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1881 Census Database

A Victorian musical family.

Used with permission of P. Ford

The Metheringham Area 1881 Census Database is a snapshot of life in rural Lincolnshire in 1881 census. It contains all the 1881 census details for the Lincolnshire parishes of Metheringham, Dunston, Blankney and Scopwick. A complete census was taken every 10 years of every individual in the country.

This database allows you to search for individuals who were registered in the 1881 census for the Metheringham Area.

Please enter the surname of the person you are trying to trace and press Submit.


If you find this facility of use or would like to leave a family history query then please visit our family history forum.

If you'd like to search even further back then try the Whites Directories of Lincolnshire for the Metheringham Area.

Jacky Clark has a really useful genealogy database, linclinks, which is hosted on Roots Web. Her database concentrates on Lincolnshire & Fenland Families and has good names coverage around the Metheringham and Blankney area.

The 1891 & 1901 census: The Public Records Office have published the census details for the entire UK.

An excellent starting point for further investigation into Lincolnshire genealogy used to be Nan Clark's site. Nan died on 01 Jan 2007 and her site is no longer maintained although an archived copy is still available. Links will decay over time and there will be no updates to the archive.

If you have the opportunity, then a visit to the Lincolnshire Archives can be rewarding.


The data contained within this database is Crown Copyright Reserved.  As with all census indexes it should be used in conjunction with the original census returns. The records in this database can be found in the following National 1881 Census records:

Village FHL Film PRO Ref Piece Folio
Blankney 1341768 RG11 3221 56 - 69
Scopwick 1341768 RG11 3221 107 - 115
Dunston 1341771 RG11 3237 71 - 86
Metheringham 1341771 RG11 3237 90 - 132

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