1842 Whites Directory

Whites directories are a valuable source of information about locations in England during the 19th century.  Although they give a description of the location, unlike the census, they are not comprehensive, tending to give only a list of landowners and tradespeople. They are nevertheless indispensable as a research tool. This extract is taken from Whites 1842 Directory of Lincolnshire

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Blankney is a pleasant village, on a woody plain, on the eastern side of Lincoln Heath, 10 miles S.E. by S. of Lincoln and N. of Sleaford; and has in its parish 640 souls, and about 6300 acres of land, extending 11 miles in length, from the Green Man Inn, on the Lincoln and Sleaford Road, eastward to the River Witham; though it is only about a mile in breadth. It includes the hamlet of Linwood, (700 acres, belonging to Miss Bury) 3 miles E.; Barf, 2 miles E., the scattered farms of Blankney and Linwood Droves, on the fen, from 3.5 to 6 miles E.; and Blankney Dales, on the west bank of the Witham, 7 miles E. by N. of the village.  Blankney Hall, a large and handsome modern mansion, with a well-wooded lawn, is the seat of Charles Chaplin, Esq., the lord of the manor, owner of most of the soil, and patron of the rectory, which is valued in K.B. at 16.10s.7d., and now at 821, in the incumbency of the Rev. Edward Chaplin, who has a commodious Rectory House. The Church (St. Oswald) is a neat Gothic fabric, with an embattled tower. Under the chancel, is the vault of the Chaplin family.  At the Green Man Inn, the Lincoln Club, consisting of the most distinguished gentlemen of the county, was established about 1741.  The busts of the principal members, with their armorial ensigns, were placed in the club room, which was built by a late Mr. Chaplin.  Mrs Chaplin pays for the education of 22 poor girls, and there is in the village a National School, established 20 years ago, by the Chaplin Family.

Marked 1, are at Barf; 2, Fen; 3, Heath; 4, Linwood;
5, Moorhouse; 6, Blankney Dales; and the rest in Blankney

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