finter is therefore to investigate whether the fence currently at Shiregate Play Park could be safely cut down to a lower level in accordance with health & safety regulations. ACTION: Cllr Finter

3.5.4 New pavilion and changing rooms – The Chairman is to arrange a meeting with MACLA to give an update on the current situation. ACTION: Chairman

3.5.5 Public Conveniences – 3 Quotes have been received to install hot water in the cleaner’s store cupboard, however a sink is also required Cllr Westall is to obtain 3 quotes – this is still ongoing, Cllr Finter is to contact Cllr Westall. ACTION: Cllr Westall/Finter

3.5.6 Annual Village Meeting – The Annual Village meeting will take place on Tuesday 24 th April 2007 at 7.00pm the guest speaker will be Peter Duxbury from LCC - Director of Children’s Services. Cllr Mrs Morrison suggested Mike Lock - Extreme NK and Hill Holt Wood – Conservation Economist. The Clerk is to write, inviting all voluntary village organizations. ACTION: Clerk

3.5.7 Gate/Fence between Squash Court, Public Conveniences and Village Hall – Cllr Finter has spoken to John Money of Blankney Estates and a quote for approximately £900 has been obtained to erect a 9/10ft high fence with a gate. It is yet to be decided who will incur the costs Parish Council/Village Hall Management Committee/Squash Club. ACTION: Cllr Finter

3.5.8 New Litter Bins Shiregate/Playing Field – 3 quotes for new litter bins have been obtained. Working group are to investigate further, this is ongoing. ACTION: Cllr Finter/Working Group

3.5.9 Consider Insurance issues relating to all PC assets – This is ongoing. ACTION: Cllr Ford/Chairman

3.5.10 Additional Parish Council notice boards – After discussion it was decided no further notice boards are required in the village at this time.

3.5.11 Parish Plan – The Chairman proposed small focused working groups are formed, each having a Chairman, they will then form the steering group. The focused groups could consist of Commercial, Sports/Leisure and Youth groups. The PC are currently involved in some major projects. However it is the local community who need to compile the Parish Plan. The Chairman is to discuss the Parish Plan at the next MACLA meeting. ACTION: Chairman

3.5.12 Charity Commission – Letter received from Charity Commission regarding the Recreation ground, it was agreed this would be included with the Chance to Share issue when seeking legal advice. ACTION: Chairman

At this point the meeting was adjourned for tea, coffee and biscuits.

3.6 New Business

3.6.1 To consider subscription to the Annual Training Scheme offered by Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils for April 2007/March 2008 at a cost of £100.00. – It was resolved to subscribe, this was proposed by the Chairman, seconded by Cllr Ford and all were in favour. ACTION: Clerk

3.6.2 To confirm agreements for Allotments on Dunston Road – All of the allotments are occupied and tenants have paid the yearly rent of £20.00 per allotment. Several suggestions have been raised to improve the facilities – to install a water supply the Clerk is to contact Anglian water, who is responsible for trees adjacent to allotments Cllr Rose is to enquire, a sign is to be erected stating who provides the allotments and contact details Cllr Mrs Honisett is to arrange this. This item is to be on next months agenda. ACTION: Clerk/Cllr Rose/Cllr Mrs Honisett

3.6.3 To appoint a new leader for the Fayre & Feast working group – The Chairman thanked Cllr Mrs Parker for all the work she had done. It was resolved Cllr Ford would be the new leader of the working group this was proposed by Cllr Mrs Webb, seconded by Cllr Mrs Honisett with all in favour.

3.6.4 To agree the Fayre & Feast will take place on Saturday 20 th October 2007 – It was resolved the Fayre & Feast would take place, it was proposed by Cllr Finter, seconded by Cllr Mrs Honisett with all in favour. It was also agreed to apply for Road Closure consent this was proposed by Cllr Finter, seconded by Cllr Mrs Creasey with all in favour. ACTION: Cllr Ford/Working Group

3.6.5 To agree expenditure of £2016.20 on Princes Street Play Park – After discussion it was resolved EKM would carry out the repairs to secure the frame at a cost of £455 and Gary Allbones is to remove weeds, replace wooden surround and bark chip at a cost of up to £500.00, subject to checks on the type of bark chip. This was proposed by Cllr Ford seconded by Cllr Finter and all were in favour. ACTION: Clerk/Cllr Finter

3.7 Correspondence

3.7.1 To note general correspondence – Please see Appendix 1.

3.7.2 To consider correspondence requiring action by the Council

a) Letter from Lincolnshire County Council – Call for nominations for Primary School Provision Review Panels – after discussion it was decided due to the elections in May it was not an appropriate time to be nominating a Councillor to be a member of the review panel. ACTION: Clerk

b) NKDC – District and Parish Elections – 3 May 2007 Training sessions for Parish Clerks and possible prospective candidates – This correspondence is to be displayed in the PC notice board. ACTION: Clerk

c) Letter from Branston Community College - invite to an evening performance of Shakespeare’s ‘A midsummer Night’s Dream on Wednesday 14 th February 2007 – Cllr Mrs Creasey is to attend the performance. ACTION: Clerk/Cllr Mrs Creasey

d) Letter from Cllr Waddington – requesting information as to when F Steadman of Horncastle was paid – Clerk to respond with details. ACTION: Clerk

e) Letter from Mrs Julie M Hill offer of services to become dog warden – The Chairman and Clerk are to contact Mrs Hill. ACTION: Clerk/Chairman

f) Letter from Bridge Mcfarland Solicitors re: claim for defamation by Cllr Waddington against the Chairman and others – Clerk to contact LALC for guidance. ACTION: Clerk  

3.8 Planning

3.8.1 To note a report from the planning committee

The Planning Committee met on Wednesday 13th December and the following were discussed:

Planning Applications:-

Ref: N39/0469/06 – Proposal: Removal of existing outbuildings and erection of 4 new semi detached houses & garage to No. 6 High Street, Metheringham – amended plans for this development. (This proposal was first discussed by the Planning Committee on May 10 th 2006, with the objections listed in the Parish Council minutes for the meeting on May 30 th 2006). The amendments consist of: Reduction in height to only two storey. The following comments were made:

  • The reduction in height of the proposed buildings is to be welcomed, as this had been of concern to neighbouring properties.
  • But the Parish Council is still strongly opposed to any development, however, small, which will add to the sewerage problems suffered in the village. This has again been of concern during the recent heavy rainfall, and we strongly object to any development which will make the situation worse.
  • There is no mention at this stage of the materials to be used, which must be taken into consideration as the site is within the Conservation Area of the village.
  • Four new dwellings are inappropriate for the site, with insufficient space for cars. Also the number of rubbish bins put out on collection days will cause unacceptable congestion on the footway.
  • Further objections were made to the original application, and were returned to North Kesteven District Council on May 13 th 2006.
  • A suggestion has been made that the cottages earmarked for demolition should be renovated to form one dwelling, and only 2 new properties should be built on the remainder of the site. This would be more acceptable to the Parish Council, and would also be more in keeping with the surrounding properties.

Ref: CA/0350 – Proposal: demolition of buildings in a Conservation Area at 6 High Street, Metheringham. The following comments were made:

  • The Parish Council is opposed to the demolition of the cottages, and would suggest they should be renovated to provide one dwelling.
  • The cottages fall within the Conservation Area of the village, and for that reason alone they should not be allowed to disappear, as future residents of Metheringham may begin to wonder what actually is being conserved within this Area
  • There is still concern about the possible bat colony in the cottages.
  • This proposal has created considerable adverse comment from local residents, several of whom have taken the trouble to write to North Kesteven District Council.
  • However, the Parish Council has no objection to the demolition of the outbuildings.

Ref: N39/1416/06 – Proposal: erection of security fence at Unit 30, Moorland Trading Estate, Metheringham. The following comments were made: the Parish Council had no objections to the original application for the erection of a security fence, especially as the occupiers of the neighbouring premises were in favour, and did not understand the reasons for that application being refused. The Parish Council has no objections to this proposal, as security must be of paramount importance to any business.

Ref: N39/1471/06 – Proposal: Erection of single storey front extension, pitched roof to replace existing flat roof and retrospective conservatory at 3 Park Crescent, Metheringham. There were no comments or objections to this proposal.

Ref: N39/1534/06 Proposal: replacement changing rooms at the Playing Field, Princes Street, Metheringham. There were no comments or objections to this proposal.

Planning permission has been granted for:

Ref: N/39/1333/06 – alterations to access, erection of replacement detached garage at 3 High Street, Metheringham.

Planning permission has been refused for:

Ref: N/39/1304/06 – erection of illuminated projecting sign and lettered sign to front elevation, 17 High Street, Metheringham.

The Planning Committee is scheduled to meet next on Wednesday 14 th February 2007 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.

3.8.2 Discussion took place on the following:

Ref: N/39/1545/06 - Proposal: erection of bungalow and garage at land to the rear of 12 Lincoln Road, Metheringham. The following objections were raised:

  • When Outline Planning Permission for this plot was sought in 2004 the Parish Council objected as it was considered the application was tandem development. The view of the present Parish Council is that it is still tandem development.
  • This proposed building has a larger lay-out than the previous application, and will constitute over-development of the site.
  • The Parish Council is strongly opposed to any development which will add to the sewerage problems suffered in the village. It is our opinion that no development should be allowed in Metheringham until the sewerage system has been upgraded by Anglian Water.

3.8.3 To appoint a designated Tree Officer to the Planning Committee - Following discussion it was agreed to identify all trees and their condition, which are located on PC land. It was resolved Cllr Mrs Morrison would be appointed as the tree officer, this was proposed by Cllr Finter, seconded by Cllr Ford with all in favour.

3.9 Financial matters

3.9.1 To consider accounts for payment

Payment to

Amount £

Audit Fee 05-06 Moore Stephens


ABB Ltd Street light repairs


Village Hall Hire


Village Caretaker


Public Toilet Caretaker


Clerk Salary + Expenses


Parish Dog Warden Services


Inland Revenue


Pavilion Cleaner


St Wilfrid’s – Hire of Hall


G Allbones fit dog bin


Service Team – Grass Cutting




Powergen quarterly supply charge


Powergen lighting public toilets


Powergen lighting war memorial


Sparks Electrical – public toilets equipment


LALC – training subscription


Village Caretaker


Public Toilet Caretaker


Clerk Salary + Expenses


Parish Dog Warden Services


Inland Revenue


Pavilion Cleaner


P Baumber – cutting hedges on sports field


G Allbones re seats


Star & Garter – F & F de-briefing


Paul Scholey – Shiregate Play Park


Gordon Jackson repairs to PC roof




Cllr Mrs Webb proposed payment of accounts, Cllr Mrs Creasey seconded, with 1 abstention (Cllr Mrs Honisett) and 4 were in favour.

3.9.2 To receive a report from the RFO on the PC finances – The RFO reported the Accounts for December had been paid as previously resolved at the November meeting.

3.9.3 To discuss closure of last years 2005/2006 Audit – The Accounts for 2005/2006 have been approved by the Auditors a copy is to be displayed on the PC notice board. The only comment made by the Auditors was the PC need to carry out a Risk Assessment of PC Assets. The Chairman thanked Cllr Ford for the excellent work he has done on the Accounts throughout the year.

3.10 Date and venue of next meeting – Tuesday 27th February 2007 in the Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 11.03pm.



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