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Metheringham History Group needs YOU!

They are a small group of people that love digging around in dusty boxes and comers, going to the Lincoln Archives and ferreting out some obscure pieces of information - and sometimes finding gems! They like to talk to people about our village. These people usually start with "I don't know much, but...", and another piece of Metheringham's past falls into place.

They are going back in time, not just to Victoriana but way, way back. They are trying to find out about the first people, the ones who followed the man named Medric - he gave our village its name.

The Secretary's own house has written deeds stating that it was a Blacksmith's in 1765; and she now knows that it was in occupation a very long time before that.

Do you live in an "old" house? If so, do you know anything about it, or of the people that once lived there? What do you know about our village? Why not come along to a meeting and tell them about it - or just come along and listen.

They meet on the last Monday of the month at the Methodist Church Hall, Metheringham, at 7.3Opm. Alternating on a two monthly basis they have a speaker and a project/discussion evening. Please note that History Group meetings are suspended until further notice

If you would like to join the Group, please contact the History Group

Metheringham's Old Post Office

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Metheringham Area maps circa 1891

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